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Lord, we pray for guidance and wisdom for our elected leaders and representatives, especially Speaker Mike Johnson, who is a committed Christian. Help him as he seeks to lead a deeply divided House in actions to benefit the nation.
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Speaker Mike Johnson is trying to get the House to vote on and pass aid packages to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, but many in his own party disagree.

From POLITICO. Speaker Mike Johnson told GOP lawmakers that he’ll try to pass four measures this week to send aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan — each in separate bills, according to multiple Republicans in the private Monday meeting.

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A fourth proposed bill, which is still being finalized, would include a package of related measures, including a lend-lease deal for military aid, a ban on TikTok in the U.S. and provisions to sell off assets seized from Russian oligarchs.

It’s far from certain that Johnson would have the votes to bring the bills to the floor, given the procedural hurdles of Republicans’ narrow majority that have vexed the speaker for months. Johnson would need near-unanimous support from his own conference to bring the whole package of bills up for passage, a procedure known as a rules vote, plus prior approval from a Rules Committee stacked with conservatives who may resist based on Ukraine aid. …

If even a handful of conservatives oppose the rule vote, then Johnson would need Democratic support to move forward — and it’s incredibly rare for the minority party to assist on those rules votes. House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries declined to comment Monday on whether he expected his caucus would support the package: “We’re not going to come to any conclusion about process until we understand the substance.” …

Plus, Johnson has a looming threat to his speakership, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) vowing to force a vote to oust him. She said Monday that she hadn’t made a decision on when to triggering that process, but that she’s “firmly against the plan as it stands right now.” She called it “another wrong direction for Speaker Johnson.”

“He’s definitely not going to be speaker next Congress,” Greene said, adding it was “to be determined” if he would even finish out this term. No GOP lawmakers have explicitly said they would join Greene in voting to boot Johnson.

Republicans are still waiting to see when Greene will follow through with her threat to fire Johnson, who brushed off the chance that the foreign aid strategy will lead to his potential ouster.

“I don’t spend my time worrying about motions to vacate. We’re having to govern here, and we’re gonna do our job. I’m not sure how that shakes out,” he said.

The speaker also told members that there would be amendment votes included in the package, though it’s unclear what those would be. Notably absent from his proposal: any measures to address border security, which Republicans have demanded for months. …

Pray for Mike Johnson and our representatives in the comments below.

(Excerpt from POLITICO. Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

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Davis Rhonda
May 6, 2024

Praying for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide him

April 19, 2024

Father God and Holy Spirit, Speaker Johnson needs your protection and divine power to stand for your people Israel. Shut the mouths of the roaring lions seeking to devour him. You raised him up for such a time as this. May Thy will be done on earth as you have written it in heaven!

April 18, 2024

I wish to point out that a package was put together to increase border security, and it was voted down by the same people who are opposing aid to Ukraine because Donald Trump did not support it. Apparently, he is assuming that he will win the election and he wants to be the one to get credit for increasing border security. So, does it make sense for people to not support aid to Ukraine because they want the border security taken care of first?

Lord, break down the hard hearts of your people. Cause their eyes to be opened to the seriousness of the situation for the United States. Fill them with wisdom and understanding of international diplomacy. Strike down the opposition to Mike Johnson.

April 18, 2024

Father We pray for the speaker Mike Johnson to give him assurance and guidance in all of his doing in the mist of much adversity.

April 18, 2024

Mike Johnson is trying to do the right thing for our country in trying to get aid packages passed for both Ukraine and Israel. for these reasons:
1)After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine agreed to give up her nuclear weapons in exchange for a security promise form the United States. We would be in effect breaking a covenant. As others have pointed out, God takes covenants between people groups seriously. We would in effect be bringing a curse on ourselves.
2)Our lack of support for Ukraine has caused other countries to see the United States as weak and unwilling to back up her promises, so they are ALIGNING WITH CHINA. Niger has broken with the United States and is allowing China to build military ports on its coastline. This will enable China to become a power player in the Atlantic Ocean and enable her to launch an attack against the eastern United States. Thailand is another country that has decided to align with China. European countries are also re-looking at China. Some Arab countries were going to recognize Israel and allow the United States to have bases on their territory in exchange for protection from Iran, but now they will not which has greatly lessened our military capability in the area. Our lack of support is costing us allies.
3)China, Russia and Iran see our lack of support as a sign of weakness and are embolden in their plans to confront us. Taylor Green and her supporters needs to realize that their intentions are serious. They see their countries as destined to dominate the world and have been preparing decades, and they DO NOT ENVISION A WORLD WHERE THE UNITED STATES SHARES POWER WITH THEM. They want total domination. China is building missile silos, not because they feel threatened by the United States, but because they want them available to use in a confrontation with the United States. And yes, their hypersonic missiles can be launched from their homeland and reach the United States AND WE CANNOT SHOOT THEM DOWN. Money to develop our own hypersonic missiles has been cut a number of times and so we are behind. China is claiming more and more of the South China Sea which would enable them to control trade and thus the economies of Japan, South Korea and other countries in the region. The Chinese hate the Japanese and will no doubt use their control to bring down the Japanese economy.
4)We are supplying weapons to Ukraine AND NOT MEN.
5)Putting our military equipment in a combat situation where they face recently developed weapons has given us invaluable. information. We have found that our $21 million tanks can be taken out by drones. (Those tanks sitting in storage would have been no use to us if we had tried to use them in a war with drones and, if we had tried to use them, at that point, it would have been too late.) We have also found out that ALL of the drones designed by companies in the United States have FAILED under combat conditions. In fact, Ukraine is buying CHINESE parts and building their own drones. In testing them in action, we have given ourselves a chance to improve them before needing them in combat. We have noticed problems in manufacturing of military equipment and are making some moves (when the money is not cut off) to correct the situation.
6) Putin made it clear before he invaded Ukraine that he was not going to stop there. We are causing them to pause in his aggression and maybe preventing him from expanding into other countries.

    April 19, 2024

    Wow, you sound like the most educated person to have ever graced this site; hopefully your comments will educate some folks here. It is doubtful though, as most are followers of the cult of Trump
    Your post is appericate tho!
    Cheers from abroad!

    April 23, 2024

    Nigeria rather than Niger is allowing China to build ports.

April 17, 2024

Lord, we pray for the opening of eyes for our lawmakers to understand that our own borders are being overrun with unknown, and likely many of them hostile, actors. Please show them that our own security must come first. We cannot help others in the long term, if we allow our own strength to be sapped by enemies within. We pray for angelic protection, as already roads are blocked and people threatened with harm for being Israeli, or supporting Israel. Have mercy upon all your people, and deliver us from evil, for you are our Sovereign Lord. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ

April 17, 2024

If Marjorie Taylor Greene is against him, he must be doing something right!

Barbara B
April 17, 2024

Lord God, Please raise up another Esther that will know and recognize what He/She has been raised up for such a time as this. Forgive Speaker Johnson for not keeping his promises and remove him quickly and decisively in time to place your next choice in to do what you have purposed to do for our country and people.
Bring unity in doing so and deliverence from this evil cabal that has been so successful in intimidating and controlling the people that you desire to lead. Raise up a DAVID that will not be weak but fierce in the face of the enemy.
In Jesus Name Amen

Callie Keys
April 17, 2024

My little Johnson. I pray you grow a bigger Johnson, pull it out and learn to use it.

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