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God, we pray against AI's perversion of Your design for sexuality. We pray that You would protect the vulnerable from abuse,
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Berlin is set to open the world’s first cyber brothel, where people can book time with AI sex dolls. Many have already been asking, “Is AI dangerous?” This creates another level of concern. Philipp Fussenegger, founder of Cybrothel, defends his business by claiming that many people prefer sharing private matters with a machine. He told BBC, ““Previously, there was significant interest in a doll with a voice actress, where users could only hear the voice and interact with the doll. Now, there is an even greater demand for interacting with artificial intelligence.” This is reflected in the broader trend in the adult entertainment industry — AI companion apps have seen significant growth, with 225 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

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The integration of AI in this sector highlights new dangers of AI. Like many apps, these so-called “companion apps” collect and share personal data, sometimes without allowing users to delete it.

Companion apps also harm and warp real-world relationships and reflect, and reinforce, the immorality of the culture. Moreover, similar to pornography on the internet, these AI companion bots have themes of abuse, violence, and underage relationships. Even secular scientists and culture watchers are concerned about the implications of these apps and bots, which seem to be highly addictive, especially among men with mental health issues.

How to Pray about the Dangers of AI

While AI brothels have not yet reached America, adult AI chatbots are already pervasive in the United States. How should we pray about this issue?

  • Pray for guardrails. AI is dangerous, targeting lonely people and harvesting their personal data. Pray that those in authority would place guardrails on AI, stopping it from being used for malicious purposes.
  • Pray for the vulnerable. Pray for the lonely people, often men, who are being targeted by this software. Pray that they would find their peace and joy in the Lord, not whatever the world has to offer. Pray that they would be protected from dangerous AI chatbots like those discussed above.
  • Pray for revival. These AI brothels and sex bots are symptoms of a culture that has abandoned God’s design for sexuality. Pray for revival across America and a return to biblical morals.
  • Pray for the Church to reach the lost and lonely people who are turning to AI chatbots.

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Pamela Derrer
June 15, 2024

Jesus loves us. Jesus loves the little children of the world, red,yellow,black, and white. They are precious in His sight.
It breaks my heart ❤️ 💙 💜. Satan will do anything 💔 to deceive people. May people know the truth about this AI. Humans do NOT live long on this earth, but Heaven or Hell is forever! May the Holy Spirit reveal truth about AI to these people, before it is too late. In Jesus’s name Amen

Missy Dice
June 14, 2024

Jesus, You came to destroy the works of the devil. You came to seek and to save the lost. Pour out Your Spirit and draw the lost to the Father. Give Grace of salvation. Please forgive people. Ignite Your Church Your Followers to have faith and works be done in Your name. Help us to do what You said before Your ascension and go and make disciples of all nations. May Your Good News be heard all over Your earth. May people know Your Truth know Jesus and be free. I pray for laborers to be sent to gather the harvest. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Amen.

Darlene Estlow
June 14, 2024

Father, we have strayed so far from you and we are turning to other “gods” that we set up in our minds to give us what only you can give us. Draw us back to you as a country. May we minister to the lost and lonely, bringing them to you. Like Jesus gave himself for us, may we die to ourselves and live to you so that we may reach others for you.

Kathy Murray Leisure MD
June 14, 2024

LORD Divine, Have mercy on us humans. You gave us human companionship, love, loyalty, sexual and intimacy gifts between monogamous and faithful partners. You gave us children to bring joy and hope to our families, communities, and the world. May we mortal humans be worthy and faithful. May we honor and cherish your gifts and appreciate your great bounty all the days of our lives here on Earth.

June 14, 2024

Lord, I come in agreement with your word. “That you created sex to be between a man and woman who are married” anything else is sin and has a demonic origin. I pray for wisdom and discernment for the people who care for those who are mentally ill that are being drawn to the AI gadgets etc.
In Jesus’ name I pray.


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