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Father, we pray against PROA. Protect the unborn in Minnesota, Lord!
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PROA would have drastic consequences on both women and the unborn. This bill has to be stopped.

From The Federalist. Minnesota Democrats are poised to ignore the at least 69 percent of Americans who say they want significant limits on abortion to pass the state’s most radical abortion bill, which would legalize taxpayer-funded on-demand abortion for all.

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The Protect Reproductive Options Act (PROA)the first bill Democrats introduced in both the state House and Senate this session, would repeal dozens of the state’s protections for women and babies and expand legal immunity for abortions up until the moment of birth and beyond.

The bill is eagerly supported by Planned Parenthood and its allies in the press and the Biden administration, but legal experts say it goes “far beyond any interpretation of the Minnesota Supreme Court case Doe v. Gomez,” the state’s version of Roe v. Wade. …

That doesn’t matter to state legislators, who could vote on the bill in the Minnesota House as soon as Thursday. …

Ends Protections for Babies Born Alive

Minnesota law recognizes babies who are born alive following a botched abortion as “a human person under the law.” The Born Alive Infants Protection Act reconfirmed these babies deserve and receive life-saving medical care.

The PROA, however, terminates the protections …

Lifts Prohibitions on Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Current statute bars Minnesota from funneling taxpayer dollars to any nonprofit that offers abortions. …

The PROA explicitly abolishes provisions that shield taxpayers from funding abortion for all through all nine months of pregnancy.

Nullifies Parental Notification

If a minor requests an abortion, Minnesota law requires that parents or guardians be notified before she goes through with it. …

This legislation nullifies those requirements …

Cancels Protections for ‘Viable’ Preborn Babies

“Viable” as defined in Minnesota law means “able to live outside the womb even though artificial aid may be required” … The PROA doesn’t just rid the state of that definition in an attempt to expand abortion for all through birth. It also quashes provisions that abortions performed beyond the first trimester must be done in hospitals and only executed if a mother’s life is at risk. …

Halts Reporting If Women Die from Abortions

Abortions are not a safe procedure for the mother or baby, which is why Minnesota law requires abortionists to report if a woman dies due to abortion. … Under the new legislation, abortionists will not be penalized for refusing to report abortion-related deaths. …

Repeals Felony Charges for Sale of Abortion Pill, Other Abortion-Inducing Devices

The PROA seeks to repeal the threat of criminal charges for anyone who manufactures, sells, or advertises abortion-inducing devices or drugs. …

Ends Informed Consent for Women

Minnesota statute 145.4242, also known as the “Woman’s Right to Know Act,” says women must be told the “particular medical risks associated with the particular abortion procedure,” the gestational age of the child, and, in the case of a late-term abortion, whether painkillers will be given to the unborn child during the abortion, and “what medical assistance benefits may be available for prenatal care, childbirth, and neonatal care.” …

If the PROA passes, abortionists do not have to explain any abortion risks to the woman. …

Childbirth No Longer State Policy

Minnesota’s state policy is that childbirth, as opposed to abortion, “is to be given preference, encouragement and support by law and by state action, it being in the best interests of the well-being and common good of Minnesota citizens.”

Passage of the PROA will change the state’s policy from pro-life to pro-abortion.

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Maria Oswalt on Unsplash)

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January 24, 2023

Father, we rebuke the evil power behind this bill that is before the
Minnesota state legislature. We also rebuke similar bills that may rise up in others states. May the citizens that oppose this bill pray and rise up to speak out against it with logic and true medical knowledge about the horror of abortion for both mom and baby. May we reject this as similar to the sacrifices to Molech that God so hated and spoke out against in the Old Testament. May our country come back to truly being the country founded on God and His will. In God’s power as we pray and obey amen.

Jim Lorch
January 24, 2023

John, interesting argument. I would like to add that “equal” implies the same treatment for all. A fetus is the first of many stages of human life (infant,childe, adolescent, adult, etc). A fetus also has a body and no one has the right to take the life from that young body. If the child is conceived in some way the mother did not want to participate then adoption is an option. Who knows maybe even the mother will change her mind once she sees her child after it is born and want to raise it? With God all things are possible..

Jeremiah 1:4-5

4 The word of the Lord came to me, saying,

5“Before I formed you in the womb I knew a you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

If God formed and knew Jeremiah before he was borne, the same holds true for every human being including those that are in the fetus stage of their life. God doe not promise this life will be easy, but he does maker promises that if we obey His word He will bless us. Proverbs 16:20 Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.

January 24, 2023

To kill, murder seems simple to define. Why must there be all this confusion. GOD clearly defined and stated his judgement. Follow his ways.
Do not engage in conversations with evil. Put on your ARMOR and guard against the principalities of darkness.
P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens.🙏

Shari M
January 23, 2023

Planned Parenthood is a corrupt organization, that preys on women, pushes & promotes profit, misuses precious tax-payer funds, does not provide truthful, informed consent, and holds a belief system that is in line with the Church of Satan., that openly confesses their belief in the use of abortion as protected satanic ritual. Planned Parenthood is using Minnesota women, to support Infantacide, for access to young, fresh organs, to be used to supply the EXTREMELY PROFITABLE, live-organ harvesting industry (once widespread in communist China, and now coming to gullible Minnesota) and for their Satanic rituals. You can find cannibal clubs now in most US cities. Its time for Minnesota woman to wake up and realize you are being gas lighted by these corrupt organizations. The ultimate end goal is not what many gullible Minnesota women think. These corrupt organizations, such as PP, really have NO concerns for “reproductive rights” or women, they are after the BLOOD. PRAY to end the satanic ritual of full-term abortion.

Susan CC
January 23, 2023

“To those who have had no agony Jesus says, “I have nothing for you; stand on your own feet, square your own shoulders. I have come for the man who knows he has a bigger handful than he can cope with, who knows there are forces he cannot touch; I will do everything for him if he will let Me. Only let a man grant he needs it, and I will do it for him.” Oswald Chambers

determination-a judicial decision settling and ending a controversy; the act of deciding definitely and firmly

Exodus 14:22 and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with walls of water on their right and on their left.

Dear Abba Father, I am in agony over this. Everything that has life, breath and existence is according to Your determination. Through Your decision the world was created and through Your decision, it will end. But for now, I have squared my shoulders and confess this is bigger than I can cope with. This “bill” is rooted in an evil only You can touch. I am asking You to do everything for the good people of Minnesota. They need You to destroy this effort. I pray Your decision is to keep the unborn in Minnesota and all other states safe from the flood of similar legislation. I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Jim Lorch
January 23, 2023

Lord God I am at a loss for words in response to the evil that has permeated the MN legislative body. It is so disheartening to see Row overturned only to see my state of MN trying to pass laws allowing the murder of children. Lord I pray that you change the hearts of the Senate to stop this bill from becoming law. Lord I ask this in Jesus name.

    Susan CC
    January 23, 2023

    Jim, I am praying with you with all my heart! Amen

Steve Davis
January 23, 2023

Dear Father, please, through Your Holy Spirit, open our hearts to know that you have a good destiny for each child to fulfill, from every circumstance under which one may be conceived. Bring to our awareness the stories of “unwanted” children, who we were afraid of, fulfilling Your plans for them by Your grace and the assistance of many so that we may value and participate in the good plans You have for each one of us. Please move in hearts to care and block evil propaganda and lies that want to commit taxpayer funding for every choice anyone may make, no matter how destructive and harmful it may be. Cause us to realize Your wisdom and care for us in the very commands and records of Your dealings with Israel and us all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and by the work of Your Holy Spirit throughout the ages. Help us to love You once again.


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