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Father, you are our protector, our wisdom and our strength. We need you to step in and prevent war in Ukraine. Release your peace Lord! Protect your people in Ukraine and keep the U.S. from getting ensnared in war.

After reports that Russia might be lowering troop levels, it seems the opposite is true. This only escalates the chance of a conflict. We need to pray for peace in Ukraine, protection for the Christians there, and against war the Ukrainians do not want. Check out the declarations IFA published HERE.

From CNBC News: NATO accused Russia on Wednesday of increasing the number of troops it has amassed at the Ukrainian border, a day after Moscow claimed it had begun withdrawing some of its military units

The Russian government released video footage on Wednesdaywhich it claimed showed military units returning to their permanent deployments after completing exercises. CNBC has not been able to verify the authenticity of the footage.

Russian officials have also announced that troops engaging in military exercises in Belarus, to Ukraine’s north, would also be returning to their permanent bases on Feb. 20. However, Western leaders have cast doubt on Russia’s claims…Speaking to reporters ahead of the meeting on Wednesday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said it “remains to be seen whether there is a Russian withdrawal…”

Moscow later on Wednesday doubled down on its claims that Russian troops were beginning to head back to their permanent deployments, with Russian state media releasing a report that said tanks, armored vehicles and soldiers had begun a 1,000-kilometer (620-mile) journey back to their bases.

But U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Sky News on Wednesday that although the West has seen “some positive signs” from Russia, “the intelligence we’re seeing today is still not encouraging.”

“We’ve got Russian field hospitals being constructed near the border with Ukraine in Belarus, which can only be construed as preparation for an invasion,” he said. “So mixed signals, I think, at the moment…”

Johnson’s comments came after a warning from U.S. President Joe Biden that Washington had not yet confirmed that Russia had withdrawn any of its military units from the Ukrainian border.

“We have not yet verified that Russian military units are returning to their home bases. Indeed, our analysts indicate that they remain very much in a threatening position,” he said in a speech at the White House.

“And the fact remains [that] right now, Russia has more than 150,000 troops encircling Ukraine in Belarus and along Ukraine’s border.”

Warning that “an invasion remains distinctly possible,” Biden added that any use of force by Moscow would lead to “incredible human suffering.”

He urged Russia to choose a diplomatic path toward resolving the issue.

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(Excerpt from CNBC News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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February 20, 2022

Don’t take the bait… never trust any world leader who has ties to the Fraudulent Biden Regime. We know how the msm set up Russia in Georgia to make Russia look like the instigator when they had to defend themselves. We have no business going into a ‘rumor of war’ when our southern border is bleeding. Praying for discernment & peace & the real warmongering criminals who send young men into battle to line their own pockets with blood money be revealed.

Gene A Sauls
February 17, 2022

The “issue” mentioned in the last sentence of this article seems to be lost on all media coverage I’ve read or seen on this. Apart from simply attempting to regain a part of the Soviet Union lost in 1991 by the Ukrainians independence and gaining a larger Black Sea access, why is Russia stocking soldiers and military equipment at their border? What has Ukraine done to warrant this build up? What is Putin up to? Does anyone really know?

Marsha Bashor
February 17, 2022

I don’t believe that anyone can be diplomatic with Putin. There needs to be actions of freezing his finances and the finances of his friends that he deals with…freezing his assets, like Pat Robertson said. Which would cause him to retreat. Mr. Biden should act in this way. The invasion would be abandoned.
Lord please cause this threat from Putin to fail completely. Thank you. Amen

Linda Oleson
February 17, 2022

Dear GOD I pray to you to resolve this conflict. You know the world is in disarray and this would only add fuel to the fire and cause much discord with countries siding with Russia or Ukraine. Please bring peace to these people.

Toni Kushner
February 17, 2022

Father, We pray for peace in the nation of Ukraine, that there be no bloodshed in their land. We ask that You would cast down all evil spirits that would work against peace and that a Spirit of fear be broken. May the peace of God prevail in the minds and hearts of YOUR people. We need You and may the World see the intervention of Our God for the Nation of Ukraine.

Victoria Boand
February 17, 2022

The corrupt mainstream media is making us think Russia wants more land and wants to take over the Ukraine. Russia does not need or want the Ukraine. This is fake news to distract the US and the world from focusing on the evidence that shows how corrupt the government politicians have become. These politicians don’t want to be exposed. These politicians have been paid off by greedy world bankers to control and destroy nations so the sovereign nations gradually become dependent on a one world socialistic government fueled by the power hungry world bankers and the United Nations. They want the beautiful sovereign nations to lose their sovereignty. Don’t be distracted by wars and rumors of wars. Stay focused.

February 17, 2022

Oh Lord Jesus, I lift the nation of Ukraine to You. It has been open to Your gospel and there is a faithful group of Your followers within its borders.
Cause every plan of evil against Ukraine be thwarted in Your mighty name. Place Your warrior angels along every Ukraine border and may they be seen by not only by the enemy but by Your followers…may they be visible to all who will testify to Your faithfulness to fight for Your people. You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings…reign even now over this Ukraine situation and be praised forevermore! Amen!!

Roger Buggle
February 17, 2022

All the bad actors of government in this world are nothing more than about greed and control and selfish acts in their attempts to Rule not Govern! Biden & Putin are at the top of EVIL! You two need He’ll not Heaven when you leave this world!

Roger Sudler SR
February 17, 2022

Thank you I enjoy the news that you are posting, very informative

Sean Chittick
February 17, 2022

Ultimately I’m praying for peace in the region. I pray for God’s protection of the Ukrainian people and his people in Russia. I pray for wisdom as well as strength and courage for Ukraine and our allies. I hope that our current administration will not reflect who our allies view us as a whole country. I pray that Russia and China and our adversaries will fear the Lord and the possibility of the Durham report actually being successful and we pray that not only will the report lead to Justice but also bring the confidence that our adversaries think that we are weak. I pray that with that thought in question alone will cause our adversaries to really second guess our weakness and the Lord Our God In Heaven will bring down the establishment on a massive Global scale and take down all of the evil satanic cults like the free masons, builderburgs, and illuminoties and what ever other evil cults Satan may have out there threatening God’s people. I pray for an awakening on such a level that God will dismantle any idea of transhumanism, and whatever other evil plots and schemes the devil seems to be working against us. I pray for those like myself who has been fighting anxiety in different shapes and forms. In my case I struggle with a struggle anxiety that has plagued me preventing me from feeling comfortable when going to the store and having simple conversations, or at work and having the courage and over coming my trouble with social cues to be able to let students know no not to run in the halls because they could fall and get hurt. I also feel as though due to this pandemic and the division the establishment and evil has created even though I know that we are all children of God I still hesitate when around people of color not because of how I feel about them but because of how they may feel about me. I generally avoid eye contact but I do try to seek the Lord for the courage and strength to fight the psychosis and false illusion that racism even exists. I remind myself that we are all created differently and that skin color is just another example of that. Our upbringing is just another example of that. Yet I guess my instincts of just wanting to avoid conflicts just kicks in. Thanks to the Open Border Policies of our current Administration it’s hard for me to look at others without wondering if they are one of the drug smugglers or human trafficking illegals or are they citizens and believers. I pray that God will help not only myself but others who feel similarly defeat these feelings and that God will heal us and remind us to just love one another and for God to remind us that it’s not our place to judge and that even though it’s a good instinct to have for us remain cautious it’s also good for us to remember God has also called us to love one another as Jesus did. After all isn’t leading by example the best method to bringing people to Christ anyway? I understand there are others who suffer anxiety entirely differently they experience the what if the future does not pan out and the what if happens. Lord I pray for peace and reassurance for myself and others as I believe especially now in these times of uncertainty that God you will shield our hearts and remind us who we are, who’s we are, that we’re loved regardless and for us to fear you and not the spirit of fear. After all Lord God you are the one we answer to come Judgement Day not the evil one and I for one would rather have an after life of eternal peace in heaven verses the potential of spending the after life of eternal of pain in Hell. God help us to fix out eyes on heaven and your son Jesus for Jesus is our salvation, freedom. Help us to be more like Jesus. Encourage us to speak to you and seek you instead of us drowning in our fears. Help us to see your good and help us to count our blessings in our lives. God I pray that people will seek you for comfort and not drugs or something to fill that void of emptiness they feel. I pray Lord that you will fill them with peace and hold them. Lift them up oh Lord from what ever pit of darkness they’re in. Help them find peace in you and not in what ever the alternative may be. I Also want to give a shout out to the resistance and to bands who seem to be focused on Let’s Go Brandon and exposing the truth whether iy be through their music and lyrics or their videos. I for one am greatful and them encouraging them after all you and I know that people aren’t going to watch the news due to how depressing it can or may seem but people who may be more into music can find songs and music videos like God Over Government and God I am just at awe and love how versatile you really are. I hope people check out these bands and really hope these bands and songs steal the spot light because Lord you and I both know the charts represent the culture of this world and if songs like God Over Government are topping the charts then that shows a major awakening going on on a massive global scale and Father not only do I pray this continues but that God you will use this to defeat satan at his own game of trying influence culture. I pray that God will bless these bands and these families. I Pray all these things in Jesus name Amen.


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