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Lord, break through the lies the citizens in our nation are believing with Your truth.

The media’s false reporting about new election legislation in Georgia whipped up a controversy that left millions of people grossly misinformed, frightened voters, mired major corporations in high-stakes public relations frenzies, distracted the political discourse, and furthered the country’s divisions. In short, it’s a perfect example of how the media is fueling our national conflict. . . .

That news cycle left the public with an impression that the legislation was objectively racist.

That impression scared and motivated the public, leading employees to pressure executives into action. Worse, the false coverage led millions of people to believe that a major political party representing half the country was seeking to reinstate Jim Crow.

The coverage from our country’s major publications was so bad that after a few days, even liberals like Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips and Will Saletan of Slate began pushing back.  . . .

Over at RealClearPolitics, Carl Cannon wrote a poignant column on the offensive absurdity of invoking Jim Crow in this context.

“When Donald Trump likened his being impeached to a lynching, living relatives of Willie Edwards and Emmett Till called this comparison ‘ignorant’ and ‘insensitive’ and ‘offensive.’ They were right,” Cannon wrote. “But now Biden is invoking racist history, and doing it to score partisan political points. Millions of Americans who voted for him hoped they were done having to listen to such blasphemy from the White House.”

Sadly, the media parroted that partisan spin, legitimizing the Democratic Party’s narrative by presenting it under the banner of journalistic neutrality.  . . .

That pressure stemmed entirely from misinformation peddled by the legacy media. Without the media’s legitimization of a partisan narrative, concerned employees wouldn’t have been reaching out, the external pressures of a PR threat would have been negligible, and the corporations could have focused on the business of taking us on spring break and making our mixers.

As a result, days of time were wasted at major corporations, bottom lines are taking a hit, the news cycle ignored stories of greater import, and millions of people were misinformed on a serious issue.

Their combination of bias and incompetence ensures the bulk of our news is run through a filter and distorted before making its way to the public, thrusting us into an enormously dangerous alternate reality that leaves us ill-informed, divided, and distrustful. . . .

All that is to say, the media is our primary window into public affairs. That window is obviously shattered. The Georgia example is not an exception, it’s the rule. The legacy press still reports some factual information, puts reporters in harm’s way, and uncovers important details. . . .

The botched Georgia story, which even Democrats now believe the media botched, should induce some humility in the legacy press. . . .

For a variety of reasons, they mostly refuse to see the cracks in the window, which only makes the situation much worse, leading to gaslighting and an exacerbation of existing faults.

Moreover, the Georgia example is also instructive in illustrating exactly how much of our conflict is downstream of the broken media. If the press had bothered to cover the story fairly, we would have been spared a week of pain and division, corporations would have been spared days of frantic distractions over nonexistent problems, lawmakers could have focused their time on real issues, and voters would have an accurate rendering of the situation. . . .

Editors should get their reporters in check and publishers should get their editors in check. Given the unlikelihood of that course correction, consumers can help by becoming skilled news readers and supporting new media. Politicians can help by ceasing to reward bad actors with interviews and scoops for the sake of their own ill-conceived communications strategies.

In short, the media is no longer a secondary problem because of its partisan bias. Its ideological bias has festered into incompetence that is creating and worsening just about every single one of our problems as a country, from basic efficiency to institutional trust to race relations. Defeating the legacy media’s stranglehold on information delivery must be a top priority for the left, right, and center. . . .

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Article by . Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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August 21, 2021

8/21/21 Romans 1:18 “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. “

This decree encompasses every lie being propagated: Over Voter Fraud in every state/& Presidential election, false reporting and blame casting of Afghanistan debacle, False reporting of covid cases/deaths/etc., False reporting of Safety of Vaccines/Deaths from said vaccines/ Adverse reactions of said vaccines, Undermining importance of FDA blackbox warning ON vaccines & putting children’s health/ futures/fertility at risk thru said vaccines (as well as all the people). Instilling abnormal fear of risks of covid in children and others, lies promoting CRT/BLM/sex Ed/LGBTQ., portraying Abortion as anything but a Holocaust against the utmost Innocent & Defenseless…. (feel free to add other lies being propagated)

We, the prayer warriors and intercessors for God Almighty do declare this God given verse over the lies and propaganda that the US has been promoting for the past 5+ years. We cast down the lying media and trample it under our feet in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His Perfect Blood Sacrifice. The blood of Jesus defeated every lying spirit on the Cross. We say, “Lying spirits, Go to the pit of hell where you belong; Be replaced by Truth —Exposing every lie and Liar. -In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Our LORD.”

“Also, by casting down these lies, we cancel every unrighteous mandate sent out by jay inslee and the supt Of public instruction over wa state in the name of Jesus.”

April 12, 2021

In the name of Jesus, we break thr lying, arrogant, deceptive and misleading spirit of the media in this nation. We strip the media of its evil powers of the people and send all the demonic forces spewing hatred, lies, perversion, division, iniquity, and pride to the media back to the pit of hell. Fire of God burn up and destroy every work of darkness coming to the media and social network platforms. All their source if funding dry up in Jesus name and remove any one who is engaged in spinning lies, deception and hatred. Arise Lord and let Your enemies be scattered. But let truth and justice and peace and righteousness take over the United States media in Jesus name. Amen.

April 12, 2021

Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.
Psalms 31:18

Curtis Guhl
April 11, 2021

Public nonprofit media that has been funded by big donors and government grants needs watch dog groups to determine tax status and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Private media corporations are subject to liable laws but not for censorship.
Censorship involves a large number of persons verses liable. I my mind censorship is the most serious offense in a state run society. So media censorship is opening the door to government corruption. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, what is whispered in the darkness proclaim on the roof tops Lord Jesus.Luke 12:2 Please close this door to government corruption.Lord Jesus Son of God.

Susan CC
April 11, 2021

I thought of the “little horn” when reading this article and went searching it out. In Daniel 7:8 & 8:9… “While I was contemplating the horns, suddenly another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like those of a man and a mouth that spoke words of arrogance.” “And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land.”

Our media both social and news are much like the “little horn.” They grew out of chaos and were fed upon it. They are proud in themselves, boastful and arrogant. One article that I read said “this little horn will blaspheme God and persecute God’s people during the tribulation, right up until the second coming of the Lord Jesus. At that time, the Antichrist’s “power will be taken away and completely destroyed forever” and Jesus will establish His millennial kingdom. The reign of the Antichrist is limited: forty-two months, and no more. The little horn will lose his war against God. His boastful blasphemy and wanton violence are only temporary. The reign of Christ is eternal.”

I do believe this industry is the mouthpiece (little horn) of our adversary. But I also believe the Lord has a time established for the destruction of all things wicked and godless. I pray the Lord would silence the little horn. I pray the foundation of this industry is reduced to rubble, never to be raised again. I pray “defeating the media’s stranglehold is a top priority for us all,” in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen


    Danny N.C.
    April 11, 2021

    Susan thank you for sharing these ideas. This is certainly thought provoking and I believe you may be correct.

      Susan CC
      April 11, 2021

      When “mined out,” the words I hear are greatly enlightening. His Word is truth and life and the only source reliable! Blessings to you Danny.

April 11, 2021

It is my prayer that believers stop watching the media liars and find people who are telling the truth! People are being deceived by these liars. When they don’t have an audience, they might go out of business. Scripture says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Unfortunately, there are a number of people that call themselves Christians who still believe the lying, deceiving, media! Jesus told us to “watch out that no one deceive you.” If ever we needed to watch out, it is now!

Danny N.C.
April 11, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that these corrupt and wicked liars be exposed and brought to justice. We have suffered much already because of their lies and deceptions. Lord please bring this cycle of madness to an end and let truth prevail. In Jesus precious name I pray O Lord, Amen.

Sherry Mallory
April 11, 2021

God . . . grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth . . . that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will” (2 Timothy 2:25-26 NIV).
Father, so many people have been entrapped by the controlling influence of the media. In the name of Jesus convict those responsible for promoting distorted truths and lies. Cause Your wisdom and discernment to fall on the people of America. You have given us the keys to the Kingdom, so we join in this battle and bind every evil force that has taken over the media and the big corporations that sponsor them. We declare that righteousness, truth, and integrity prevail. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Rolanda Shrader
April 11, 2021

This is my declaration : God will vindicate and this wicked & corrupt lying distorting of truth in our media will be brought down by the hand of God. Truth will prevail.


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