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Father, we pray that You would give our leaders financial wisdom. Bring economic stability back to America, Lord, and bring racial healing and unity to our nation.
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Certain groups in America have been pushing for reparations for years now. In a time of rampant inflation is it really the best idea?

From Daily Mail. A reparations committee in California has suggested that descendants of slaves in the state could be compensated $223,200 each for ‘housing discrimination’.

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The nine-member Reparations Task Force was formed by California Governor Gavin Newsom as part of the country’s largest ever effort to address reparations for slavery.

A focus of the California task force has been ‘housing discrimination’ – it has been estimated that it would cost around $569billion to compensate the 2.5 million Black Californians for setbacks between 1933 and 1977, according to the New York Times.

That is more than California’s $512.8billion expenditure in 2021 – which included funding for schools, hospitals, universities, highways, policing and corrections.

However, discussions are still underway, and the panel is continuing to consider how payments should be made – some suggested tuition and housing grants while others proposed cash.

The task force has also identified four other causes for reparations: Mass incarceration, unjust property seizures, devaluation of Black businesses and health care.

It has until June 2023 to submit its final recommendations to the Legislature.

Their estimations came after the task force hosted meetings across the state to meet with members of Black communities to better understand the economic impact of slavery.

‘We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction,’ task force member Jovan Scott Lewis, a professor at Berkeley, told the Times.

One example of housing discrimination the task force has considered is Russell City, a city that once existed near the San Francisco shoreline and provided refuge to Black families fleeing violence in the Deep South.

The task force was told by people that lived in Russell City, which has since been bulldozed, that the area was replaced with an industrial park and residents were expelled.

One former resident, Monique Henderson-Ford, told the Times she was paid out $2,200 for her home – less than a third of what she bought it for.

‘Imagine if the houses were still here,’ she said. ‘We would all be sitting on a fortune.’

The median wealth of Black households in the US is $24,100, compared with $188,200 for white households, according to the most recent Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances, the Times reported.

After a task force meeting in September, Newsom vetoed a bill that would have extended its life.

The bill, which was introduced by Assembly and task force member Reggie Jones-Sawyer, would have allowed them to deliberate for an extra year until 2024.

Jones-Sawyer hoped that it would provide time to hear more testimony, but some disliked the idea.

‘[The bill which would extend] is a betrayal of Black Americans,’ said Tiffany Quarles, a member of the audience during one hearing, CalMatters reported. ‘We’ve been waiting for 400 years. We do not need an extension.’

The task force met at the California Science Center in South Los Angeles in September.

In that meeting it spoke about the time frame across which harms should be considered, and whether payments should be made exclusively to Californians.

It also said that it had been consulting with historians on how reparations had been paid in previous circumstances, such as after World War II.

Its next meetings, according to its government website, are scheduled for mid-December.

Earlier this year the task force put together a 500-page document outlining why African Americans that are descendants of 19th century slaves were due ‘comprehensive reparations’. …

What do you think of these reparations? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments below!

(Excerpt from Daily Mail. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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John Kulinski
December 7, 2022

I pray that people will not live in the past and that they will not think that they are above others. God told us to not live in the past. People need to forgive and move on.

Jim Fisk
December 5, 2022

If we owe anyone I would say it would be the native americans who were residents of this land long before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. To me this is purely a money grab. These people were granted freedom and had the opportunities granted all US citizens. Slavery is wrong, but many people who immigrated to the US were also under duress, but thankful to be free and to make a life for themselves and their families here in America where they were limited only by their own dreams and desires to make a better life.

Harlan Friesen
December 5, 2022

This idea of paying past slaves is stupid. Wonder what does the governor and his losers get to pa ss this idea. It’d obvious a vote buyer. Somebody going to get rich and not who suppose to get the money.

Ken Rumbarger
December 5, 2022

The facts about the former Russell City suggest that CA was a Free state or territory, and no one was sold, bought or owned as a slave in CA. Therefore, why should CA taxpayers bear the burden of repayment for wrongs that were never committed in their state? Indeed, again as suggested by Russell City, their state or territory from the beginning assisted in extending refuge to those enslaved elsewhere. Making present day and future CA taxpayers pay for reparations “ad infinitum” by grossly enlarging the state’s debt is in itself involuntary servitude. It raises the question of whether reparation or revenge is the true intent.

Gloria Austin
December 5, 2022

I AM A 65 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN GRANDMOTHER. Every dollar thrown at this issue WILL NOT end THE ROOT CAUSE which is SIN. Reparations are NOT the answer.
My Late Dad served 6 years with the Allied Forces in Europe in WWII. He served in the Segregated Army as he was not allowed to be with any white comrades…even though they were fighting against the same enemy. He returned to the WHITES ONLY water fountains and restaurants in the USA. These events made my Dad BETTER and not BITTER. He taught us 4 siblings to STAND for the Flag, KNEEL at the Cross. I am Proud to be an American and even more blessed to be a CHRISTIAN. I agree with Kathy’s plea O God to EXPOSE the enemy’s tactics. An Anti Christ run Government under Gavin Newsome is unable to make sound moral decisions on ANY matter concerning its people. One who posts PRO Abortion Billboards “In the Name of Jesus” is unfit for Public Office. Above all THINE WILL BE DONE in Jesus Name by Your Spirit Amen.

Kathy Emahiser
December 5, 2022

Father, we ask that you give these leaders wisdom concerning this matter. If there is a hidden agenda regarding this proposal, please expose it. Satan’s agenda is to divide and conquer, and it appears that is exactly what he trying to do in passing this bill. Being an Christian African American, I firmly don’t believe in paying for the wrongs of ancestors. Thank you Father, in Jesus name, amen.

Susan Eddlemon
December 5, 2022

This is nothing but social blackmail. There is no guarantee of forgiveness, and no guarantee of reconciliation.

December 5, 2022

Slavery is wrong!!!

    Susan CC
    December 5, 2022

    However, it is alive and well. Every country on this earth is participating in human trafficking with COUNTLESS men, women and children being absolutely entrapped. Slavery is alive today as it was yesterday and has been for millennia.

    I pray daily:
    this horror will be attacked by our government
    the enslaved are freed
    the enslavers will fall into their own traps
    I will live to see the Lord render His judgement


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