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As he serves out the remainder of his term, Senate Minority Leader McConnell seeks to end “isolationism,” claiming that Americans are living through “the most dangerous time” since the Cold War. What do you think of this?

From New York Post. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell struck an ominous tone about the state of world affairs Monday while promising that he will serve out the remainder of his current term in the upper chamber.

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McConnell (R-Ky.) didn’t reveal whether he plans to pursue an eighth term in 2026, but told Louisville’s NewsRadio 840 that his chief mission is pushing back against “isolationists” within the GOP. …

The Kentuckian added that Americans are living through “the most dangerous time for the free world since right [before] the Berlin Wall fell down.”

“My party tends to be isolationist when there’s a Democrat in the White House,” McConnell explained. “Most Republicans voted against Lend-Lease going into World War II and Pearl Harbor straightened that out.”

McConnell announced in late February that he would not vie for another term as the leader of the Senate Republicans, a role he’s held since 2007 — making him the longest-serving leader of either party in US history. …

McConnell added Monday that another priority of his is to ensure that Republicans flip the Senate this November, which they are favored to do thanks to a favorable map.

“I’d like the person who succeeds me to be the majority leader,” McConnell said before reupping his encouragement of House Republicans to pass a supplemental aid package to help Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. …

McConnell also tore into President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for feuding with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid Israel’s war in Gaza. …

What do you think of McConnell’s goals and thoughts? Is it necessary for us to fund Ukraine? To fund Israel? Share your own thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from New York Post. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America – Mitch McConnell, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

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April 7, 2024

It is interesting that IFA has “Praying for National Deliverance from Deceiving Spirits” associated with this article. What is sad is that MAGA and IFA doesn’t realize that it applies to them as much to Progressives. I find it shocking the number of obvious strange beliefs being posted on this website in response to the type of articles which the IFA choices to promote. Narratives are just stories we tell ourselves. They are rarely true, and the number of narratives surrounding Donald Trump are troubling.

If China were to want to interfere with our elections, they would try and cause Americans to doubt the validity of their elections, try and make Americans think that their government could not be trusted, and try and cause Americans to be divided and in confusion. This is exactly the goal of the articles IFA posts, and while I don’t think IFA would intentionally support the goals of China or of Satan, their constant attempts to focus on the small number of times the FBI has crossed lines and gotten into politics , trying to accuse the CIA of being after Americans, still talking about antivaxing four years later when it is obvious that the vaccine is not a medical issue today and that the attempt to develop a vaccine was a world wide effort with vaccines being developed by China and Great Britain and so in no way is the effort tied to goals with ‘influencing American elections” and that they clearly did turn around the number of people who were over sixty who were dying and may have helped in other age groups. (Relooking at everything that happened will take decades.) IFA continually talking about election security implies there is a problem. IFA is for all intents and purposes supporting the Chinese attempt to influence our elections and Satan’s attempt to get us to turn on one another.

I want to point out that if something CANNOT be proved in court, than IT NEEDS TO BE DROPPED. Over SIXTY courts reviewed the evidence on election fraud and regardless of whether they were Trump appointees or not, NONE found enough evidence to overturn the election. And I want to point out that the FBI made over 96,000 arrests in 2022. Over 76,000 were felonies. Of them 22,000 were drug related, 10,000 involved weapons. Some involved trafficking and kidnapping. Some fraud. Some robbery. The overwhelming amount of work done by the FBI involves criminals. The number of times Obama or Biden got them to do their dirty work can be counted on one hand and the efforts were exposed and weren’t successful.

Our goal as Christians is to reveal Christ to a dark world. In order to reach someone, you have to find common ground in order to begin a relationship and have a conversation and to be in a position for them see the reality of Christ’s love. You will never do so by treating them as an enemy. The Early Church did not win over the Pagan World by approaching them as though they were enemies.

April 5, 2024

We are living in the ‘most dangerous time for the free world’ because the leadership in control of China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have decided that it is the destiny of their countries to dominate the world. In order to do so, they have to confront and cause the the United States and her allies to backdown and allow them to expand their control by force over other countries and to agree to their control of the world (including over the United States and her allies) or to engage in an armed conflict.

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have been relentlessly preparing their military for a confrontation for decades, while the United States voters have focused on political dramas, have been ignorant that American military power was aging and in decline and been in denial of the serious intentions of these countries.

China and Russia have focused for many years on developing counter measures to the ballistic weapons the United States relies on and have consequently developed hypersonic missiles which are faster than our ballistic weapons and more maneuverable. China has, in addition, signaled the seriousness of her intention and her end-game goal by building missiles silos (satellite photos) which can launch missiles over the North Pole into the United States. Her doing so in an act of aggression because neither Russia or China believe that the United States is threatening them with an armed conflict.

China has also developed their ship building industry to the point that they have become the only country which builds ships on a large scale and has used this to its advantage to build a navy which is larger than the aging and declining American navy.

The decline of American military have continued under Presidents Obama, TRUMP and Biden, NONE of whom having demonstrated the leadership and focus necessary to develop countermeasures and to develop ship building capability necessary to support and replace our aging fleet. In fact, BOTH Biden and Trump have shown a careless regard for the safety of our military by leaving top secret military documents in their garage or bathrooms and showing them to individuals who do not have clearance. Needless to say, China and Russia do not regard Trump or Biden as having the backbone or focus to stand up to them (Please notice that neither have a platform which makes building up our military a goal) and so are not a threat and see our political chaos and lack of support of Ukraine as signs of weakness and are encouraged by it.

    April 5, 2024

    MAGA seems to think if they give up Ukraine to Russia and Taiwan to China that both countries will be satisfied and their aggression will stop. MAGA need to stop relying on ‘right wing’ news sources who failed to report Putin’s speeches. He made it clear BEFORE he invaded Ukraine that he saw himself as the new Peter the Great and intended to expand Russia control into other countries. In fact, Norway took his comments so seriously that they moved to join NATO. (The claim that Ukraine is under neo Nazi control is straight out of Russian propaganda.)

      April 5, 2024

      I am a Christian and an intercessor but find it not helpful to follow IFA ,so I rarely even come here anymore. What I have said is covered by indepth articles, which are apparently overlooked by IFA probably because they limit themselves to a few news sources which don’t cover anything other than the culture wars. I also feel much of what IFA posts is questionable.

      I think other intercessors feel the same.

April 3, 2024

Thank YOU FATHER GOD that this man McConnell is going home for good! He should have left a long time ago! Our country is unique and still has the Blessing of GOD over it because of all of us Christians that are praying daily, and GOD will not leave us or forsake us! President Franklin Roosevelt was very smart and truly loved America! Roosevelt knew that if Hitler brought down England, America would be next, with no ally! FDR asked congress to help England and congress said, “No” because they did not want to get into WW2! So Roosevelt helped England in spite of congress and because of that help, England was able to stand against Hitler! And after Pearl Harbor was bombed, America joined England in fighting Hitler! Roosevelt protected America while biden is destroying America! FATHER GOD please let America remain a sovereign nation and please let biden be arrested and jailed for his treasonous crimes against Americans in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Karen Secrest
April 3, 2024

A recent media post said Israel pays for the munitions they receive directly to the U.S. manufacture whereas the Ukraine is receiving their on credit because of Bidens backing. All to be paid back after their war with interest of course??
McConnel neglect d the issues with Republicans in mame only..RINO and his dislike of Trump and the conservative Christian including Johnson.
Where we differ is I believe this great orchestra is still being directed by God the Father. Intercessors in the field abound..

    April 5, 2024

    McConnell’s withdrawal is not being directed by God. He was, in fact, the only reason that there was enough votes to get conservatives added to the Supreme court. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it.

    He doesn’t want to be in a position to support the crazy measures Donald Trump may try to pass because he has a sense of his place in history and doesn’t want it marred by Trump. MAGA is clueless as to what is going on.

      April 5, 2024

      I want to point out that there is a big difference as to what is going on in Ukraine and Israel. This should be obvious, but Ukraine has been invaded. Many cities and villages have been bombed until only rubble remains. Their power sources are being repeatedly destroyed. Their crops destroyed. As bad as it has been for Israel, the enemy has actually withdrawn from their territory. Their cities have been bombed but not to the point that only rubble remains. Their power is still operating. Their economy is up and running. Their factories are still producing goods. They are still shipping goods overseas. Crops are still being harvested. In terms of percentage of their population, few soldiers have died. Tracking materials in an active war zone when power is out, communication is difficult, soldiers are either dying or wounded and roads have been destroyed is several degrees more difficult than when life has pretty much returned to normal. It goes without saying that Israel is in a better position to repay any loans for military equipment.


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