I Prayed have prayed
Holy Spirit, forgive me for grieving You. 

We loved this short piece by IFA intercessor Wenona Andress. Do you feel stuck on a hamster wheel? Please read.


Come ye weary an’ heavy-laden

Lost and ruined by the fall

And if you tarry until you’re better

You will never come at all.     (Joseph Hart-”Come Ye Sinners”)

I have a problem with obsession.  Analysis of paralysis.  Hamster Wheel. Stuck in a rut. Whacking too many moles.


I think I am trying to convince myself that if I research, problem-solve, strategize, and close every loop-hole I will be safe and have no anxiety about the decision.  And then I can act.  Pull the trigger.

But wait.  I must pray first.  And pray and pray and pray while I’m doing the thinking thing. Once I make the decision I can be all self-righteous and claim it in faith and say “You got it God, nothing’s impossible with You!”  I mean after all, haven’t I prayed?

And in the meantime….life goes on.  I wonder why I’m tired.  I wonder why I have missed opportunities.  Why I don’t have joy or abundant life.

The problem is I want to make sure all the wrinkles have been ironed out before I put on the garment.  The more I focus on the situation the more wrinkles I see.  And so I’m late to the wedding.  Or I get so frustrated I don’t even go at all.

Isn’t that like the Church?  Is the American church trying to iron out all our problems and differences, and justify our inaction in important societal issues?

If we aren’t careful we will be late to the wedding.

We may never be better.

We may not even go at all.


Father, forgive me for getting so caught up in rumination.  I have made an idol of my fear.  Your word says that all I need to do is have the faith of a child. (Mark 10:13-16) Children just make their decisions, then run off and play. Holy Spirit forgive me for grieving You.  It really is that simple:  Give the burden to You. Accept Your answer.  Run off.  Serve.  And enjoying it all together.

What does this word mean to you? Share in the comments.


(Photo by Kim Green on Unsplash.)

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Sherry Mallory
June 4, 2021

Forgive us, Father when we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by what is going on in the world. Your Word is full of promises and declarations of Your love and goodness. We stand on the sword of our faith. Holy Spirit, remind us moment by moment that nothing is impossible for our mighty God. Nudge us when our eyes stray too far from the truth that Satan is a defeated foe. As we intercede and co-labor with You, Lord, let our faith arise when we say the final Amen, knowing You hear us and You are at work. Yours is the Kingdom and power. Bless Your warriors with renewed strength, wisdom, insight, and revelation as we joins in the battle. Let Your peace and confidence fall upon Your army as we press on to the promised victory. In the name of Jesus.


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