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Ask the Lord to show you how you should respond in prayer to this year’s upcoming elections.

“Assemble, all of you, and listen! Who among them has declared these things? The LORD loves him; he will carry out His good pleasure on Babylon….” (Is 48:14-15)

Like it or not, it’s another election year. Which means it’s time for Christians to think clearly about political engagement. Fellow Christian, it’s time for a “DTR” with politics.

Christian college alums like me will know what that means. “DTR” stands for “define the relationship.” It’s that talk a young man and a young woman must have to clarify one another’s romantic intentions. Every Christian college in America has a “DTR spot,” a designated place for these important talks: the chapel, the quad, the gazebo, or the lake.

Well, when it comes to politics, the Church is long overdue for a DTR.

Debates are raging about how we, as Christians, should relate to politics and government. Some have called for a hiatus, for Christians to step away from politics, to refocus on the Kingdom of God, and to work on our damaged reputation. Others have called for a heightened national allegiance in Jesus name, especially to our current leadership, with some even proclaiming that to question our leadership is to question God Himself.

Well, neither of these are appropriate responses for Christ-followers.

There’s no question that the last presidential election has made this DTR all the more necessary, and all the more complicated. Self-identified evangelicals are constantly told how hypocritical they’ve been for voting for and now continuing to support Donald Trump, given his moral failings.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party, particularly the previous administration, has made abortion, the advancement and expansion of new sexual ideologies, and the compromising of conscience rights, its top policy priorities….

Another is character. It matters. Still. A lot. And it matters on “our” side as well as “their” side. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. It’s perfectly consistent to be critical of moral failings, while applauding decisions and policies….

A final consideration is company. Every candidate comes with a team, and that’s especially relevant when we’re talking about the 2,000 or so folks that come along with highest office in the land. We’d never vote for Nebuchadnezzar, but wouldn’t we be glad to have Daniel in an influential position? We have to evaluate a candidate’s company in our electoral decisions, urge our leaders to surround themselves with wise advisors, and warn, when necessary, of dangerous ones….

Policies, character, and company, as John points out, all matter when it comes to Christians engaging in the political process. So as the upcoming election season looms, do your research … as you make decisions. (Excerpts from John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris’s article in The Christian Post)

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March 15, 2018

Thank you, Meagan! 🙂

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