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Lord, we pray for a return to Your truth and values. Prevent news organizations, especially those that claim to fight for America and truth, from bending the knee to woke stances on gender, God!
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Despite fighting for conservative values, Fox News seems to have adopted a liberal stance on transgenderism in the workplace.

From Fox News. Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace.

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These are just a few of the policies outlined in the company handbook, dated January 2021, a copy of which was shared with The Daily Signal. Fox also offers to help employees come up with a “Workplace Transition Plan” to ease their gender transition at work.

The revelations comes amid conservative consternation at Fox Digital’s use of activist language like “gender affirming care” in stories on its website, as well as the site’s consistent use of female pronouns for biological males like TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney and swimmer Lia Thomas (formerly known as Will Thomas).

Fox also drew strong backlash for a June 2022 on-air segment praising a child’s gender transition as an “inspiration to others.” That segment briefly depicted California state Sen. Scott Weiner, a far-left Democrat who led the move to soften sex offender registry requirements for sodomy with minors, and highlighted the activist claim that a child might commit suicide if he or she is not permitted to transition.

The Daily Signal talked to current and former Fox employees who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the company.

“They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values,” a former producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” told The Daily Signal. “But in reality, they’re pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.”

Carlson’s show was canceled April 24, days after he delivered a viral speech at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala. Fox News Media has not given a reason, simply stating that the two parties “agreed to part ways.”

A source who still works at Fox News told The Daily Signal that after Carlson’s show was canceled in April, producers for the new 8 p.m. “Fox News Tonight” program were told not to bash Mulvaney. That directive came from high-level executives, the source said.

Fox News did not respond to The Daily Signal’s multiple requests for comment.

Under the category “Gender Transition,” Fox’s employee handbook promises that the company is dedicated to “expanding and strengthening” efforts to “sustain a more inclusive work environment.” The Fox employee handbook is posted on Workday, where employees can see company guidelines or policies, a former employee told The Daily Signal.

“Employees who are transitioning their gender have the right to be open about their transition if they so choose, and to work in an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, and without fear of consequences or transphobia for living openly,” the policy says.

Citing the Human Rights Campaign, one of the most prominent LGBTQ organization in the country, the Fox handbook defines a slew of LGBTQ terms, including cisgender, gender expression, gender-fluid, gender identity, gender non-conforming, gender transition, LGBTQ, non-binary, and transgender.

For the past several years, Fox received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, “the nation’s foremost benchmarking survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ+ workplace equality.” A former Fox News employee told The Daily Signal that the company frequently mentions this perfect score in employee training materials.

“Fox News devotes hours of programming to attacking ‘woke companies,’ but ironically Fox is as woke as the rest of them,” another former Fox News employee told The Daily Signal, emphasizing that Fox viewers would be “astonished to find out what the company is like.”

Fox’s policies appear to be aligned with the legal requirements in New York City, where the company is headquartered.

The New York City Human Rights Law requires employers to use the name, pronouns, and title with which a person identifies, regardless of the sex assigned at birth. It is a violation of the NYCHRL to intentionally or repeatedly refuse to use a person’s preferred name, pronouns, or title.

Additionally, the New York City law requires that people “be permitted to use single gender facilities, such as restrooms or locker rooms…that most closely align with their gender, regardless of their gender expression, sex assigned at birth, anatomy, medical history, or the sex or gender indicated on their identification.”

If a biological woman objects to sharing a bathroom with a trans-identifying man, her objection will not be considered a “lawful reason to deny access” to the trans-identifying individual: “In those circumstances, a covered entity may offer alternatives for the individual expressing discomfort, by, for example, providing a single-occupancy restroom to change in.”

The law also specifically states that it is “unlawful” to require a trans-identifying person to use a single-occupancy restroom “because they are transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming.” New York also outlines the “Workplace Transition Plan” mentioned in the Fox handbook.

Employees who are attempting transitions are encouraged to “inform and educate” their co-workers about their experience, according to the Fox policy obtained by The Daily Signal, which emphasizes that only transitioning employees may disclose that they are trying to change their biology, and anyone who might know about their colleague’s gender transition must respect that person’s right to privacy.

Fox’s handbook notes that the man or woman attempting to transition may find the experience “stressful and trying,” and states that “with advance preparation, the road for someone to be able to express their true self can be made smoother.”

Fox also offers to help employees come up with a workplace gender transition plan.

“During the initial and any subsequent meetings, you and the Company should develop and maintain a Workplace Transition Plan,” the handbook says. “This Plan will outline the steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful transition at work.”

Those steps include when employees want to start using a different bathroom aligning with their gender identity and assuming a new gender identity at work. It also provides employees with time off for treatment (possibly hormonal treatments, like testosterone and estrogen) or medical procedures (such as the removal of breasts or testicles, facial feminization or masculization, or the creation of fake genitalia).

Additionally, Fox and the employee would plan out “the manner in which, and to what extent, coworkers and non-employees in the workplace will be made aware of your transition,” and when the company will change the employees’ name or make other “administrative or personnel changes.”

Fox employees can go by their preferred name and pronouns, the handbook states, at least to the “extent possible.” But for apparently logistical reasons, until a transitioning employee gets a legal name change, their legal name (often referred to by LGBTQ advocates as a “dead name”) must remain on company payroll, insurance, and personnel documents.

The handbook explicitly states that any employee “may access the restroom corresponding to their gender identity.”

“If a transitioning employee expresses a desire for increased privacy they will be provided access to a single occupancy restroom where available,” the handbook says. “However, no employee shall be required to use a single occupancy restroom if they do not wish to do so.”

The former Fox employee who spoke with The Daily Signal scathingly critiqued the network for running “hours of programming attacking companies for having leftist policies.”

“Fox is no different,” the former employee said. “It’s a standard American mega corporation with all the same types of policies and employees as those other companies.”

The Daily Signal sent Fox’s corporate public relations staff detailed questions about the policy and the accusations from former employees last week. As of publication, Fox did not respond.

The handbook specifically acknowledges that “individuals who are transitioning their gender will be encouraged or required by their health care practitioner to live full-time in their impending gender role before gender reassignment surgery can be performed.” This is called “Real Life Experience” or “Real Life Test,” Fox notes. Fox employees are told that they are “permitted to express their gender” in accordance with company dress code policies.

When trans-identifying TikTok star Mulvaney was first gaining prominence last year, producers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” had to fight to be able to refer to Mulvaney with male pronouns in the show’s chyrons, the former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” producer told The Daily Signal.

Carlson’s team also fought to be able to host The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh on trans issues, the producer said, but the team was repeatedly met with resistance from Fox on this due to Walsh’s frank condemnation of transgender ideology. This may have also been due in part to Fox’s view of The Daily Wire as a competitor, the former producer suggested.

In a phone interview with The Daily Signal, Walsh said he was aware of the alleged blacklisting and believes it began after he slammed Fox for the June 2022 segment praising a child’s gender transition. Since then, Walsh appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” a few times, but he was aware that Carlson’s team had to fight for these appearances.

“Fox’s viewers think that Fox shares their values,” Walsh said. “And it’s very clear that that’s just not the case. Gender ideology is as far radical Left as you can possibly go. They have embraced radical leftism in its most extreme form.”

“There’s no daylight at all between Fox News and MSNBC when it comes to gender,” Walsh added. “And I think that’s something that Fox’s viewers need to know. … If it were up to me, Fox would get the Bud Light treatment.”

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(Used with permission. From The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Rich Swingle
May 24, 2023

Fox is controlled opposition. A friend in Australia said they’ve been promoting communist* values over there for a long time.

Victory News (www.VictoryNews.GoVictory.com) recently picked up footage I took of Kirk Cameron reading his book in Scarsdale, NY, so we watched an hour, and we were very impressed both with their journalistic acumen and their dedication to calling out evil and pointing viewers to godly truth.

*Woke ideology is neo-communism. The term is used because there are still many who object to a communist takeover: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/wokeness-based-communism%E2%80%94heres-why-you-should-worry-166129

Lord, preserve our Republic!

    A M
    May 24, 2023

    In Australia it is Sky News. It is ‘culturally anchored in the nether regions of the US hard right and has eagerly embraced its role in encouraging anger and social fragmentation’.

Nan Harlow Johnson
May 23, 2023

Transgenderism is actually a mental problem called Gender Dysphoria. No matter how hard you try, you cannot truly change your sex. That’s why we’re having the argument over biological males competing as transgender women and defeating biological women. Please pray that Heavenly Father will give the people of the USA minds to reason and know the truth and be set free !! I rebuke this irrational thinking from the enemy. Cleanse our minds Lord in Jesus’s Name!! What we need is God. Only knowing God
and His Son Jesus will give us true happiness and peace. Proverbs 14:6 “There is a way that seams right to a man, But its end is the way of death. “

May 23, 2023

Bye bye Fox.

Christine Stott
May 23, 2023

Lord, we pray for a return to Your truth and values. Prevent news organizations, especially those that claim to fight for America and truth, from bending the knee to woke stances on gender, God!

Kathleen Dungan
May 23, 2023

Disheartening. The hypocrisy is clearly expressed in this article.

May 23, 2023

I already knew that Fox was suspect! Many on Fox are also suspect as to whether they are conservative! We Christians and conservatives need to always stand on our beliefs and not allow this current culture to dictate our words or actions! I will not lie and call a man a woman or a woman a man! I will not say he for she or she for he or they for one person! Only GOD and HIS Truth guides my mouth and actions! FATHER GOD please let YOUR people not be bullied into speaking or believing lies! We have the same freedom of speech to control our own speech in this country as the deceived trans people and their supporters; so let us stand up against allowing anyone to take our GOD-given freedoms in JESUS

Nancy Cooley
May 23, 2023

Dear God; Thank you for opening our eyes concerning Fox New. I deleted all their timers except Gutfeld he makes me laugh. Tick Tock as the Book of Revelation marches on🙏

May 23, 2023

I turned off “Faux” when it started it’s full blown nosedive -when it called AZ for fraud Biden in 2020. The seeds of “wokeism” were already planted prior to that as the Murdoch’s seized control of the network, trading truth for opinions in their ongoing quest to satisfy 5% of the population. The elder Murdoch rolled over like coward do, allowing Jr. to make decisions that agreed with his (Jr.) left leaning background. The pot at “Faux” fast became a witches cauldron & we could see it change subtlety – because “subtle” was their plan. The cat’s out of the bag now & like arrogance always does, they now don’t care who they offend or fire (except the left) – as long as their diversity scores stay high & the money rolls in. We are watching what happens when full blown cowardice takes over, fueled by deception…all while they try to maintain the “image” that they are friends of conservatives, the church, etc. (We can only walk a high wire of deception for so long)…Troubling to watch but then again, not really….as other newer networks arise & accelerate the truth that the people deserve.
“Faux” (Fox) & the widow of the original owner/creator of the network spilled the beans recently, stating Fox is a shell of what it’s original network was created for. Another lesson folks, steeped in biblical truth – about what happens when we (they) allow cunning foxes in the henhouse. We see it everywhere today, in network, corporations, families, churches, etc. Discernment, followed by action (especially tough love), is needed more than ever today. God warned the body of Christ to stay attentive, close to Him & to use His way of dealing with situations. Overall, the body of Christ in America has done a very poor job with that, both inside & outside the church….and we need to return to God’s word of how to deal with such. Additionally, when we see things like this happening, pray & keep praying. God will answer….IF we are faithful. We live in a time where it’s “no longer business as usual”.

Adeline Cilurso
May 23, 2023

Had an idea Fox was woke…… will never tune in to Fox again…
They have torn the birth right God has given to each of us
May God have mercy on all those who deny their gender and give in to Satan….for they shall shall spend eternity in HELL…
Never ever to see the face of “OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST”””.”..

Granny Jo
May 23, 2023

Well, this is a further eye-opener. I believe all conservatives had an inkling as to which way FoxNews was heading after the switch in managers…but this is truly offensive. I’ve wasted a lot of time watching Fox obviously, and of course can NOT trust any of the commentators now because of the pressure they are under to conform to Fox’s restrictions, mandates, regulations, rules. What a handbook this is!!!!
Shame on them for becoming part of the sheeple woke agenda. I always felt they were a stand-a-lone in the cable news realm, but not any more.

Erilda Coleman
May 23, 2023

Why oh Why?!?! Totally disgusting. Hope Fox News goes bust & tanks in all ratings area.
Heavenly Father as more and more of these devil type actions come before us, we pray for your strength and protection as you did for Shadrach, Meshach, & Abedego. We seek truth & justice for those who are out to destroy our country. Give us wisdom & guidance to stand upon your Word. We ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Bernie Wing
May 23, 2023

I believe FOX news is being heavily influenced by new big advertiser the ultra liberal woke Black Rock. Too bad we have lost a fairly reliable source for news stories.

Gwen Joseph
May 23, 2023

I will pray for the lies and deception of these diabolical entities to be expose. They are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing for the purpose of deception. I pray the Lord opens the eyes of the people in Jesus Name!

Robert Joy
May 23, 2023

Well, thank you for confirming my suspicions after the Carlson seperation after which I have led my own quiet boycott of all things Fox. A bit unsettling first but now it feels really good to be set free. All praise to God for opening my eyes!

May 23, 2023

Sorry but one must live on an island alone to NOT know all public media is controlled. Fox just trys to hide it a little better to secure ratings.
We pray for continued exposure and true Conservative Amercians to take over Media.
Truth deserves to be told.🙏

    Laura K
    May 23, 2023

    There are Christian news stations:

    OAN (One America News)
    CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)

    Sadly we don’t get just the news, we have to hear other peoples opinions of the news in their discourses. CBN less so.

    Just saying!

Suzanne Kenyhercz
May 23, 2023

Turn off all mainstream media. Do not support them.. Even the weather channel is woke.

    May 23, 2023

    It’s because of who owns the Weather Channel. Try utilizing WeatherNation if it’s available to you.

xavier owino
May 23, 2023

Fox hypocrisy runs deep and it cuts both ways. They lied that the left rigging elections and also lied about their conservative credentials. For Fox it’s all about making money. We saw emails of Fox anchors (including Carlon who consveratives idolize) privately trashing Trump but publicly praising him. Also emails by the anchors admitting in private that the election fraud claims were BS but endorsing them on air. At the end of the day, the problem is not Fox per se but Christian who have compromised their faith by enabling dishonest entites like Fox and Trump who don’t even have consvervative values to begin with

    May 23, 2023

    Please keep Trump out of this! He has done more for Christians and conservatives than any president since Kennedy! Trump is not a hypocrite! Like it or not he will tell the truth! FATHER GOD please help YOUR people to come to YOU for discernment for who to trust in America in JESUS NAME! Amen!


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