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Lord, we pray for godly wisdom and courage for our elected officials. Strengthen them and encourage their hearts.

Parents and guardians of K-12 public school children are rightfully concerned about the LGBTQ agenda being pushed in schools by militant activist teachers and administrators. These concerns are amplified by the so-called “Equality Act” or “HR5” recently passed in the House and is now in the Senate for consideration. Yes, parents and guardians should be alarmed by this dangerous “unequal” bill. To understand the magnitude of impact LGBTQ+ agenda has in our schools today we need to look at how we got here in the first place, culturally and politically.


The HIV/AIDS epidemic of the ’80s severely damaged the image of the LGBT community. By the early 90’s the LGBT “rebranding” and “victimhood” marketing propaganda was underway led by Hollywood, the music and advertising industry as well as big tech, corporations, and higher education soon after. The constant bombardment of positive messages and portrayals of LGBT life and characters by the media permanently positioned the LGBT community in the mainstream culture which opened the door to the public school sector. This resulted in a surge of both the LGBT population and their supporters and sympathizers in our schools.
Today, LGBT clubs are present in just about every college, university, and high school in America. The LGBT activists understood the power of numbers to affect public policy. With schools (and workplaces) as recruitment grounds, it was only a matter of time before families begin supporting the LGBT lifestyle and for churches to be forced into accepting them as well.

No other administration contributed to the historic advancement of the LGBT policies than the Obama Administration. The LGBT marketing propaganda and the administration’s marketing line “to promote the equal rights of all Americans — no matter who they are or who they love” were major contributing factors for the passing of laws, the shaping of legislation, and the signing of executive orders on behalf of the LGBT community. It was unprecedented for the Department of Justice to conclude that the protection of “sex” from discrimination in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also extends to “gender identity and transgender status.” The LGBT bullying campaign targeted schools and a joint issuance of guidance was released to educators by the Departments of Education and Justice ensuring the protection of transgender students from discrimination.

We are now faced with the Equality Act bill giving special protection for the LGBTQ behavior which according to Family Research Council “would create a massive overhaul of our federal civil rights framework by making almost 60 amendments to nearly 10 different laws.” This bill would redefine “sexual discrimination” and would considerably expand what constitutes a “public accommodation” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. How would they accomplish this? by adding categories of “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) which are changeable and fluid, to civil rights statutes based on immutable characteristics (such as age, race, and national origin) and to rights protected in the Constitution (such as religion). The bill refers to “Q” as “Queer” a behavior involving some 550 sexual paraphilias in which pedophilia is one of them. Imagine legalizing pedophilia to endanger our children. This bill would weaken religious freedom protections requiring the faith community to accept a certain sexual ideology that is antithetical to their belief. The Equality Act on public accommodation is very expansive so parents of public school students can expect modifications in sex education, curriculum, sports, tutoring, etc. as well as the erosion of parental rights over their children’s education and health. Since health care is considered public accommodation, we can expect an increase in abortion on demand.

What can intercessors do? We can pray for godly wisdom and courage for our elected officials. We can call, email, or fax as many senators and representatives as possible (regardless of party and state) letting them know that you are praying for them and to reject this dangerous bill permanently. Finally, we can educate as many people as possible about the enormous negative consequences of this bill to increase our voice.

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Pray out the roots of the identity crisis in America with Dave Kubal, IFA President/CEO, Judy McDonough, IFA Communications Director, and Lori Meed, IFA Intercessor: watch here.

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June 6, 2021

Father- our hearts are overwhelmed with the magnitude of this issue. Surely the deceiver is seeking to distort your image bearers and to destroy the family which is your creation. You have declared that you made man – male and female. You are the One who preformed the first wedding and established the criteria. You are the One who forms us in the womb making us the person you want us to be. You are the One who knows our hearts and struggles. As a nation we have rebelled against your boundaries. In seeking to be kind to those who genuinely struggle we have gone all in to say any sexual desire can be fulfilled. We have also decided that we can be anything regardless of how you made us and that we can choose our identity rather than live in the manner in which you have made us. Lord – have mercy. Now these beliefs are being thrust upon children in our schools. We have told you that you aren’t welcome in the school system and we have taught that we came from nothing and that we go to nothing and that there is no purpose. We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. Please have mercy. Would you send an awakening- something beyond politics. A renewed awareness that you are God. And that you are good and kind and holy and just and that you have created us for your purposes and for your glory. Our lives find joy and meaning in you. Oh Lord will you not revive us again. Wake up the church. Help parents to start standing in the gap for their children.. This battle is too big for us but you can work through us as you did with David and Goliath and Gideon and his army. One man and God is the majority. Help us to stand!

Rose Rocha
June 4, 2021

Father God I know you have a plan for us as intercessors to pray for those who are deceived. I ask in Jesus Name that the people that identify as a LGBTQ would get saved and turn from this wickedness. Protect our children.
Wake up the church to speak out and be active and vocal against any further laws in America to promote this lie of Satan. Give us boldness in this battle.
In Jesus Name I pray.

June 4, 2021



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IFA President
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