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Father, we thank You for Governor Stitt's biblical stance on this issue. We pray that You would inspire other states to follow in Oklahoma's footsteps.

Following the Governor’s biblical views, Oklahoma recently became the first state to outright ban the nonbinary option on birth certificates.

From Christian Post. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed into law a bill that bans nonbinary identification of residents on their government-issued documents, making his state the first in the nation to require birth certificates to indicate only male or female as a person’s biological sex.

The bill, SB 1100, “requires the biological sex designation on a birth certificate to be either male or female and prohibits a nonbinary or any symbol representing a nonbinary designation.”

“People are free to believe whatever they want about their identity, but science has determined people are either biologically male or female at birth,” Oklahoma Rep. Sheila Dills, the House sponsor of the bill, said in a statement, according to The Associated Press. “We want clarity and truth on official state documents. Information should be based on established medical fact and not an ever-changing social dialogue….”

Last October, the state issued its first nonbinary birth certificate, which led Republican lawmakers to pass legislation banning the misidentification of residents’ sex on the document.

The governor said at the time he would take “whatever action necessary” to prohibit the practice.

“I believe that people are created by God to be male or female. Period,” Stitt said at the time. “There is no such thing as nonbinary sex, and I wholeheartedly condemn the purported [Oklahoma State Department of Health] court settlement that was entered into by rogue activists who acted without receiving proper approval or oversight.”

A month later, Stitt signed an executive order asking the Department of Health to stop amending or issuing birth certificates with a nonbinary option….

Are you encouraged by the signing of this biblical law? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments!

(Excerpt from Christian Post. Photo Credit: Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash)

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Dianne Bunce
May 4, 2022

Thank you, Governor Stitt for your quick action to assure that there are only 2 genders according to the Bible and science. How dare they try to say otherwise.
It is shameful that we even have to have this conversation, but the Bbile is clear that those who do such things, are truly turned over to a reprobate mind. I pray God’s protection and safety for the Governor, his family and his possessions.

Darlene Estlow
May 4, 2022

Father, thank you for Gov. Stitt. Protect him and his family from harassment and physical acts of violence against them for this decision. Thank you for the courage of the legislature in passing this bill. May truth reign and not lies.

Allena Jordan
May 4, 2022

Father, I thank You for Gov. Stitt. He stood up and spoke up for righteousness according to Your Word. Protect him and his family. Abundantly bless him for his stand. May Your blessings fall upon the state of Oklahoma. Amen.


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