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Lord God, thank You for politicians with courage like Wendy Rogers. Give her strength and call out more to fight for truth and freedom today.
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Were you able to participate in the powerful webcast with Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers? She was one of the first 100 female Air Force pilots and she is using her grit and tenacity to fight for a full and fair investigation of the mounting evidence of problems with the 2020 election. She has great insight to share about what the 20th anniversary of 9/11 means to our service members. She also offers the clearest and most succinct description of the Arizona audit and canvass that we have found.

Here is the video (blocked on YouTube) followed by a helpful summary below.




Summary of Kris Kubal and Camille Solberg, IFA interview with AZ State Senator, Wendy Rogers



Rogers: Thank you for what you’re doing.  It’s wonderful to be with you Kris and Camille.  I’m in Oklahoma at the end of what’s been almost a five-week journey across the country to support other states to do audits to restore election integrity.

Rogers: Yes, you’re right I’m a State Senator.  I am one of 30 state senators in Arizona.

I could never have predicted that the state Senate in Arizona would have the one vote majority and be the chamber and the legislature of the state that would get to the bottom of the truth of 2020.

9/11 Anniversary:



  • Everybody who joined (the military) because of 9/11, they were a special breed. They felt that pull and God bless them for doing that.
  • Now fast forward here we are in a very tough time for the military. We have arguably a very weak commander in chief, who has telegraphed to our enemies that we cut and run, which is how we used to say it during the Vietnam era.
  • We have the mandated vaccines now in the military. This is a very tough time. There are corrosive influences from the top and within, to diminish, discredit and hurt our military.
  • It’s a very tough time right now to be in charge because you might know what’s right, but you must follow orders. Where do you draw the line?
  • I was with General Flynn less than two weeks ago in Georgia with Vernon Jones at three events in Georgia for election integrity.
  • I sat next to General Flynn when he said, “I worked with those four-star Generals who are at the top right now. And they should have thrown their four-star insignias onto the table and said enough is enough. We will not tolerate this feckless leadership and spilling of blood and treasure.” And he held them to account publicly and that’s what is very tough right now for those of us in the rank and file. To have to follow.
  • So, I would just ask everyone to pray over that situation. This is a something I’ve never really encountered before.  I’m a fifth-generation career military officer. Our son was the 6th generation to serve.
  • We are at a very tough time in our country and the military is right in the middle of it because, we are by design subject to civilian leadership and when that civilian leadership is lacking, it’s the military that must suffer in many cases. And yet it is we the military who have been trained to be leaders.
  • You take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. You take that oath for life and that’s a very important lifetime commitment, just as one’s commitment to faith is.
  • And there are many, many who responded to 9/11 with a patriotic signing up for duty for our country. And as we all approach 9/11, the military folks and those who have family who were killed by 9/11, there’s a deep, deep significance to them. So, let’s pray over them….



Kris: With this recent withdrawal in Afghanistan. What is your perspective on the current situation what your perspective as a military person about the whole left behind thing you touched on it briefly?



  • It’s (Afghanistan is) a tragedy. I flew the predecessor transport jet to the C 17 which is the current aircraft that you saw evacuating all those many thousands of people from Kabul. I flew the C 141 for years.
  • And you know, I know what that kind of evacuation scenario is supposed to look like, in terms of force protection and ability to get in and out of an airport safely. Those pilots from my perspective were valiant in how they pulled all those people out of there.  However, the fact that it was such a mess is very troubling.
  • President Trump had a plan on evacuation and if they had simply followed that plan, we wouldn’t have had those problems. The fact that all that equipment was left behind.
  • All the ground equipment that was left behind is still usable and so that that’s terribly wrong but tragic.
  • Worst of all, are the hundreds that are reportedly still trying to get out that may not be able to get out.
  • And so, you have an administration that just believes if they stop talking about it, the problem is going to go away. And that’s really a sad commentary on the value of life. And that sort of feeds into their whole pro-abortion stance as well.
  • On many levels, we have entered an era in our country where the leadership just thinks that it’s OK to not talk about the sanctity of life. You know the blood and treasure that are spilled in support of life and that’s extremely troubling.
  • So, I think on a strategic level it has emboldened our enemies. China in particular, Iran, Russia.
  • And who will have to go in and continue to play catch up and clean up the mess, it’s the military. And we don’t appreciate being used that way to further global list elites.
  • I would beseech all of you, if you know of, or you have a friend or a family member who lost someone in Afghanistan (these past 20 years), just call them up and talk to them personally or go visit if you can.


 2020 Election Audit:



  • The audit sprang from anecdotal evidence and affidavits heard last November when Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis came out and my colleagues.
  • So, a few weeks after the November 3rd election, Arizona had this hearing and all these bits of evidence started pouring in. So, then momentum developed for us to conduct a cyber forensic audit. This is not just a recount this is a deep dive, 2.1 million ballot endeavors. Nothing of this scope or depth has ever been done before. So, it took weeks and months.
  • Senator Karen Fann, Arizona Senate President, my colleague finally hired two firms. Cyber ninjas as the overarching general contractor and then CyFIR to do the data security analysis. So, you have an application security company and that data security company.
  • And that took a few months and so just real quick that was something on an order of magnitude also never seen before everything was counted and recounted but also the ballots themselves were forensically, microscopically evaluated and photographed for features of each ballot the fibers of the paper the watermarks in the paper the cross hatched printing the lines of the paper to determine if they were authentic ballots or not and then most interesting to me the oval bubbles. Was it filled out by a human or not because they could see the indentation or not in the paper? That would have been made by a human. All of this was filmed 24/7 with live feed on the floor and then every workstation had a top down and a sideways camera to document. So, this was an extremely detailed precision-based accountability laden process.
  • You need to understand that 2000 people volunteered to work at the audit, not to mention the paid experts that were brought in from all over the country. Mind you, 2000 people volunteered but there were criteria that they had to meet. There had to have been a Maricopa County voter, who voted in the November 2020 election.  They could not be asked if they were Republican, Democrat or independent. and they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So, they were told that when the audit report comes out, then they can talk. So, there are 2000 people chomping at the bit ready to talk. Just be ready for that.
  • So, the word got out and. we had people from Pennsylvania, Missouri, Washington State. Our phones started blowing up. So, I was down there daily hosting colleagues from all over the country who are now all associated with me and in touch with me, and in a relationship of communication with me. So that they can pursue it in their state and have a little bit of help from the little grandma from Flagstaff. So, this is a wonderful thing, and this is what our country is all about.
  • So, this is where a foundation, a wonderful foundation was laid with all these different patriots from different states who journeyed to see Arizona’s audit. Really America’s audit. They want the truth.
  • If you ask me, well really what is it? It’s death by 1000 cuts. It’s been accumulating over the years. It didn’t just happen this past year. It is sloppiness; it’s complacency; it’s ineptitude.  It is a ton of different problems that never got sorted out. So, this whole malaise, this whole attitude that at the polls just accumulated.  Now we have arguably a huge mess. If Trump had won, we probably wouldn’t have dove into it. But we did and it’s necessary. And God puts us in these positions for a reason. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.  And it’s on us to get this figured out.
  • Now, the item yesterday what came out was an independent separate standalone effort called a Canvas. We would have liked to have had a canvas in the contract with the cyber ninjas audit, but we couldn’t because the federal government was breathing down our necks. That’s a whole other story!
  • It happens insidiously before the election, the voter rolls become so inaccurate, so laden with bogus voters and this is how the left goes into especially urban areas and prepares the cheat. I guess is how you could say it. So, this has been happening year after year after year. So, now you see what the information was download yesterday of arguably over 200,000 votes that are in question.
  • Camille: Based on the information gathered we see 173,104 missing or lost votes.  96,389 mails in votes casted unbeknownst to the registered voter that’s just over 200,000 votes
  • Rogers: That’s Maricopa County, right. And again, these are separate standalone pieces, but you bring up a good point because they dovetail. It’s about the canvas and it’s about the audit.
  • We hope to have the audit out in the next week and a half.
  • I already have called for this de-certification based on the July interim report that was given out by the audit. there were enough anomalies and inexplicable disconnects for me. Enough is enough. I said my one vote is to decertify. You might ask well how that plays out overall (since) we would need 16 senators and 31 representatives in both chambers to vote to decertify. You don’t have to have irrefutable 100% smoking gun proof. You (only) must have enough doubt in what was submitted in January to know that that report was inaccurate.
  • OK people need to understand. You will hear naysayers also say the courts said there’s no evidence. No, the courts haven’t even heard the evidence. You present evidence then you go through court, and it becomes proof.
  • You don’t know until you investigate. And that’s what the courts have not allowed us to do. So now it’s up to the state legislatures. And that’s where we in Arizona took this on.  Because the United States Constitution endowed the state legislatures. with the plenary power to oversee the United States presidential election.  And a lot of state legislators don’t realize that they have the power and better be exercising it. Because they need to be on the right side of history. I have been known to say this snowball of truth is coming down the hill and they better get on board.
  • Then, these other states hopefully they will decertify. Georgia has a huge court case on the 20th of September to do with Fulton County ballots.
  • Pennsylvania is having a back and forth on that I’m not a big supporter of Doug Mastriano. There’s been a lot of drama in Pennsylvania. He came out to the audit. He spearheaded the initial effort and now there’s a lot of, unfortunately, gamesmanship, posturing and undercutting. I don’t appreciate that and I’m hopeful that Pennsylvania will, at the end of the day, do an audit.
  • Michigan I’ve been in close touch with them they are moving forward as well.
  • We want these states to move forward, conduct some semblance of some slice of an audit to show that their states were compromised. At the end of the day, I believe every county that had these machines should be audited. We should institutionalize the audit process. Every other profession in the United States is subject to audits yet our election system isn’t. Elections are the foundation of our democracy
  • I’ll just end on this. I asked the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, “What would you tell my constituents in Northern Arizona who are sort of out there in the hinterland. They want the truth. What would you tell them?”  He says, “Because technology is out there, and we’ve become corrupted more and more with our election system through technology. We should go back to one day, one vote. On paper only. Everybody must show up on Election Day unless he or she is in the military or he or she is an invalid, in a nursing home. You make time and you vote that day with one ballot and one piece of paper.”
  • If I might add, it’s been an honor to be with you. This is a unique forum I’ve never really participated in before. It’s extremely moving and edifying.
  • I would ask all of you to do one thing for me please go to my website which is my name very easy Wendyrogers.org At the top of my landing page you will see a link that says click here to decertify the presidential election of 2020. And you say to me well, I’m not from Arizona. It doesn’t matter. This is a national petition to decertify the presidential election it is symbolic we want 1,000,000 signatures. We want you to be heard. You to put your name on this petition.  We have about 700,000 signatures already There has been a hue and cry across this country for truth, for transparency, to be free as a people to say that we want this election to be decertified.


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September 14, 2021

Father, in Jesus’s Name I ask for discernment for your intercessors about how to pray about the eerily silent response Wendy has been met with from her state legislators concerning the evidence of the audit and the call to decertify the Arizona vote in the 2020 election.

In Jesus’ Name I ask you Lord that you will lift and remove the cloak of darkness and fear off the Arizona state legislature and governorship. I ask you to sweep away the refuge of lies, annul their covenant with death, reverse the gravity of the black hole that has sucked them into agreement to conceal and resist the exposure of the evidence, and fear of exposure to their political detriment.
I break the power of collusion to avoid exposure. I shake the powers of darkness and say “ Let God’s people Go!!! Loose them Now!!” Let these people who ignorantly or knowingly have participated in a cover up save face by standing up for the truth. Your word says that “ he who does what is right comes to the light.”

Lord forgive us, your people, for apathy, indifference and lack of persistent prayer over decades now concerning the condition of our government, culture and country. We let the devil in. I am so sorry!

We plead with you now to give us and leaders like Wendy Rogers a backbone of courage to run to the battle and not retreat. Make us a band of brothers and sisters. Let us keep our eyes fixed on you, the Captain of the Host …. in Jesus’s Name I pray.

September 13, 2021

9/11, we will Never forget. And we must Never stop fighting for our freedoms. Our republic is worth it. I have a lot of respect for Wendy Rogers. Lord, I thank You for politicians with courage like Mrs. Rogers. I pray that You would raise up more like her. In Jesus name, amen.

Mark Kordic
September 12, 2021

Maricopa County is a microcosm for all of America when it comes to elections. As Sen. Roger’ shares, it is “death by 1,000 cuts,” so it will take much perseverance to get to the truth in all 50 states. But our Republic is worth it! May Jesus have His way, Amen.

Victoria Z
September 12, 2021

Father in the name of Jesus we beseech you: this administration is a
domestic enemy, put words of your wisdom than can not be refuted into the mouths of influential people to rebuke Joe Biden and his supporters. Father i believe you are allowing them to overplay their hand and in the nick of time you will send deliverance. it feels like that time, Father. Send deliverance we pray, and receive it, in Jesus name

Ellen Politz
September 11, 2021

I have so much respect for Wendy Rogers, and for the enormous task the Arizona legislature undertook to fight for truth. Cleaning up our election process is so vital to retaining our freedom in this country. God bless you for pursuing truth in spite of the tremendous opposition. Continue to pray for all the Arizona patriots who joined in and sacrificed greatly for truth.

Jamie Hotelling
September 11, 2021

Miss Rogers: I applaud your efforts and perseverance! Thank God you have pursued the truth surrounding our 2020 Presidential election. I have gone before The Throne for many many months, crying out for justice and all corruption to be exposed. Jesus said KNOW the truth and it will set you free! America is still the land of the free and home of the brave. I will continue to intercede for you and other state audits. Be encouraged – The Lord our righteous and just King is on your side !


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