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Father, we pray that You would bless the elections. Help the vote to be counted quickly and accurately, God.
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IFA President and CEO Dave Kubal has called this “one of the most important elections in the history of America.” The lives of the unborn are at stake in many states, and the need for righteous leadership is as important as ever.

Connect with others in your state in prayer.


To call the 2022 midterms tumultuous would be a severe understatement. We have seen critical races across the country bogged down by controversy after controversy. Additionally, voter fraud and election integrity concerns remain. We exercise our right to vote bathed in prayer!

Are you interesting in election coverage that understands the spiritual implications of the issues at hand and recognizes signs of God at work?

If so, make sure to tune in to Victory News this evening by clicking here, or on the ad below. IFA’s own Dave Kubal will be appearing as a guest to share insight and analysis into one of the most important elections in history.

Share your prayers for the midterms below!

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November 9, 2022

Praying they will find more uncounted votes for OZ as I really don’t think the other canidate is qualified & lied about Oz to win !

Patrick Jaggadeesan
November 8, 2022

May the Lord institute the leaders after His own heart.
Verse 1: Ezekiel 22:30 / II Chronicles 7:14
Powerful song ‘Heal our Land’ based on Ezekiel 22:30 and II Chronicles 7:14. Listen in Pztunez; search for ‘Heal our Land’ Be blessed.

Anne Leake
November 8, 2022

Please pray for all the Maricopa tabulator machines to get fixed and work. My precinct is working just fine.
We don’t need to point finger’s on how or why it’s happening. Just pray to God it gets fixed in the 1/5 th of amount of polling places here in Arizona.

Darlene Estlow
November 8, 2022

Father God, we now before you. You have brought our country through so much. You are by bringing a 3rd great awakening. So we ask for protection over every poll place that the vote would be counted honestly. Thank you for your love.

Jeff Middleton
November 8, 2022

In Christ Jesus name…. Amen!

Darlene DeAngelis
November 8, 2022

Father God I know you’re hearing all these prayers and you are rejoicing that people are finally opening up their mouths and talking to you you’ve been waiting for a very long time for a lot of us father God I am truly amazed by you I am in awe I love you with all my heart and I know that you won’t take all this wrong and make it right you allowed this to happen for a Time such as this let us always remember we have the power in you to push back the gates of hell and put it back where it belongs in Jesus name I lift up all these votes protect them Lord you see what the evil is doing I lift up the vice president especially to ever think she would say that our children are hers the world’s children please convict her of anything she says that is not of you please convict every person in politics and make them realize how they’re supposed to work and if they need understanding and retraining let them think about Queen Elizabeth that rained for 75 years she put you first her people second and she was last and that is what government is supposed to be for the People by the people of the people they are working for us Lord and especially working for you first and foremost you will have your way Lord Jesus thank you for making these votes count in Jesus name I pray and thank you for helping us find our voice and not to have a spirit of timidity and cowardness but a spirit of boldness courage tenacity what you instilled in Us in Jesus name I pray


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