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Father, we pray that You would abolish Roe! We also pray that You would move in leaders like Governor Ricketts to remove abortion entirely after the overturning of Roe.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has taken a hard pro-life stance. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, he intends to outlaw abortion in his state.

From The Epoch Times. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said he intends to call for a special state legislative session to fully outlaw abortion if the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


“Nebraska is a pro-life state. I believe life begins at conception,” the Republican governor told CNN’s “State of the Union” on May 15.

“If Roe v. Wade, which is a horrible constitutional decision, gets overturned by the Supreme Court, which we’re hopeful of, here in Nebraska, we’re going to take further steps to protect those preborn babies,” Ricketts said. He further confirmed to CNN’s anchor Dana Bash such statewide legislation should include cases of rape or incest. “They’re still babies,” he said….

During the interview, Bash noted that, unlike 13 other states, Nebraska doesn’t have a post-Roe trigger law in place to automatically outlaw abortion if Roe v. Wade is reversed. An effort to pass similar legislation in Nebraska failed by a vote of 31–15—two votes short of the 33-vote threshold to end the filibuster…

In 2010, Nebraska became the first state to ban abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later, and the state outlawed a second-trimester abortion procedure in 2020 despite fervent protests from pro-abortion campaigners….

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(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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May 22, 2022

Lord God, thwart these evil plans for globalism that are commencing TODAY. Do not let the power that has been misused via the coronavirus pandemic continue to be perpetrated. We pray that increased vaccine mandates will not stand. Do not let Biden cede United States health authority to the World Health Organization. Make all ratified, freedom-stealing amendments and treaties, worldwide, become null and void. We pray that all global health magnates would not have consensus in plans they may seek to make. Let all other related, and unrelated, plans harmful to sovereignty and freedom fall apart, fruitless. Annihilate the World Health Organization’s ratified Pandemic Treaty. Preserve our freedoms, worldwide. Destroy the New World Order and the Great Reset

May 22, 2022

All abortions are a form of murder. We need to protect all persons unable to care for themselves. That is indeed babies, their struggling mothers, the elderly and mentally challenged. God cares and so should we.

Janelle Hultman
May 20, 2022

God’s son took 9 months in the womb before being born. He was raised with God instructions found in the Old Testament as God guided Mary and Joseph. God poured his love, his wisdom on this family while his son prepared for his life’s journey. God loves family and he desires we all could know him and trust him throughout our lives as he deeply loves each of us. That child in the womb is his gift to you. Yes, we have all sinned, but God’s son, Jesus paid the price for all mankind to be forgiven of sin and set free. Receive God’s gifts to you and whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord Jesus shall be free. I was conceived in rural Nebraska in 1940 and am grateful for my parents bringing me into this world and grateful that Jesus lives in my heart!

Sharion H
May 19, 2022

Unfortunately, the people use and abuse the word abortion, so it won’t seem too harmful to those involved. Actually, where there is blood there is life. And abortions kill a tiny little baby and now with more restrictions removed, even babies being born full term are being killed on the delivery table. How did so many get so heartless? Where are the protections that are now so available and work so well ? Maybe the Congress should give money to finance birth control rather than the Family Planning group that wants to eliminate black babies?

Brian Dugan
May 19, 2022

Living in a border state (Iowa) I pray the decision first by the court snd then by the Governor of Nebraska filters around to not only Iowa but north to the Dakotas and to Colorado and Kansas. I doubt if CO will follow suit because the Gay Governor (Pulis) is so pro-death for the mountain state.

May 19, 2022

Lord, make Governor Ricketts stand a reality, make Nebraska an abortion free state. Give him strong support from the people as well as in the unicameral. For those who have been deceived these many years help them to hear and listen to winsome gracious words of truth and repent.

Mike Kelly
May 19, 2022

Changin laws will not stop the murders of babies. If the states get control there will still be abortions. What’s wrong with you people? The only thing that will stop is God changing the hearts of stone to hearts of flesh & that the Holy Spirit convicts them of this sin. Those people need to get saved and see the light. Not only them but the doctors, nurses and office people need a change of heart. THAT WILL PUT CLINICS OUT OF BUSINESS. I challenge you to hear the babies opinion on this subject at:

Donna Sontag
May 19, 2022

Praying for more men and women in our government to be brave, strong and courageous like Governor Ricketts. May our God richly bless you.

Dawn Williams
May 19, 2022

I bring my whole being into AGREEMENT with Gov. Rickett’s convictions and plans concerning Abortion in his state

May 19, 2022

Thank you, Gov. Ricketts, for being a TRUE leader during a time when real leadership is severely lacking.

holly beveridge
May 19, 2022

Thank you Father for putting Governor Ricketts into the place of leadership. Please continue to open eyes and hearts of our nation to see what abortion truly is-child sacrifice. Open the eyes of people to see that You are the Creator of life and all life is a blessing. Show us Father how to minister to others who have had abortions and that there is forgiveness through your Blood that was shed. One sacrifice of your perfect Blood is all we need. No more animal sacrifices or human sacrifices can ever do anything good. Thank you Jesus for your grace and endless mercy.

Allena Jordan
May 19, 2022

Lord, thank You for people who stand up for what is right and good in Your sight. I ask that You would provide the support needed for this bill to pass in Nebraska. Thank You for “sheep” states in our nation. Use them to witness and transform our entire nation. Lord, I praise You and thank You for all You’re doing to right what is wrong. Hallelujah! Amen.

May 19, 2022

Father thank YOU for the mighty warriors that have fought long and hard to see this horrific genocide stopped in our country. We do not deserve YOUR mercy but NEED it! Only YOU can stop the devil from killing our babies and the lies perpetrated to persuade men and women to participate in the murder of innocent lives. WAKE UP YOUR BODY!!! We can no longer sit around and do nothing waiting for YOUR return. You told us to fight and YOU would go before us and also be our rear guard.
Thank YOU GOD for “second chances”

Marsha Bashor
May 19, 2022

Thank you Lord for the state of Nebraska standing for life!!! May there be many other states doing the same!! In Jesus’ name✝️

May 19, 2022

Life is precious and ordained by God. I support this governor.

Vicki R.
May 19, 2022

Father, thank You for the stance the Governor of Nebraska has taken; keep him courageous and emboldened. I praise You Father that more and more states are following suit when Roe is overturned. Those who shout that they have rights because it is “their body and their
choice” selfishly think only of themselves and not of the precious babies who have no voice.

May 19, 2022

May the state of Nebraska flourish in every way as they take a stand to defend life

May 19, 2022

Father God, we come against the enemies of life with the sword of the Spirit. When Roe v Wade IS OVERTURNED, it is going to be made illegal in most states. We pray that a revival breaks out making it unthinkable in ALL hearts! In those states still under demon-crat control, replace those evil minded rulers with righteous leaders so we can live godly, peaceable lives. In those states still crafting anti abortion laws, inspire them to prohibit crossing state lines to obtain abortions, and make it criminal for anyone transporting women, (adults or minors) across state lines for the purpose of said woman obtaining an abortion. We declare and decree by the authority of Jesus, that this heinous and abominable blood shed will STOP! By the mighty name above all names, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, AMEN!

Peter Joffe
May 19, 2022

Killing babies is a crime against humanity and crime against the word of our God and our place in humanity as a protector or those who cannot protect them selves. It is very simple. Use contraceptives if you don’t want a child. It is not the child’s fault that people don’t want children. Be prepared to accept the results that can come from free sex. DON’T KILL BABIES!!

May 19, 2022

Govenor Ricketts we pray you won’t relent on this issue no matter what the pressure is. There are deep pockets of corruption in Nebraska. Citizens are awakening and pushing back against the political corrupt.
Stay strong and protect the babies. They need you.


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