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God, we thank You for these Americans who have volunteered to help Israel in its time of need. As the war enters a new phase, we pray that You would strengthen the IDF.

As Israel entering a new phase in the war, its economy is struggling. Thank God for the service of these American volunteers!

From CBN. The Israeli military says it has expanded its operation in southern Gaza, and U.S. officials say the bulk of the fighting may be over by January.

Who is praying on the wall?


Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi says a new phase of the military campaign has begun.

“In the last few days, we have moved to the third phase of the ground operations,” Halevi explained. …

Israeli forces are fighting now in Khan Younis, the capital of Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip. The Biden administration reportedly expects the current phase to be over by January …

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again emphasized that Gaza must be demilitarized after the war, and only the IDF can be trusted to do it. …

Meanwhile, as the fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists begins its third month, it’s straining much of the country’s economy. Given the number of military reservists supporting the fight, local farms are short on manpower.

That’s where a group of American volunteer cowboys has stepped in, traveling to Israel on their own dime to help fill the gap.

One of them, Ezekiel Strain, told CBN News, “…There’s just not enough people around right now to take care of all the crops; so we’re here to help fill that gap however we can.”

Another cowboy volunteer, Luke Gutzlertold us, “Once I got the call, I dropped everything and headed right over. Israel is in trouble and needs help, so it was an easy decision to buy a plane ticket and get here as fast as I could.” He added, “I think it’s important for people from other nations to stand in solidarity with Israel, especially during difficult times like this.” …

Share your prayers for Israel below.

(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: edb3_16/Getty Images via Canva Pro)

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Missy Dice
December 8, 2023

Father, bless the Americans who haven chosen to answer Your call. Multiply their efforts and protect them. Help Your Israel to win this war quickly and with the least amount of loss of life as possible, saving those into the Kingdom of Your Son before they perish. You are at work against the evil in this world. Thank You. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Karen Secrest
December 8, 2023

Don’t be fooled by America’s faulty logic on any military exercise. Far to many of the WH pals are still firing pronouns against live fire; not knowing the difference from their armchair comfort zone. That is soon to change when those inv9lved have to dig out from the ruble themselves.
While the media tells of the southern thrust be sure the Halliban is gearing up in the north with Iran and turkey backed by Kim
. Those with Israel see the light. Are u in darkness..perpetually. It’s a Choice. One heartbeat away. Choose Now. Sound the alarm..
Only days away from the Saviors birth. Where are your children? Mine are covered with the wings

December 8, 2023

Thanks be to GOD for keeping most of the he hostages safe this far & continue to avoid them being victims of drounding as the tunnels become flooded . Thank YOU also for the heavy rain that began the process

Linda C. Safir
December 8, 2023

Father, please put a hedge of protection around the Israeli army and reveal
to them where Hamas is. Give them discernment and reveal dangers
anywhere around them. Give them secrets only You can tell them about the
hostages. By Your hand bring the hostages home. Be with the Jewish people
around the world. Remind them of Your covenant with them. Be with the
those working on the farms and other things that need to be done.
Thank you Lord, in the powerful name of Jesus, Yeshua.


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