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Father, strengthen us in 2023. Help us to stand against persecution and to be warriors for You.
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The following is what international prayer leader Rick Ridings is hearing from the Lord regarding 2023. We all need to be thinking about how to pray going into the new year. Share your thoughts in the comments.

From Succat Hallel. A key word I am hearing for this next season is “contend”, and a key scripture is Matthew 11:12:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has been treated violently, and violent men take it by force.” — Matthew 11:12 [NASB]

We must not be surprised when we are treated violently, but we should know that persecution is something that goes with our Kingdom-calling. We must not become passive or go on the defensive in the face of persecution, but we must go on the offensive to take territory from the enemy. …

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In [a] 2016 series of visions about the coming shakings, the Lord showed me that they would be marked by great polarization between light and darkness, between good and evil… an acceleration of the contrast between the wheat and the tares being readied for harvest. I believe in 2023, we are going to see this polarization accelerate even more, as forces of evil will contend for control and domination.

As the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, this will be a period where it will be extremely important for us not to allow the enemy to distract and divide us by soulish reactions focusing on our own opinions. We must not allow the enemy to get us focused on reacting to what the enemy is doing in the shakings, but we must stay focused on what the Lord is doing in the shakings, which are ultimately under His control.

We must contend to wait upon the Lord in praise and worship and to do only what He is leading us to do.

This is not a season where we can afford to move in reaction to what the enemy is doing, or out of our emotions.

We must be serious about inquiring of the Lord, doing only what He is leading us to do, and in His timing and ways. Only “that which is born of God will overcome the world”.

In times of financial shakings, we must not be led by finances, but truly lean into the Lord as our Source. He will release the resources for what is truly His Kingdom-work. But the resources will increasingly be cut off from that which promotes men’s kingdoms rather than His Kingdom.

We must contend for the destiny of children and youth.

As we train and release children and youth into becoming worshippers, they will not be stolen by the enemy, but will instead plunder the enemy.

Where this becomes a priority, there are children and youth who will move in signs and wonders. There will be children and youth used in mighty ways to evangelize. …

We must contend to “turn back the battle at the gates” of government, high-tech, media, and education.

This is a season where:

“He will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” — Isaiah 28:6 [NIV]

There will be some major victories in certain nations that have had a widespread 2-Chronicles-7:14 prayer movement, such as recently happened in Kenya. …

We must contend for more of this in Africa. And that Africa will arise into a new season of many “sheep nations” emerging, and certain nations becoming models of nation-building. …

We must contend to not allow the enemy to escalate regional conflicts into a premature World War III. …

We must contend that the Chinese Communist Party will not be allowed to succeed in military or economic global domination. …

We must contend, as is written in Isaiah 60, for the acceleration of His light and glory arising over Jerusalem during a time when “thick darkness” is being released in the nations. …

May we all stay in the place of worship, to rise above the circumstances resulting from shakings, and to see from His perspective where we are seated in heavenly places in the Messiah Jesus. May we hear His voice of how to contend and take territory for His Kingdom and glory as His unshakable Kingdom emerges in the continuing shakings.

What are you hearing from the Lord for 2023? Share in the comments below!

(Excerpt from Succat Hallel. By Rick Ridings. Photo Credit: Jack Sharp on Unsplash)

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Bobbie Trunk
December 28, 2022

I agree heartily. The Lord gave me a word for 2023. He said, Alert,Alert,Alert. Beware my people for many deceivers have gone out into the world. Beware of divided allegiances. “Christian” nationalism, “God” and country, “Christian” patriotism, etc. Our allegiance must be to King Jesus and His kingdom alone. He said,” I raise up nations for my purposes. If you place faith and trust in it’s leaders you will be disappointed and disillusioned. Your purpose is not to preserve a nation. It is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Sin is the issue and Jesus is the only answer. Heart change brings culture change.God alone is the helper, deliverer and protector of His people. Look to Him alone.

Martha McNeal
December 28, 2022

Thank you for this post and for taking the lead in the Prophetic Prayer for America in 2023. Thank you as well for reviewing the 2016 visions about the coming shakings. Let us never forget
that we serve as Intercessors to see the fulfillment of …”Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done”, be realized in every place where Our Father has purposed for His name to be and to remain.

Janis/Hope Valene Hyne
December 28, 2022

Yes, right on. Very, very good Biblical reminders for us all.

Donald Vader
December 27, 2022

Father God may we stay focused on you and your word through all the shaking and persecution that comes against us giving us your word which is already defeated the enemy and we give you thanks and praise for the victory of what Jesus did on the cross with his blood…Amen

Brian Lynch
December 27, 2022

I agree wholeheartedly with the content of this article. Yes, there are many shakings happening in our country and world today Yes, in the natural, things appear totally out of control. As long as we focus on what happens in these End Times in the natural realm, we will be discouraged and feel hopeless- right where our enemy wants us. We need to be focused like a laser beam on Who we serve, and His goodness, great love, and provision. Lord, please, show us what is true, and keep us joyfully focused upon what You wish for us to use as our reference point. Give us Holy Ghost wisdom to be doing that which You wish for us to be doing. In Jesus’ mighty, matchless name.

Mary Ann Canfijn
December 27, 2022

Father, help me to do my part, help me to take my place — as Your people agree:
“Come Thy Kingdom; Be done Thy will.”

Cassandra Brookfield
December 26, 2022

Yes ABBA I agree with the prayers. We must WORSHIP before we WORRY. WE MUST KEEP OUR FOCUS ON YAHSHUA.


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