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I Prayed have prayed
Lord, thank You You are Truth! Help us to walk in You and discern the lies shouted from what used to be the loudest amplifiers.

I grew up thinking Yuri Gagarin was an atheist because I was taught that — as the first man to leave our atmosphere — he said, “I went up to space, but I didn’t encounter God.” Turns out those weren’t his words, but those of Nikita Khrushchev, the premiere of the Soviet Union at the time. Gagarin was a baptized member of the Russian Orthodox Church. He actually said, “An astronaut cannot be suspended in space and not have God in his mind and his heart.”

Let the IFA community know how to pray for you


If a friend or family member has forwarded this article to you, please understand I wrote it from a place of love and concern. It’s my prayer this article not divide but rather unite us around Truth. Jesus said in John 18:37b, “Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”

Lies, Communism, and the Left

On the April First Friday IFA Prayer Webcast David Horowitz said, “The left is generally communist these days. I don’t recognize any difference in the Democrat party than what my parents believed, and they were card carrying communists.” This has been a goal of the communist party since at least 1958, when The Naked Communist was written by former FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen. He identified 45 goals of communism, which were read into the Congressional Record, and number 15 is “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”

Horowitz explained communism is…

“… a message of redemption. The world is a fallen place. People are at each other’s throats…. It’s obviously modeled on the Judeo Christian religion. There’s a big difference, though. People on the left think they can create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and they look on themselves as the saviors. That’s a criminal mentality right there. If you believe that you can end poverty, prejudice, war, inequality and so forth, what crime would you not commit or support, and what lie would you not tell?”

My wife Joyce, also a contributing writer for IFA, and I experienced the lies of communism at the borders of North Korea. While in China we were looking into the hermit kingdom across the Yaloo River, and there was a Ferris wheel! Then we rented binoculars and could tell it was two-dimensional.  It had been constructed to give the impression that people in North Korea had a better life than the rest of the world may have thought.

Later we were in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea and visited one of four tunnels that were dug underneath the DMZ. Combined they would have allowed North Koreans to funnel more than 60,000 troops per hour as much as a mile into South Korea. When the one we toured was discovered, the North Koreans spray painted the walls black and said they were coal mines.

Here are three of the goals in The Naked Communist that encourage lying:

  1. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.” (That term comes from a letter by Thomas Jefferson assuring the Danbury Baptist Association the government would not be interfering with the Church.)
  1. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. (Our constitution is the oldest on earth and has proved itself to be worthy of preserving.)
  1. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.” (Praise God projects like Washington’s Armor tell the truth about our founders.)

All 45 goals encourage subverting America in deceptive ways.

Horowitz explained: “…If you watch the people on the left today, particularly the leadership of the Democrat party, they lie almost every time they open their mouths. They lie about everything.”

Litany of Lies

They lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation, and then Hunter’s lawyer lied about being a documentary film maker while spying on the set of the upcoming film My Son Hunter. They lied about covid-19 on several fronts, including asserting vaccines are essential when more than 150 studies have proven natural immunity is as strong or stronger. They lied about Russian collusion in the 2016 election, and now we know Hillary Clinton ordered the false information to be sent to the press. The Washington Post revealed private information about the creator of Libs of Tik Tok but said they hadn’t. The Wayback Machine on proved they had. The czar of the Disinformation Governance Board was caught promoting many lies, before the agency was put on hold.

In fact leftists lie about the very nature of those who want less centralized power by calling them Nazis. That’s so ironic, since Nazi is short for Nationalsozialist, German for National Socialist. Of course, socialism is the last step leading to communism.

The chairman of the Communist Party USA endorsed Joe Biden, who has proven adept at shading the truth. Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop proved the “Big Guy” lied about having knowledge of his son’s business dealings. The Naked Communist goal #26 is “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as ‘normal, natural, and healthy.’” Biden and his administration are fulfilling it by helping to tell the lie that people are better off living in their sin, boys can be girls and girls can be boys, there are 81 genders, men can be pregnant and menstruate, marriage can mean whatever we decide. Then  Biden said the “MAGA crowd” is “the most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history,” in the face of Black Lives Matter, led by self-described Marxists and Antifa, which uses anarchy to establish communism.

Used with permission of Gary Varvel.

Biden made this truthful statement: “We have put together…the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Documentaries like 2000 Mules have proven Biden’s slip of the tongue was accurate, and yet I know first hand social media platforms remove any discussion of that, and legacy media ironically calls election fraud evidence “The Big Lie.”

Here are a couple more communist goals from Skousen’s list:

  1. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions. 
  2. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

The left has largely succeeded there.  Now six corporations control 90% of media in America, and they’re run by 232 mainly left-leaning media executives.

What is the end game?

I recently reconnected with someone I hadn’t seen in a dozen years. I had some wonderful conversation with her and her husband about our lives, steering clear of what was going on in the world until the subject of Covid vaccines came up. Then we talked non-stop for 90 minutes about the communist take-over we’re living through.

It struck me my friends and I are getting our information from many different sources on the free internet, but we’re very aware of the basics: Globalists are striving to form a one-world government, Covid-19 was created in a lab, pandemic guidelines allowing expanded voting were used to influence America’s election, so a president aligned with their ideals could lead the U.S. into that one-world government.

I interviewed Peter Puhek (Editor’s note: This interview is fascinating and reveals the roots of the cultural shifts that we are living today and especially confirms what Archbishop Vigano has reported about the Catholic Church and links the Franciscans in Portland to Antifa!). Peter Puhek is a science analyst for the U.S. Air Force, who considered the priesthood in 1988 until he realized the priests who were recruiting him were a part of Antifa. He told me that story in an interview, embedded below. I asked him about where all the lies are leading. He was clear he wouldn’t reveal any classified information, but his analysis of what we all see is this:

The left has been taking over governments for a long time. They’re very well organized, they’re very secret, they meet behind the scenes, they’ve got their hidden agendas. And they will lie, cheat, steal, kill anything they can to get into power, they’ll slander the good people, they’ll assassinate good people, anything to eventually, little by little… get all the power. And once they get it, they have ungodly agendas. They don’t care about God; they want to eventually lord it over all of mankind.

What can we do?

In the 1800s, Seattle plumbing was affected by the tidal patterns of the Puget Sound. People could tell who didn’t read the newspaper’s tidal charts because they’d use their latrines at high tide and bear the stench of exploding sewage. Today, we can tell who isn’t reading from the free internet because they’re repeating the legacy press lies.

Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote this on Feb. 12, 1974, the day he was arrested and sent to a Siberian Gulag:

The simplest and most accessible key to our self-neglected liberation lies right here: Personal non-participation in lies. … It is the easiest thing to do for us, but the most devastating for the lies. Because when people renounce lies it simply cuts short their existence. … Let us refuse to say that which we do not think.

Or, as dramatist Dennis Cole says, “Declare the emperor’s not wearing any clothes!”

Every time I run into someone calling out the lies, we’re both energized, but I do have to guard against ungodly anger. In fact I specifically repented of that before writing this article. James 5:16 encourages us to pray with clean hearts: “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”

During those lie-stomping conversations I also try to end by reminding us that all of these lies are making people hungry for truth, and it’s ultimately found in the Person of Jesus Christ. Puhek said, “These elections coming up in November mean nothing if there isn’t a great repentance…. We pray for awakening and revival.” The lies from the left can fuel the greatest Revival and Awakening in world history. Let’s pray into that!

Post your prayer for truth to win out…


Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations on six continents, mostly with his own one-man plays. He posts IFA articles and others from the free internet via Gab, Rumble, Telegram and Truth Social. He and his bride, Joyce Swingle, another contributing writer for IFA, now have 37 screen children. The Swingles live in New York City.  Photo credit: Adobe Photoshop.

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Joe Harloss
December 26, 2022

Dear Lord,
I ask that you hasten the revolution. I ask that the children of this generation will ride up against the oppression of capitalism and imperialism and bring about the dawn of a new nation, wholly bent on providing for its constituents as opposed to filling the pockets of already-wealthy bigots.

In your name,


Rich Swingle
June 16, 2022

Peter Puhek thought of our interview and this article when he read this:

“No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes. Morning by morning I will destroy all the wicked in the land, cutting off all the evildoers from the city of the Lord.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭101:7-8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Lord, we pray for salvation and sanctification for those who are lying to our society… while there is time!

Rich Swingle
June 4, 2022

More of Joe Biden’s lies:

Praying for his true Salvation and sanctification.

Rich Swingle
June 2, 2022

A friend asked me privately why I think revival and awakening are coming. Here’s my response:

We saw a huge increase in people calling into the prayer line at Intercessors for America after November 3, 2020. People were on 24/7 for months. We prayed a 3-year-old back from the dead ( Dutch Sheets has a daily Give Him 15 post on YouTube that gets over 50k views a day, and I’m not sure how many read it on his app. He’s calling for prayer for the greatest Revival and Awakening in world history. Christian Union has the largest student body group at Princeton with over 400 students. I spoke at one of their gatherings at Harvard (, and there were over 500 students praising the Lord with exuberance. Harvard has beaten their growth rate and Yale is beating Harvard. They have a 24/7 prayer room and almost all of the hours are covered. Many of the students fast on a regular basis. The president of Christian Union, Matt Bennett, says the exponential growth and spiritual vitality feel like descriptions of the Great Awakenings. I’m hearing similar stories from InterVarsity. It’s our prayer that the many who understand we’re being lied to on many fronts will search for truth and find The Truth! We certainly have seen revival outside the U.S. as well. In Cuba a church service went on for three hours and they wouldn’t stop worshipping after it ended. Tony Loeffler‘s lost track of how many times he’s ministered there, but it was over 50 times in 2016. He said, “This is going on all over the island.“ In Shanghai we got to peek into a church where we legally couldn’t go because they separate citizens from foreigners. They were crying out to the Lord at the altar half an hour before their service began.

June 2, 2022

Jesus, we pray that every plan to implement global control, including the plans of the World Health Organization, would be frustrated, destroyed, and come to nothing. Preserve and reinstate all of our freedoms, in every nation, island, country, etc. worldwide

June 1, 2022

I want to encourage people that the upcoming elections are important, even though the last election was stolen through fraud & lies. As the article states, the left will do anything evil to get their way – that includes elections.
So again, I encourage people to ask (first step of action) what you can do to help. (ask God in prayer & people). Then dig in & do research on various elections. (step 2) Put on the armor of God daily, because in many areas we are wading into the pit of vipers – which is exactly where we need to go.
Some steps of involvement may seem small or insignificant – it’s not. The 1% “principle of investment” is in effect as we take action – all of it matters & it all adds up.
We didn’t get to where we are in this nation overnight, so reclaiming what was given up takes time.
Remember on this battlefield that Satan is the father of lies and his “seed” has spread very wide. It’s common today that lies are acceptable, according to our culture. They’ve grown comfortable with it because it’s permeated every part of our society.
Dr. Bennett Omalu wrote an article responding to WAPO concerning lies that have repeatedly been told about him. The goal was to discredit, ruin and damage anything he said. His “crime” was that he exposed the NFL for their continuing coverups of “concussions” and what it was doing to players, the aftermath, etc. The name of the article was called “We have become a nation of lies”. Look it up and read it. Dr. Omalu was spot on.
As we expose lies, we will face pressure. Remember that behind you is the Lord God Almighty and an army of angels. Let us fight this good fight. Let us not sanitize our prayers but pray boldly and unconventionally.

June 1, 2022


May 31, 2022

Thank you for writing about the truth and what’s really going on in this country, and in the world really. Many people have the wool pulled over their eyes and are believing what the mainstream media is telling them. I’m thankful that some people are waking up and seeing the truth, but many are still being deceived. I believe it’s a spiritual blindness that’s come over many people. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.
So I pray for more to see the truth, to wake up out of their stupor and to use the discernment that God has given them, if they truly have God. And those that don’t have God, I pray that they come to know Jesus soon before it’s too late.

Alice Dderrick
May 31, 2022

I agree. I will be praying for o

Priscilla Meyenburg
May 31, 2022

When we left our walk with Christ Jesus, by allowing an Atheist take Gods presence out of Schools; the Protection of God was removed. Then we allowed Teachers, Professors, Principals, Deans, School Boards positions to be bought to teach our children. This is where it started. The Resumes had to read a certain way to obtain Positions to get the Agenda of Marxist to be taught. Parents were so busy with jobs, homes to run, activity for children. Our churches, Pastors, lost interest in the schools they had too much to do? Parents got elected to school boards the same way as teachers were hired. A Big Hole was dug for this time we are in. How do we FIX IT??? We turn back to God; pretty simple; if people are willing to give up their pleasures that society dictates. We either chose God, or we chose darkness this is what u will live under. If you chose the Left Agenda. Jesus we need you, we need your presence, your redemption, back in our lives. We need to have safe towns, to have joy, We need removal of the messes we have created by complacency and a unchecked list of lies. Phil :-4:13 says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We need your strength Jesus.

Arline Reed Trowbridge
May 31, 2022

Dear Jesus, bring a Revival and repentance, a hunger for you and Truth. Let this blessed Coutry be your light to the world along with our prayers for the conversion of this world into the world that you created….not the world it has become. Amen
2 Chronicles 7:14
“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face , and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”

May 31, 2022

Lord God, annihilate all globalist plots and preserve our sovereignty in every nation

Marlene Santefort
May 31, 2022

Lord, Help us know what and how to refute the lies and speak the truth in love to our family and friends.

Darlene Estlow
May 31, 2022

Father, preserve your people from falling for the lies that the left pushes. Reveal truth to your people and may we pray for your presence. May we not walk in anger, but in love for those who oppress as well as the oppressor, for you love them. But may we not be afraid to reveal the truth, even if it is branded as hatred and lies.

May 31, 2022

Lord, my God and Savior,
I and all those searching the Truth adore you. Thank you for opening our eyes and keeping us alert. We praise you for Your light of understanding, for Your Holy Spirit enlightening us. Bring about a revival of faith throughout the world. Do not let the darkness subjugate your children. Come and liberate all Christians to glorify Your Holy Name to the end of the World. Amen

Barbara Janicki
May 31, 2022

Yes, lies are of our enemy, the devil, who is the “father of lies.” I realized today as I was attempting obedience in how I prayed, so was praying for my enemies (as instructed – Matthew 5:45) and was praying for our leaders, “those in authority” (as instructed – 1 Tim. 2:1-2) that those lists are one in the same for me right now. What a revelation. How sad that those in authority are my enemies. They hate and are destroying the country that I love. They are against free speech, freedom to worship God or even acknowledge God, against the right of the pre-born to live, against our constitution and our country, this makes them my enemies, even though they are my leaders. Either way I am to be praying for them. I pray because of who God is, I pray not based on how I “feel” about things, but in obedience to what God’s word says. Because I rarely “feel” like praying for those who are causing so much destruction, violence, death, discord and division. But prayer is what God calls us to – maybe because prayer draws us to Him. I count on Romans 8:26-27 – that the Holy Spirit will intercede for me as I pray.

Flora Nelson
May 31, 2022

It is so encouraging that the truth is finally becoming accessible for the world to see. I thank God for speaking through the prophets. informing us that He is still in control no matter what the enemies of truth are pushing. I still find it amazing (although it is foretold) that so many highly intelligent individuals are so blinded despite their wide knowledge of Gods word. Dont they know by now that no one who fights God wins? God has promised and will He not do as he has said He would?

Sharon King
May 31, 2022

Father of all that is good and Holy, forgive us for being lukewarm when you should be our first love 24/7! We are all sinners, needing your forgiveness and salvation through Christ alone. You alone are our refuge and help in times of trouble, we need your guidance and strength in these days. You know all things, You see all things, You are Sovereign; may we trust in You and not in mankind or ourselves. Open the eyes of our hearts Lord, we want to see You…..God of Truth, God of mercy, God of love. We lift up our country, our administration, our citizens, ourselves; that we would honor You, and be Your shining lights in these dark times; by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name, Amen.

May 31, 2022

FATHER GOD YOUR WORD says that when the enemy is found out that he must restore everything stolen 7 times! FATHER GOD, satan, the father of all lies has been exposed and must restore Trump’s votes, the Presidency, our country, and all that concern YOUR children 7 times! We believe this and we receive it in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Brian lynch
May 31, 2022

Lord, it is obvious that in these End Times,part of what we are seeing happen is the rise of Communistic government practices in our country. This is very disturbing, and it is true and utter blasphemy. Please, Lord, frustrate and dismantle every effort of the Global Elite/ New World Order from taking control of our nation, world, and our lives. Thank You, Jesus.

May 31, 2022

Father God, I come to you this morning with praise and thanks for the many blessings you have bestowed on us. As believers in your son, Jesus Christ, we ask that you hear our cries oh Lord. We are living in times of turmoil in a government that loves the power of lies and deceit. We pray that they will be exposed fully and the people that believe these lies will have an awakening like never before. You are our hope and we ask you to intercede in Satan’s evil plans. I pray this in the name of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

Donna L.
May 31, 2022

Lord, I pray to you about the apathy in so many hearts of believers everywhere. We’re like the frog in a pot of boiling water not knowing the danger. We’ve become complacent because we’re afraid of having our cushy lives turned upside down. Help us Father. Help us tell the truth fearlessly. The Big Lie is that we can make heaven here on earth. Heaven is your throne room and the earth your footstool. Forgive us for wanting heaven and earth at the same time.

    Laura K
    June 1, 2022

    Amen. I like your prayer and analogies.

    Lord take the blinders off, first Your people and then others who believe the lies that are being spewed out daily.

Jan Barwick
May 31, 2022

Oh, Lord Jesus, wake up America……expose all the lies of the left. Bring our nation to repentance and and do it, Lord, before election. Save our country, Lord. Bring your people to the throne of grace to see what is really happening to our nation. Oh, God, have mercy on us. I know we don’t deserve it, but hear our cry. Save us, Lord…….in Jesus Name…Amen

May 31, 2022

On top of all mentioned above we have a pretend president who lies every time he opens his mouth.Whatever happened to the” truth shall set you free” Wish we hear more truth coming from our government these days. Biden has no idea what truth is as he is so convinced that he is getting away with all his lies that it doesn’t even bother him to lie about anything and everything. This is not the way to run a country and our country is suffering greatly under Biden/Harris. I pray we can make it to 2024 to clean up all these lies.

    May 31, 2022

    Cozycalico…I could not have expressed myself any better.I agree with all that you said!!!


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