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Lord, thank You for the vetoing of this bill. Let this be the start of great change — please remake this state in Your own image!

Who would’ve guessed that Newsom would veto a pro-LGBTQ+ bill? Is this a sign of coming change in a deep-blue state?

From The Daily Signal. California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a state measure on Friday that would have required parents to “affirm gender transitions” for their children or risk losing custody.

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State Democrats’ bill, AB 957, cleared both the California Senate and the Assembly along party lines two weeks earlier on Sept. 8.

AB 957 would have added “gender affirmation” — a term California doesn’t define or explain — as an essential need of every child to California family law, along with “health, safety, and welfare.”

Assembly member Lori Wilson, D-Suisun City, whose child identifies as transgender, wrote the bill and introduced it Feb. 14. State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, co-sponsored the measure.

The Daily Signal previously reported that Wiener successfully amended the bill June 6, altering AB 957 from requiring a judge to consider whether a child experiencing gender dysphoria was “affirmed” by parents to making “gender affirmation” an essential need of a child in California.

Violating the standard of “health, safety, and welfare” set for a child under the California Family Code can carry penalties under the California Penal Code — prompting parents, activists, and lawmakers to speculate that the new law could result in parents being charged with child abuse or neglect for not participating in their child’s transgenderism.

Parents, lawmakers, and activists said they were furious with California’s passing AB 957, and urged Newsom not to sign the bill.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, a California resident, called AB 957 a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and “utter madness.”  Musk, who owns X, the social media app formerly called Twitter, is the father of a child who claims to be transgender.

Nicole Pearson, founder of the Facts Law Truth Justice, a law firm and civil rights advocacy group, described the legislation as “unconstitutional, unscientific, and cruel” in an interview with The Daily Signal:

AB 957 is illegal, unconstitutional, unscientific, and cruel, and will not stand. It does not define ‘affirmation,’ rendering it impossibly vague for judges to apply and, thus, ‘void for ambiguity.’

It violates parents’ and guardians’ fundamental and constitutionally protected First Amendment rights to speak freely, be free from compelled speech, and exercise their religion because they will be forced, for example, to say they will affirm or to not say that they won’t, or that they believe their child needs alternate care, even if they do not believe it, just to maintain custody.

Similarly, it will deprive them of their 14th Amendment right to direct the care and upbringing of their children, which has been safeguarded — without hesitation — by the U.S. Supreme Court for over a century.

Many speculate that Newsom vetoed the bill because he is attempting to appear less extreme as a potential presidential candidate. Erin Friday, a California attorney and co-leader of Our Duty, a parental rights advocacy group, says Newsom “only vetoed the bill because he seeks higher office.”

While we celebrate the governor vetoing this horrendous bill, we know that the governor did not veto it for the sake of protecting parents and children. He continues to assert that children who are struggling with gender issues should be transitioned.

Newsom only vetoed the bill because he seeks higher office. Perhaps as the Governor fields the vitriolic outrage of the extreme Left, it may dawn on him how unhinged those who want to force parents to either transition their gender-dysphoric kids or lose them.

Newsom did sign SB 407, which would prevent “LGBTQ foster youth” from being placed in homes in which parents don’t believe in LGBTQ+ ideology. In total, Newsom on Friday signed eight pro-LGBTQ+ bills, which dramatically increase California’s authority to require citizens to acquiesce to LGBTQ+ ideology.

Wiener criticized Newsom’s AB 957 veto, calling it “a tragedy for trans kids here & around the country.” He also claimed that “trans kids” are living “in fear,” accusing “right-wing politicians” of targeting and attempting to “erase [trans kids’] humanity.” Wiener provided no evidence to back up his accusations.

Share your prayers below for Newsom, California, and children struggling with identity issues.

(Used with permission. From The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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September 29, 2023

Rejoice, and be like Nehemiah! Keep a weapon in one hand and a building tool in the other one! Don’t trust Newsome! He belongs to the father of lies!

Mari Williams
September 28, 2023

Be not deceived!
There are politicians who make decisions that favor their own future political ambition.
One right decision does not undo all the wrong decisions that they have previously made.
Why would a politician support a minority of his possible voters when he can sway a majority with his one “right” decision?

Susan CC
September 27, 2023

“Many speculate that Newsom vetoed the bill because he is attempting to appear less extreme as a potential presidential candidate.”

veto: an authoritative prohibition; to refuse to admit or approve

Ezekiel 48:35 … the name of the city from that day on will be: Yahweh Is There.”
Revelation 21:3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man, and He will dwell with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God.
Psalm 37 ESV “He Will Not Forsake His Saints”

Dear Heavenly Father, You are Yahweh Shammah and thanks to Jesus Christ, You are Immanuel. Not only are You Present, You are God With Us. I pray You will take hold of Gavin Newsome and in his heart, veto all the wickedness being planned and proposed in California. Let him see the lawlessness he has allowed and may it grieve his soul. I have so much to say about the state of our government but You need no counsel from me. We who believe and trust in Christ Alone, know through Him, You have done everything to secure our salvation. We did nothing to deserve it. I pray in His Perfect Name, You will do this in the countless lives of ungodly leaders like Gavin Newsome.
Draw them to:
Trust in You
Delight in You
Commit to You
Be still before You
Refrain from sin
Turn from evil and do good
Deliver them from their wickedness

We are Your people Lord, will You make them Yours as well? Amen

Sharon Miller
September 27, 2023

This says that Gov Newsome is going to run for president!! And now is the time to start the con game of call himself more of a moderate for the national stage! Like many in the party of politics, say what sounds good for the moment!! And do what you’ve always done once you get elected!! G does any of this sound familiar? How many promises have these politicians made and how many have actually kept them, make a list! Please don’t be fooled. We are called to discern in these days!! Bring all things to the Father! We need to be wise as serpents, and as gentle as a dove!! God gives His people wisdom. We need not to assume anything too much deception in the world assumptions may get us into trouble.!! Seek Yahweh in Yeshua by the Holy Spirit! 3 persons 1 God!!

September 27, 2023

In Jesus name, non-biblical sexuality is bound and I lose the biblical teachings and truths on sexuality. We have been bought with the blood of Jesus and know His word is truth. Science does agree with it as well. The democratic platform has taken God out and is essentially an antichrist force right now. Many republicans are pretenders and are in harmony with Satan’s agenda. I have set before you to choose life or death. Choose life and truth and live. Repent if you are on the side and aligned with evil. This is a deliverance season. Be on the side of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. No King but Jesus.


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