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Lord, thank You for how You bring beauty from ashes! Use this powerful behind-the-scenes story from Lifemark to guide our prayers for those who are walking through unplanned pregnancies now. We pray for lives to be spared through adoption.

Marisa Lynae Hampton plays the young Melissa in Kendrick Brothers’ next film, Lifemark. As the birth mother in the story, she tapped into her own mother’s story to audition and to play the role. Marisa Lynae knew her mother, Lisa Marie Harms Hampton, had been pregnant during high school, but just before Marisa Lynae’s audition for Lifemark, her mother shared more details than she’d ever shared with anyone.

Let the IFA community know how to pray for you.


This interview with the Hamptons took place at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in early August after Lifemark screened at the festival.

Lifemark will be in theaters nationwide for one week only, starting Sept. 9. Visit www.LifemarkMovie.com for more information and to book tickets. IFA will have a special program focused on Lifemark on Sept. 9, at 12:15 p.m. Eastern: www.IFApray.org/watch. You’ll also be able to call in to participate in All Pray sections of the program. Call (667) 771-7910 and press 2452#. During the program, we will show part 4 of my interview with the Kendrick brothers, and an interview with Kevin Peeples (the director). Marisa Lynae Hampton will be on the program live with Dawn Long (who plays adult Melissa) and with Rebecca Rogers Nelson (who plays the adoptive mother).

Here are the first three parts of my interview with the Kendrick brothers: “The Powerful Backstory of Praying Coach Kennedy,” “Kendrick Brothers’ Church Hosts Christian Worldview Film Festival,” and “Christians Censored by Woke Hollywood.”

How are you praying over the cast and release of Lifemark? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations on six continents, mostly with his own one-man plays. He has performed in about 45 films. Rich and his bride, Joyce Swingle, another contributing writer for IFA, now have 37 screen children. The Swingles live in New York City. www.RichDrama.com. Photo Credit: Lifemark.

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Dotty Snyder
September 8, 2022

What a wonderful testimony in so many ways!
To God be the Glory!

Walter Lamphere ( A LAMP Here)
September 8, 2022

We are a nation of spiritually abused , misinformed and spoiled children as well as likewise for adults..Father YAHUWAH Have mercy and cause your Holy SPIRIT to motivate us to repent and seek holiness. Forgive us for our failure to choose the way of YESHUAH. THank you Father YAHUWAH for loving us as you Do. Did and will Do (YHVH)

Teresa Rains
September 8, 2022

I pray the efforts of the Kendrick Brothers to continue to share the gospel through films will
continue. All people need the truth of Jesus now and I believe that this source may reach
many who refuse to hear it from the pulpit.

All praise and glory go to our Lord above.

Keri Levisee
September 8, 2022

The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.
– Proverbs 28:1 NKJV

It shall come to pass in that day That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck, And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.
– Isaiah 10:27 NKJV

Abba, my prayer is that You would grant it to every cast member to be fully covered in Your righteousness, Jesus. I pray that they would continue to be bold in the faith, so that the truth of the gospel can be demonstrated unto the multitudes. I also pray that the Holy Spirit would put an anointing on them to break away the yoke of bondages in the nations. All these things I ask with thanksgiving to the One who loves us and washes us – in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!

    walter LAMPhere
    September 8, 2022

    THis is very difficult to Pray to the ONE GOD , YAHUWAH (Salvation) in the Name which everyone of us believes is the Name of the Savior, Salvation in no othr Name… YESHUAH (meaning GOD is SALVATION). On the surface we think that jesus is that person, because the Bible has be mis translated the Name of YESHUAH into Jesus, close to the Roman god , name zeus…contrrary to the Command of the FATHER, Do not take my name in vain, translate , Do not destroy or make of no value my name. The fact that over six thousand times the name of YAHUWAH has been changed to Adonai, or Lord, makes no difference to the majority… but to the few that seek the, Truth, to know the Truth, to live the Truth , to call upon the NAME of YAHUWAH is ti ==call upon the NAME OF THE SAVIOR,,, YESHUAH ( Means in Hebrew, Salvation_) So if you have wondered why your praying has not be answered, think, IS JESUS ACTUALLY GOD’s SON,,, ? Or the recreation of the Roman god zeus,,, and forced on us to worship on Sunday, taking the Name of GOD in vain, and altering the WORD of GOD, changing the SABBATH from the eighth day of the new Moon, the true seventh day of WORSHIP commanded , instruction given to Moses to give to ISRAELto give to the NAQTIONS of Gentiles taht they may be SAVED….. SO we have sinned, we have rejected YAHUWAH and altered the Name of YESHUAH ( Savior or Salvation_ altered the Sabbath day to SUNDAY the day of god s of Rome worshiped zeus , and other Roman gods and the worship of the emperors..on a December 25th day, when no sheep were anywhare close to the cold and often frozen fields , no sheep , no shepherds, no Angels and no Savior born … so you wonder why YAHUWAH does not respond to your prayers? Think about the way the world has largely rejected YAHSHUA or YESHUAH ,,, for a name which has not meaning in the Language of HEBREW, the language Angel Gabriel spoke to Mary or Mariam,,,, Call his name ???Imanuel… Son of God EL or YESHUAH, Son of SALVATION. Try Praying thus, Fath3er YASHUAH, HOLY IS THY NAME< THY KINGDOM COME< THY WILL BE DONE here on earth as it is being done in Heaven…. For the few that find HIM, the gate is open, to the rest of us, the gate is closed. SO who is the WAY, THE TRUTH, the LIFE.. for you? No excuse… your choice. YESHUA declared, He was , is and will be THE WAY , the TRUTH and The LIFE, AgAIN TO all who seek you will find, HIS Promise. HIS WORD. HIS TRUTH.

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