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Lord, please rekindle the failing relationships. Wrap those who are struggling in your loving arms and heal their hearts. Remove any voids that may be in their hearts and fill it with your love. Amen.
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This Valentine’s Day, let’s pray for stronger marriages, healthier families and restoration of marriages in our country. The liberal establishment Has thoroughly “renewed” our minds for the worse through Hollywood for decades. It’s time we wake up and contend for a Biblical view of marriage and faithfulness.

From The Federalist: With Valentine’s Day approaching, plenty of media outlets are suggesting problematic movies that don’t just document infidelity but laud it.

The first time I watched the classic ’90s film “You’ve Got Mail” with one of my gal pals, I was shocked.

For years, I heard my girlfriends rave about the movie’s picturesque plot, dreamy bookstores, and darling main characters who eventually fall in love. After watching the film, however, I discovered that a movie that was marketed to me as a staple romantic drama was actually a twisted story of broken relationships and unchecked desires.

“You’ve Got Mail” glorifies emotional cheating. From the beginning of the film, characters Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox sneak around behind computer screens to get more online chatting time with each other. As much as I adore a good bookstore rivalry, the characters’ relationship with each other is quite literally built on lies…

The message at the end of these films and shows always seems to be the same: It doesn’t matter how you fell in love. It doesn’t matter whom you ditched to be with another person. In these types of stories, the end always seems to justify the means.

But does it? There are plenty of studies indicating that infidelity is not all it is chalked up to be. Cheating in any form, including emotional cheating, is one of the top reasons spouses file for divorce. It is bad for physical and mental health, can cause long-term psychological effects, wreck homes, leave children feeling betrayed and traumatized, and hurt work performance

A nation already struggling with rampant hookup culture, declining marriages, falling birth rates, and no baby booms in sight doesn’t need to encourage people to violate their relational commitments. It needs to encourage true love based on trust, loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness. It needs people to get married, start families, and raise them with moral values and religion that automatically decrease their chances of cheating in a relationship.

Despite these negative effects, disloyalty in relationships is constantly romanticized by Hollywood and others who have influence in cultural mediums such as movies and TV. Chances are, Hollywood won’t stop pumping out disgusting content that promotes immoral lifestyles. You, however, can stop engaging and endorsing that content by watching it…

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Unsplash)
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Darlene Estlow
February 14, 2022

Father, strengthen marriages and relationships in our country. Enable those in Hollywood who love you to produce movies that support marriage and righteous relationships. I pray for repentance in Hollywood
that will change what they produce. Continue your work to bring marriages to wholeness.


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