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Father, we pray that You would give Jordan and any other Representatives on this committee wisdom. Help them to expose the truth and bring justice, Lord.
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The committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, will have to work fast and hard in order to make a difference. Let’s pray for its leader and its members.

From The Federalist. With the establishment of a Church-style committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Congress now has a vital opportunity to hold America’s national security and law enforcement apparatus to account for its corrupt and lawless targeting of perceived political foes.

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The House Judiciary subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, will be fully empowered to investigate the deep state’s depredations across the entirety of the executive branch, covering the full panoply of assaults on our civil liberties, and to take steps to prevent it from ever inflicting such damage on our republic again.

Given the massive scope of the already-known security state scandals, the stakes involved in putting said security state on trial, and the counterassault against the committee already underway, it is imperative that the panel operate in a highly strategic fashion to seize the critical opportunity at hand.

To that end, its planners should give considerable thought to the following questions upfront.

How Will the Committee Define Success? 

How the new weaponization committee defines success should drive every aspect of its planning. In my view, if the panel were to do the following things, it would constitute a rousing victory for the American people.

First, the committee must expose the most egregious and wide-ranging assaults on our civil liberties by the national security and law enforcement apparatus. It must then hold to account the most culpable actors through, at minimum, publicly revealing the full extent of their wrongdoing, demanding their respective agencies take commensurate disciplinary and other corrective action using any tools of compulsion if needed, and, where merited, making criminal referrals — notwithstanding the Biden Justice Department will be unlikely to move on them, in and of itself validating the committee’s work.

Upon doing this, the committee must elicit and, where possible, publicize testimony from witnesses and victims — including whistleblowers and targets of deep-state abuse. … These steps would help build the political case for what should be the committee’s ultimate objective: to propose and pass laws necessary to prohibit and punish the hyper-politicization and weaponization of the national security and law enforcement apparatus going forward, including, if needed, radically restructuring the apparatus.

What Areas Should the Committee Investigate?

Given the unfortunately target-rich environment said national security and law enforcement apparatus has created in abusing its powers, the finite time and resources with which the committee will be operating, and the stonewalling, subversion, and subterfuge it is likely to face, what are the most critical areas for the committee to investigate? …

[From] Russiagate to Jan. 6 to the conspiracies like those between the government and the private sector to silence dissent and violate the First Amendment (as highlighted in “The Twitter Files”) and far beyond, there is more than fertile ground for investigation. …

The committee, therefore, should diligently prioritize its areas of inquiry, determine the most efficacious ways to pursue them, discern which agencies and individuals absolutely must be compelled to provide relevant documents and/or testify, anticipate the myriad roadblocks it is certain to face, and plan its response to them.

Who Should Staff the Committee? 

Who should staff the committee, and how will it overcome the onslaught of opposition it will face? …

These personnel will face merciless resistance and pressure, if not outright intimidation, aimed at thwarting their work. They will be up against the national security apparatus, the Democrat Party, many Republicans, and the corporate media. …

Republican members tapped to the panel and the staffers they select, therefore, must be equipped to handle these challenges and constraints. …

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Robert Spuhler
June 17, 2023

I believe there is so much corruption in our government that we need God to help the ones with faith and spirit as we supposedly forgive and love them. Stay in prayer and God needs to handle otherwise and in Jesus name amen.

January 24, 2023

May God’s Holy Power prevail and face the exposure of all the corruption and evil with victoryover every bit of it. May it be righteously dealt with as we pray and encourage Representative Jordan.

Gregorio Calvo
January 24, 2023

Of the multitude of violations of the United States Constitution and the Federal Public laws, as well as respective Oaths of Office taken by many in elected and appointed public offices now and in recent years, this said House Congressional Judiciary Sub-Committee is the “tip of the spear” of this 118th Congress to re-establish the Authority of the U.S. Constitution, Rule of Law, to the operations of the Federal Government and to lead in ushering in the sanity of the minds and tranquility of society of the American People as they “right side up” the workings of our National government in these lawless and restless times.

Carol Burnaman
January 23, 2023

As a Mayflower descendant it is obvious to me that America was established to bring glory to God. Which should be the desire and goal of all Christians. For much of our 247 years of history America has been a shining light… a city set on a hill… not perfect, but striving to do good and be a good example for other nations. “In God We Trust”, everyone knows our motto… but many people who were born and raised in America do not know anything about the God Who authored and established our nation with a constitution which reflects the principles of godly thinking and actions.
I pray the Body of Christ… the CHURCH will rally and pray every day for Godliness, Righteous and Justice to again describe the American effort. We have not been perfect, but we have, in the past, endeavored to right the wrongs among us. Slavery being the biggest wrong, and trying to make it right split our nation in two, with American brother fighting American brothers in the Civil War.
Today we have another civil war happening… righteousness fighting the wickedness trying to turn our nation into a population of lemmings who have an under developed sense of right and wrong and no interest in learning right from wrong.
Lord, help us! Use Your Church to plead daily for Your intervention and intercession for Your working through Your people.
I pray it in the mighty, awesome, perfect name ofJesus Christ!

Victoria Z
January 23, 2023

Father, in the name of Jesus we ask that you give this committee all the divine favor, wisdom, timing, discernment, tools, and proof it needs to expose political corruption in our national government and we also pray for complete justice with trials, convictions, and impeachments. Things Biden has done are grounds for impeachment yet we see a double standard and this should not be so so we ask YOUR intervention for justice. The border issue alone which has laws to protect our nation, has been blatantly disregarded and illegals are rewarded with assistance instead of sent home. Trump was raked through the political and media coals for fabricated stories yet Biden has gotten off scott free for some of the very same things. Father we look to YOU alone to bring justice through this committee, we do not look to these ommittee politicians our eyes, our hope, and our faith are on you and your word to bring Biden, Camala Harris and other corrupt politicians whether they be Democrat or Republican, to complete justice. In Jesus name we ask and thank you for hearing us and answering our prayers

Ken Budz
January 23, 2023

Lord please help the situation with corruption in our government. May You give wisdom, truth, justice, strength and courage to those investigating our leaders. May all wrong-doing be exposed and dealt with according to the law. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Carol A.
January 23, 2023

Father God, You love righteousness and justice! Please help, guide, and direct Congressman Jim Jordan, and the people he selects to be on this committee, to investigate, and hold responsible those who have weaponized the DOJ against American citizens! Help them to be wise and strong, steadfast and courageous, in rooting out the corruption, and restructure the FBI back to regional offices, rather than the top down authoritarian HQ in D.C. Father, shut the mouths of the lions who would try to attack and tear this committee apart! Protect them even as you protected Daniel!
In Jesus Name, Amen!


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