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LORD, bring the truth to bear in all this ceaseless conflict, because Your truth and justice are all that really matter.
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Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has led to a barrage of political attacks and accusations, some of which have been shown to be inaccurate, as even outsiders have observed.

From The Daily Wire. Twitter CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that several top Democrats launched a “coordinated” attack against him. …

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Musk responded to an account that claimed that Musk had not been political in the past and only became politically active in response to attacks from Democrats.

“Elon wasn’t super political on Twitter until Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren started attacking him for no reason,” the account claimed. “Then others followed. Of all the dudes they could have attacked, they chose the guy most capable of helping government solve problems. Strange choice.”

“Several other major Democrat politicians attacked me too, all around the same time. It was coordinated,” Musk responded. “Outside of party leadership and independents like [West Virginia Sen. Joe] Manchin, they are essentially actors on the political stage, not directors or script writers.” …

Musk began what appears to be a political epiphany during the government lockdowns that gripped the nation two years ago. He grew increasingly frustrated as California officials prevented a major Tesla factory from reopening, prompting the entrepreneur to move the company’s headquarters to Texas. …

Democrats have attacked him repeatedly over his recent acquisition of Twitter, including Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), who wrote a letter about someone being able to make a fake Twitter account impersonating him.

“Yesterday, a Washington Post reporter easily created a fake Twitter account in my name, and by paying $8.00 was also able to obtain Twitter’s blue checkmark, signifying that Twitter had ‘verified’ the account was indeed that of a sitting U.S. Senator. It was not,” Markey’s letter began. “Apparently, due to Twitter’s lax verification practices and apparent need for cash, anyone could pay $8.00 and impersonate someone on your platform. …

Markey then made false claims about the verification badge that the fake account was given. …

The Washington Post’s report clearly showed a side-by-side screenshot of Markey’s real Twitter account vs. the fake account and the badges displayed different popups when clicked on.

His real account stated: “This account is verified because it’s notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.”

The fake account, contrary to Markey’s claims, stated: “This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue.” …

What do you think about these endless political brawls? Share your thoughts and prayers.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Fellow Christian
December 6, 2022

Pray to protect Elon Musk so he can continue to report the truth and expose the evil in this world. Protect all those that work for him also.

December 6, 2022

Since Genesis , God has used the powerful to shape his plans for his people. And Elon Musk is certainly a powerful man.
Father we pray for Mr Musk’s soul, that he would come to know Jesus’s redeeming love. Also use his money and his status to return the Godly American values you originally unscripted in our Constitution . Only in Jesus name we declare !! Amen

John Kulinski
December 5, 2022

God said to be aware of our thoughts because they run our lives. The only power that Satan has is over our flesh. I pray that kids will not think about sinful thoughts so Satan cannot influence their minds and have them sin. It makes me sad to see kids act out in violence towards others and I pray that they will see the damage that they are doing and seek God face and ask for forgiveness that they may become a child of God.

John Kulinski
December 5, 2022

I pray that God will protect Ellen Musk and keep his spirit high and keep him safe from the people who want’s to harm him.

A. Jervy
December 5, 2022

I wonder which principalities Elon has upset. Let’s support him in prayer.

Ellie Jenkins
December 5, 2022

The old saying– What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Looking a lot like Good verses Evil, which side are you going to be on? Hint: If you don’t choose one, one will be chosen for you.

Heather Peacock
December 5, 2022

The concentration of evil in the response to Musk’s every move is telling. Lord, use this man for your glory! Truth is only from You! Bring revelation to those watching this situation unfold. May we not be lacking in lifting this situation in prayer. In the name of Jesus I pray for truth and light to abound.

December 5, 2022

Why would I get involved in the political brawling, what does this have to do with intercessory prayers for our nation? what about child trafficking in Texas? what about plastic recycling into diesel, (what it is made from in the first place), what about cars upgraded in carburetors and catalytic converters that can provide 150 mpg? (yes, they do exist). What about magnet energy machines with no waste and no toxins (yes they exist). what about environmental engineering and it’s impact on global temperatures? why are we not praying big?

    Anne Leake
    December 5, 2022

    Lori I agree with you. Our prayers need to cover our entire country and all cities. I’m not here to discuss who said, she said, stuff. I’m here to pray for our leader’s of this country. President Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris. The judge’s who oversees the Crooks like Donald Trump and Hunter Biden. They need to be accountable for there actions. You break the law you have broken a rule. Throw the book’s at them. Why are we allowing these people to get away with anything they have done wrong. I’m here to stay. But I will not be taking sides on the political

Dori Dittmyre
December 5, 2022

God can make all social media crash and put an end to the Spirit of Divisivness through big tech. We would all benefit from some “unplugged” time. Still, Musk and others can’t simply ignore coordinated attacks. Everyone has the right to have an account.

    December 5, 2022

    Also Lord, please protect the people that are trying to do what is right. They are constantly threatened by sick people. Thank you.


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