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Father, we pray that Your kingdom would come, as Earth as it is in Heaven. Change our values to reflect Yours, God, an destroy this culture of casual dating and cohabitation.
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Marriage is statistically beneficial for the mental health and happiness of parents and children, yet dating is on the decline. What does this trend reveal about the warfare against families?

From The Federalist. Fewer Americans are interested in seeking out a life partner even though data shows that marriage often leads to flourishing.

New polling from Pew Research Center suggests that more than half of single U.S. adults, 56 percent, are not interested in romantic relationships or even going on casual dates….

The poll attributes part of this strain to the “pandemic” — a.k.a., government-mandated lockdowns and isolation encouragement from health bureaucrats. In reality, Americans’ perceptions that dating has grown harder is a trend that’s been on the rise for the last decade….

Marriage is one of the greatest measures of flourishing for U.S. adults. Fewer Americans are choosing marriage over casual dating and cohabitation but those who do tie the knot report lower divorce rates and higher general happiness….

Married couples who add kids to their families are even more satisfied. Even during the pandemic, married couples with children were less likely to report sadness or unwanted weight gain than any other group.

In addition to bringing lovers together, marriage offers a wide range of physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health benefits. Recent reports of increasing anxiety and depression in Americans, especially among younger age groups, signal how much our instant-gratification, anti-commitment culture damages young people and leaves them lonely. When fewer U.S. adults are even interested in entering the dating pool that would lead to a committed relationship and possibly marriage, it hurts their chances of thriving.

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Crew on Unsplash)

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