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Lord have mercy on us. Show us the truth. Move in Russia and Ukraine.

I’m not a crier but I wish I was.  So when something — anything — moves me to the point I can feel my jaw flutter and eyes get humid, I pause to embrace the moment.  If I get to the point of wiping a tear from my cheek, my family no longer watches the screen but turns to behold this rarest of happenings in dear old Dad.

The movie The Shack, the couch scene in Prince of Tides, and nearly every episode of The Chosen seem to reliably birth one of these scarce, sacred moments within me.  But as of last night, a new contender broke through my subfloor with such soaking power, the sump pump kicked in.   Meet Mr. Jones.

Released in 2020, this is, without doubt, a must-see movie.  But today, as the world holds its breath watching Ukraine, Putin, extensive human suffering, and geopolitical deception, Mr. Jones is a must-see-now movie.

Set in 1932-1933, we are transported into the belly of Hell on Earth when Josef Stalin inflicted a Luciferian famine upon Ukraine.  Similar to Hotel Rwanda, we only have to see a handful of hideous scenes of torturous death and then imagine for ourselves the same repeated endlessly across the entire country.

Historically named the Holodomor, which means death by starvation, Stalin’s propensity for malevolence is maniacally manifested in this man-made, systematic starvation of his people.  Years earlier, Stalin’s collectivist-sculpting regime had begun canvassing the land to drag farmers and landowners into exile and death.

Up to 1930, Ukraine was called the Bread Basket of Europe.  By 1933, it became the dread casket for nearly seven million innocent men, women, and children.

As the skilled farming class, or Kulaks, were removed or overrun, their properties were designedly transferred to the lower-class peasants.  The vivid horrors of redistribution bore its grisly face as the recipients of these land handouts had neither the skill nor the motivation to successfully cultivate crops.

As more and more people were apprehended for banishment and death, productivity plummeted.  What’s worse, as productivity plummeted, Stalin confiscated what little harvest there was and all of it was shipped to Moscow.  It truly became a Hunger Games where Panem lived in hedonistic opulence while the sub-humans in the districts were dying to dine on tree bark soup.

The gruesome scenes were a demonic photo-negative of God’s bountiful and benevolent design:

Elohim placed man in the orchard in Eden to work the land and care for it

~ Genesis Ch. 2

In Stalin’s demented quest for utopia, the curtain was pulled back to reveal he was no god at all but instead a slave in the hands of The Satan, who is incapable of fruitful, creative governance.

The thief [The Satan] comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; but I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.

~Jesus in John’s Gospel

Keep in mind that in Stalin’s world, wealth is oppression and property is theft.  Also keep in mind that when Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum bloviate that you will no longer own private property by 2030, call it what it is; dekulakization.

Does this sound like abundant life to you?

Meet Mr. Jones

The protagonist in this true story is Scottish journalist, Gareth Jones.  Jones embarks on a providential journey to Ukraine during the height of the famine.  He experienced firsthand the cataclysmal suffering of the people and was enraged the world was unaware.

The antagonist is the Pulitzer Prizing winning journalist from the New York Times, Walter Duranty. Walter appears to have welcomed a myriad of demons into his life.

Duranty, embedded in Moscow and Stalin’s back pocket, published to the world a rosy-eyed view of Russia’s resurgence as a prosperous, industrial giant of a nation.  Not only did he vehemently swat down rumors of famine, but he insisted bellies were full in the thriving Districts of Panem.

Jones could not remain silent.  When asked, “What is your agenda?” He replied, “The truth.”  Predictably, he published his pieces about the millions being starved to death in Ukraine.

The Fact-checkers of the day swarmed to defend Stalin’s darling Duranty, who doubled-down on all his denials.

The Debunked Banners were so convincing, the United States moved to recognize Stalin’s Soviet Union in 1933.

Behold the ancestral heritage of the New York Times.  To this day, Duranty’s Pulitzer had not been taken away.

Prophecies From the Book of Orwell

A gripping thread through the movie are glimpses of George Orwell, who at the time was writing his life-changing book, Animal Farm.  Orwell used the Holodomor as the construct for his poignant allegory, reminding us all of two critically important things.

First, when people in power declare to you who are the oppressed and who is doing the oppressing, beware.  And second, when these same power brokers present to you their solution to remedy the imbalance; fight them with everything you have.

Once you’ve watched Mr. Jones and have read Animal Farm, you should next spend time reading the works of Klaus Schwab and review the World Economic Forum’s website.  Then imagine the devils of Davos coming to implement a more equitable, CCP-inspired lifestyle in your country, your state; your farm.

Please retain the ghastliness of what has been described here so you have a meaningful response to those who praise the worthiness of the Press or tout the glories of collectivism, redistribution, and Communism.

Time to Lift the Nose of This Led Zeppelin 

Once a month I have the honor to serve as a guest on the IFA Pray Livestream.  The night before broadcast, The Lord prompted me to watch Mr. Jones.  Late the next morning and still shaken, I was on my famous kneeler in my office preparing for the call.  I then did something I hadn’t tried for decades.

Lord, if you have something specific to say to me…

…in that moment, I randomly opened my Bible as if cutting the deck for a card trick.  The verse I opened to could never have been mustered by mere magic:  It was supernatural.

When the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines; when the olive trees do not produce and the fields yield no crops; when the sheep disappear from the pen and there are no cattle in the stalls… 

~ The Prophet Habakkuk sounding eerily like the prophet Kulak

Queue the tear duct humidifier again.

As if lifted from the pages of Animal Farm or clipped from a scene in Mr. Jones, I was just handed a near perfect description of Holodomor.

Do not miss the message.  If we aren’t careful and prayerful, this passage could be a prophetic foreshadow of what Ukraine could look like again.  That is to say, we desperately need virtuous, principled leaders endowed with wisdom and integrity to rise up, own the table, and negotiate an end to this invasion.

Otherwise, we will hear the same haunting lament found in the accompanying verse sputtered by our Ukrainian brothers and sisters today:

I listened and my stomach churned; the sound made my lips quiver.  My frame went limp, as if my bones were decaying, and I shook as I tried to walk.  I long for the day of distress to come upon the people who attack us.

~ Habakkuk 3:16  

Yes Lord, we pray for the day of great distress to come upon all those who attack Ukraine.  We pray that the prized gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and discernment be released within leaders who know Your Voice and can be used like a healing balm in Your Hand.  Silence the confusion, lies, and misdirections which are intended to deceive good people.  May the unchanging virtues of Your Kingdom reign supremely upon the Earth.

And may we see clearly today what generations from now will know is the Truth.

Used with permission. The Wine Patch, by Keith Guinta.

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March 21, 2022

In our government we have a group of people that hate the USA and us Americans. For 4 years of President Trump’s Presidency those same haters lied, cheated to our faces culminating with them stealing the 2020 election! (Anyone believing that Joe biden won 80 million + votes needs therapy!) Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene break down their plan for you and I and innocent Americans. Share this and tell people to call their congresspeople to get rid of the Green new deal immediately: Watch “Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Up And HUMILIATES AOC, Gets A Standing Ovation” on YouTube
https://youtu.be/m3GU9rT8j0c. It is not enough to wake up to the devil’s plans for our country, WE MUST ACT! Call your congressmen and women and your Governors and state government to insist that they represent us. Impeach those that won’t. I studied Germany history extensively and THIS IS HOW HITLER’S POWER BEGAN!! Exactly what is going on in our government! Some in our government want to do away with us that have independent thought. Just ask GOD! HE will show you satan’s devices for us using our crooked government. FATHER GOD YOU are a very present help in trouble! We need YOUR help immediately to get rid of every liar and cheater in our government! Please send YOUR warriors to fight this battle for us as YOU did for Jehoshaphat in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Herb Johnston
March 20, 2022

Yes Being witnesses of the Lord’s miraculous intervention in the Ukraine.. is definitely like reading the Old Testament.. truly amazing- I wish I had more words to describe it. But it has given me- and I believe all of us..much greater hope..and a new sense of His awareness of us..and of myself..His actually knowing that Im here..it is visceral.

Herb Johnston
March 20, 2022

When God intervenes in the miraculous-, in the Ukraine ..by blowing those Russian soldiers back over their own border- I am amazed.. which is of course a weak adjectives.
When the Lord causes Russian soldiers to confess their lack of motivation- and even sadness ..in being there- I Rejoice that God is working.. and also my heart goes out to those Russians who were manipulated into being there and whose heart is not in the battle.. I also Rejoice that people are being evacuated
-,miraculously .. just like in World War II ..and,I am also amazed as Russian efforts are foiled-,and ukrainians continue to stand against evil.
God’s power and mercy overwhelms me- and that is where my focus is.. we all have to walk through this with what God gives us.. whatever tools are available to us-,and continue to utilize his Word,and his offer of being with us.. in our prayer times.
In my case my flesh strives against me greatly.. and I will not belabor that details there.. however to me it seems if I have access to more Publications or literary devices.. to assist me- then that is great-, but if not ..my ongoing struggle to be close to the Lord.. and learn from Dutch Sheets ..and learn from Amanda Grace- and learn from this cauldron or this furnace that we are in ..and that I am currently in.. as the dross is forced to the Top… if I can succeed in surviving ..then I guess that will have to be enough. for me-, if the Lord has more.. I am thankful.
I certainly hope he does.
I pray that America is saved-, but my efforts must be focused on internal peace.. and praying for the poor Ukrainian people.. and filtering out the noise of much of the deception in the media.. even sometimes seemingly from our own side- and also it must be noted that the naivete and lack of striving to bring the truth out about the experimental gene therapy posing as a vaccine-,infuriates me ..however I must focus on The Lird and His leading..seemingly more and more complicated..
praise God in heaven in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

Herb Johnston
March 20, 2022

I do not have access to movies, anymore, for the foreseeable future, or do I make more than the necessary purchases, however I am aware of history, as much has been written about it in various places.. and I learn much more here in the columns of IFA. I do not need to be convinced of how evil tyranny is, as I have no trouble believing it,. not having really anything but suspect towards humanity as far back as I can remember. After receiving salvation, my need for God’s Word grew intensely, and my eyes were opened to what I had already suspected, the cruelty of humanity to humanity. The increase in level of intensity is only more repulsive. As far as emotional responses, I have teared up in various responses at various times over the years,. However I think it is more important to nurture the response the Gospel cultivates in myself, and us, through the lens of Yeshua’s love letter to us, His creation. My heart goes out to the tragedy being dumped upon the people of Ukraine, and my prayer life has increased many times over in my involvement here in these columns, and with the assist of IFA’S prayer guides. I do not claim to have extensive literary knowledge, nor do i expect that, ..that resource will soon be made available to me.. I have the heart of compassion the The Lord is crafting in me, and I am learning to trust His leading in this ,and previous.. furnaces-.. that have risen the dross to the surface, in steadily increasing increments, none of which do I now, or recently ,expect to subside. We are not ,..”going back to normal”..in spite of whatever gains are made in The Saving of America, as my daily morning prayer friend, Dutch Sheets, most compassionately reassures us, for which I am most grateful. I only hope I can go forward in faith as our Lord ..either requests, or commands, that I do not falter to the level of a coward, or exaggerate to the level of being pompous. I am very grateful for the new, and kind of-, unexpected sense of peace or ,..maybe accomplishment (?) I am sensing as I fight against the all too human tendency to coddle the flesh when I manage to travail forward in any amounts, or more and more ..times-,.. of prayer, as I am experiencing The Holy Spirit drawing more meaning out of these times ,through me as His conduit, and I sure hope these times and words I have been experiencing, alone with Him, are hitting their mark in God’s Kingdom. May His will be done.
In The Mighty name of Jesus, Amen

Rose Rocha
March 20, 2022

I don’t read many books as a rule but your suggestion mirror what has already happened and what can happen. That as a body of Christ we cannot be ignorant of Satan’s devises.
We must spend quality time every day in the Word of God, reading and meditating on it. He will rightly lead us. In Jesus’ name.

March 20, 2022

Wow!! What an article!! We just watched ‘Mr Jones’ last Sunday!!! Eric Metaxas was talking about it. That true story is heart-wrenching!! I hope this gets people out of their comfortable pews and into the trenches to fight against the evil and deception of our own media and current government!! Our pastors have got to take a lead in this, sharing the truth from the pulpit rather than joining hands with Satan in staying silent; hiding behind ‘preaching the gospel’ just as the German preachers did in the 1930’s. The church needs to be in direct involvement with choosing our leaders. We are the ones who should know what ‘doing good’ really means! As a church let’s get out there and be doing good as God calls us to do. If we really care about the souls in our community we will fight to get the godly in Leadership. We should be the ones making godly decisions in our schools. Yes, you can pull your own kids out but what about your neighbors kids? Let’s make the ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ show up on a bigger scale and begin fighting for those who do not know the Author of ‘doing good!’ Pastors, I encourage you to step back and take a bigger look at the word ‘good.’ If we know to do good and do not do it, to us it is sin!! In all places of government Leadership, we could be living out the doing good and loving our neighbors by making wise decisions on how peoples money is spent. Look at all the wasteful way our taxes are spent? Look at all the evil decisions our leaders are making!! Do we really care about and love our neighbors when we know to do good and do not do it on the bigger scale??!!
Personal comment: I was also deeply moved by The Shack, especially the real story behind it all!! Totally amazing!!

Maynard Beck Sr.
March 20, 2022

Wow! I was reading an article by Arnold Swarzenegger just before I found this article
In the 1970’s I had a co-worker named Ivan Zanitti was came from an area near Italy that went through Stalin’s program. They had a small farm that raised wheat. One year there was a crop failure and grew only enough wheat for seed for next year’s crop. The Communists came and took the entire crop along with Ivan’s father who he never saw again. I had always thought it was just stupidity on the Communist Government’s part until I read your article and now know it was deliberate evil.
My Grandson read Nineteen Eighty-Four as a high-school assignment last year and we read it with him. I have never read Animal Farm but it will definatly be my next assignment!!!
Thanks for the information! The TRUTH will set us free


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