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Lord, protect the children in this nation from further confusion about their sexuality and gender. Guard their hearts and give parents wisdom and strength to fight against the culture we are up against.

I was saddened last month upon hearing of the death of Norton Juster, most famous for his superb children’s book “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

Illustrated by Juster’s friend, Jules Feiffer, the book takes a boy, Milo, through a fantastic journey in his miniature car into the Kingdom of Wisdom, divided into Dictionopolis, where words are supreme, and Digitopolis, where numbers rule.

Published in 1961, “Phantom” is whimsical, fast moving and, as far as I know, non-ideological. Perhaps the “woke” censors won’t get around to finding something fatally wrong with it as they’ve done with Dr. Seuss, Laura Ingalls Wilder and a growing list of Disney fare. . . .

This is deadly serious, as is the “woke” BLM curriculum being forced on children in government schools. . . .

How would you like your toddler to be told that she’s growing up in a hate-filled nation full of White supremacists? If that’s your thing, you can read her “Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness,” by Anastasia Higginbotham. It’s part of the Black Lives Matter–Kids! List. In the 64-page picture book, children are told to “seek out and listen to the truth about racism and white supremacy, and prepare to be changed, heartbroken, and liberated by this experience.”

If your child is White, she needs to repent and confess her guilt. Or she can be treated to one of several new transgender books and choose to be a boy. . . .

As for White boys, well, they’re beyond redemption unless they confess hourly or, better yet, want to become girls.

Macmillan introduces small children to “Chakras,” “Crystals,” “Meditation” and “Astrology” in a four-volume “Mind Body Baby” series.

Little Simon’s “Pride 123” by Michael Joosten and illustrated by Wednesday Holmes “contains lines such as ‘4 activists fighting the good fight’ and ‘7 divas strike a fierce pose.’”

Chronicle’s 12-volume “Little Zodiac” series of board books by Daria Harper with Anna Hurley’s pictures are pitched for the 3-and-under crowd. “Baby Taurus” includes this line: “With the bright planet Venus ruling your chart, you have a great love for beauty and art.”

The Journal’s Ms. Gurdon asks, “Now, what on sweet Venus is a toddler who’s still in diapers to make of the idea of a planet ruling his chart? Adults can parse this stuff — and buy it, which is the point — but in the context of what makes sense to little children, it’s gibberish.”

Kokila features “Antiracist Baby” with Ashley Lukashevsky’s cartoon pictures, and Marxist Black supremacist Ibram Kendi lecturing pre-verbal children.

“Confess when being racist,” Mr. Kendi advises. . . .

An exasperated Ms. Gurdon concludes, “There is perhaps no clearer sign of 2020’s ghastliness than that this dreary work of propaganda has been a bestseller.”

The propaganda is particularly plentiful in the realm of LGBTQ materials, which steer children away from normal sexuality. Elementary-age titles include “King & King,” “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress” and “Queer Heroes.”

Fortunately, a high-quality children’s series has been published as a kind of vaccine against this kind of manipulation. Christian author Denise Shick, founder of Help4Families.org, has written four age-appropriate soft-cover books dealing with gender dilemmas.

In “I’m Glad God Made Me a Girl,” illustrated by Yana Popova, sensitive parents gently guide their confused daughter and her masculine-inclined girlfriend toward being comfortable with their own biological reality.  . . .

Drawing from her own painful experience of seeing her father identify as a woman, Ms. Shick’s “When Daddy Leaves to Be a Girl” teaches kids not to blame themselves for their parents’ problems.

Finally, in “What’s Up with Cousin Stacy?” parents deal with their child’s reaction to the “coming out” of an older relative and how they can love her while confirming God’s design for human sexuality.

These books aren’t for all children, who deserve to have their innocence protected against our ever-more perverse culture. But they are wonderful aids to help children threatened by sexual dynamics beyond their control.

For all children, there are still classics like “Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book” and “Green Eggs and Ham,” “Curious George, “A Bear Called Paddington,” “Amelia Bedelia,” “Blueberries for Sal,” “Goodnight Moon,” “Clifford,” “Smokey,” “Go Dog Go” and “Are You My Mother?” There are also many kid-friendly, illustrated Bible stories.

More recent books include “The Circus Ship” by Chris Van Dusen (in fact, all of Mr. Van Dusen’s books), “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site,” “A Piglet Named Mercy,” “Little Blue Truck” and the “Bizzy Bear” series. Just scratching the surface here.

When I was in college, my Marxist economics professor actually began the semester by reading us “The Little Red Hen.” He closed the picture book with disgust, proclaiming that it was rife with “Victorian economics” and “capitalist sentiment.” . . .

Share your prayers for the children in this nation in the comment below!

(Excerpt from The Washington Times. Article by Robert Knight. Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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April 28, 2021

Father, raise up parents, grandparents, and all your children, to stand up and speak up, with boldness and courage, like never before!! Open the eyes of our understanding to see how ungodly and dangerous it is for them to remain silent and uninvolved! Help us to see that our little ones need us to stop this horrible agenda! Help us to see that the racist, BLM, curriculum is deadly to our children and grandchildren. Help us to see that we cannot be silent on this! Your Word says, “having done ALL, stand!” We haven’t done ALL yet! Show each one of us what you want us to do, and help us to wake up, and do it! In Jesus name, we pray.

Michael Guidera
April 28, 2021

Father we bind these evil forces of perversion and witchcraft that use these platforms to deceive the children of our nation. I loose the truth of these wicked ideologies to open the minds of the parents and children caught up in this deception. Expose this attack on our children for what it is ; a trap to capture and pervert the minds of our children to bring hatred and destruction to their lives. Raise up an army to confront this enemy and defeat it and rid our nation of this evil.

Danny N.C.
April 28, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, protect us all, and most especially our vulnerable children, from the evil that has infected our nation. Lord, it seems the wicked attack us and afflict us in every way conceivable, leaving no approach untried. Lord let us be girded in Your righteous armor. Let us leave no path unguarded. Let us push back this wicked assault on all that is true, pure, and good, and let our nation be cleansed of evil and deceit at the direction of Your guiding hand. Lord May we all repent the sins that have collectively brought us to this place and time, and May the repentant and righteous, in Your name and by Your direction, lead us out of this dark place. May evil again be called evil, and good called good. Let the deception end, and May the attacks subside. Let our children have the chance to be children in a nation free of such corruption and wickedness. In Jesus precious name I pray Dear Lord, Amen.

Rolanda Shrader
April 28, 2021

We decree God’s kingdom come HIS will be done in our United States of America public schools and colleges. We decree truth will prevail. Everything that is not planted by our Heavenly Father will be uprooted according to Matthew 15:13 We declare the GLORY OF THE LORD over our public schools and colleges. Amen!


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