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Almighty God, we ask You to "shed Your grace on us and crown our good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea."

(Editor’s Note: There are so many clamoring voices about the four freshman Congresswomen, President Trump, his tweets, etc. We liked this piece by Dr. Michael Brown. It is thoughtful and makes some good points. What’s going on reminds us, more than anything else, that praying is necessary, valuable, and effective for our nation.)

There is a national outcry over the president’s “go back” home tweets directed at “‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all). . . .”

From Hillary Clinton to rank and file Democrats, Trump’s remarks have been condemned as “racist, xenophobic and bigoted.”

His tweets, which were three in number, accused these Congresswomen of “viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run.”

He then asked, “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.”

He added, “These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!”

Then, in typical Trumpian fashion, after the tweets produced a severe backlash, he doubled down on his comments, tweeting, “So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion. Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, ‘RACIST.’ Their disgusting language…..

“…and the many terrible things they say about the United States must not be allowed to go unchallenged. If the Democrat Party wants to continue to condone such disgraceful behavior, then we look even more forward to seeing you at the ballot box in 2020!”

How should we respond to these tweets? Was the President guilty of crass, open, and vile racism?

To put things in context, Trump was clearly responding to comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar, who claimed that, “We live in a society and govern in a body that might value the life of a dog more than they value the life of a child who might not look like theirs.”

But out of the “progressive” Democrat Congresswomen whom he targeted, only Omar was born outside the USA (in Somalia, specifically). The others, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley, were all born here in America.

So, the President’s tweet was certainly inaccurate in claiming that they “originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe.” (Hillary Clinton, for her part, was quick to pick up on this, tweeting, “They’re from America, and you’re right about one thing: Currently their government is a complete and total catastrophe.”)

And, whatever Trump’s intent may have been, I cannot support him saying to these Congresswomen: “you can’t leave fast enough.”

That being said, and as much as I continue to wish that the President found a less offensive way to express himself, I personally didn’t find his tweets to be racist.

Inaccurate, yes, insofar as only one of the Congresswomen in question was born outside of America.

Inappropriate, yes, insofar as Mr. Trump is still the president of the whole country, and he does more harm than good when he unnecessarily alienates other Americans.

But, to repeat, I don’t find his tweets to be racist.

America has opened the door to people like Ilhan Omar, whose family escaped from the hellhole that Somalia has become. And America has given Omar and other immigrants like her incredible opportunities to succeed and flourish.

In Trump’s perception, Omar and her political colleagues are biting the hand that feeds them, showing ungratefulness rather than appreciation and criticism rather than gratitude.

In Trump’s mind, these women are quick to condemn “the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth.” Then, they turn around and propose radical, socialist solutions to our national problems.

This, to Trump, is more an issue of patriotism than of race, more an issue of national solidarity rather than skin color.

And as much as headlines proclaim, “Trump Tells Freshman Congresswomen to ‘Go Back’ to the Countries They Came From,” a racist would not say, “Then come back here once you help fix these other countries.”

But that was Trump’s whole point.

If you have so much know-how, then go back and fix the countries you came from, “Then come back and show us how it is done.”

If America is so terrible and you have the solutions, then go improve these other countries that are in such terrible shape. And once you’ve transformed those nations, then by all means, get back over here and show us a better way.

Again, I have issues with some of the language in these tweets like many others, but I do not personally find them racist.

Of course, the president could have found a much less offensive way to get the same message across. But if he did, he would not have been Donald Trump.

We do best, then, to interact with the substance of his tweets rather than defend him at any cost or condemn him as a racist monster. (Used with permission. By Dr. Michael Brown,

751 People Prayed
7230 People have read this article

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  1. After living 85 years in this great country as a born again Christian, a public school teacher who read the Bible and said the pledge of allegiance every morning with every hand over our hearts, a military wife and even a missionary to countries overseas, I am eternally grateful for the freedom we share in this nation and profoundly grieved over the battle being waged by the “Left” to make us like the countries that have suffered under false gods, failed economics and unbelievable persecution. We fought the evils of socialism and communism years ago and then ministered to the destitute victims of these ideologies. In 1980 I became the first of many state directors of Concerned Women For America under the excellent leadership of Beverly LaHaye and fought successfully against the insane legislation that is being passed today. This is a spiritual battle and my prayer is that our churches and citizens will do the hard work of praying, giving, voting and living the moral lives that will keep our country great and united under God and His word and I thank our great God for allowing President Trump to lead us in this!

    1. I am so grateful to have been born in the United States of America. Since our President always has the slip of the tongue then why don’t you, Dr. Michael Brown offer our President a more tactful way in which he should of responded to these congresswomen.

  2. Imagine how strong our president must and has to be to stand against so much lying and hatred 1000x a day. Only God can give him that kind of strength. Tough love is never easy and often has to do what no one else can. Is there another person this strong that can eventually take this position with patriotism as a focus? We need to pray also in 2024…and thank Father God for His gracious reprieve and revealing of the enemy plans for our country. Should He allow socialism to come as judgment is the church prepared? Even the church is deeply divided. God help us to keep our eyes on You and Your great commandments in proper perspective (not a weapon).

  3. So many said they would leave our country if President Trump was elected, how they criticize him for telling them to leave if they don’t like it here. I don’t think the tweets were racist on his part but I do believe they are racists. They hate white people and Jews, AS well as Christians and conservatives and they rail against them daily.

    1. I whole-heartedly agree with Sue! Trump has simply expressed what, just about every America-loving patriot is thinking — NO American HAS to remain here, and ANYONE can renounce his/her citizenship if he/she so chooses.

  4. Be quick to love and slow to be offended.

    1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

    Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.

    Proverbs 17:9 Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.

  5. I respect Dr. Michael Brown very much and maybe he wouldn’t have said what the president said. But it actually irritates me that instead of receiving his tweets, so many are quick to criticize not realizing that president Trump knows exactly what he is doing; he is extremely brilliant; a genius actually. There is not a racist bone in his body and now there is a very bright spotlight on these 4 radicals and the Democrat party is now attached to them. President Trump knows exactly how to illuminate the darkness and, yes, he does make the Left crazy in the process!

  6. Dear Lord God Almighty thank You for everything. Thank You for prayer. Lord please have our president and our representatives concentrate on fixing our country and not fight with each other. Lord You have given us a beautiful country with lots of resources. May we get our country back to where it should be, where You intend for us to go Lord. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  7. Prayer for the President and the leaders of both parties is imperative going forward. While we can discern the real issues, a lot of our neighbors can not. The divisive language accentuates differences and puts personality above issues. There is the far right(many of which enjoy the rhetoric) and the far left(which can not see anything positive) and then the middle. The middle will make a difference in the election. Pray the President will find favor in the eyes of those hung up on behavior. Pray that all the successes of his administration will be made known above the hoopla about his rhetoric. Pray that the circle of Christians around the President will have a positive effect. Pray that the President and his campaign staff will be able to throttle the “send her home” chants which have no purpose or value in the campaign. It is the antithesis of what is needed. It is very divisive. The President has said he was not happy about it. He needs to be more than unhappy, he needs to stop it and recognize that she has a legitimate right to be here regardless of how offensive here statements are.

    1. No offence, but I get concerned about the word “middle”. I think that too often, Christians have taken the middle and have become lukewarm. Jesus was in the “middle” of controversy all the time. He minced no words and used no flowery speech. That being said, keep our President in constant prayer.

      1. Ilhan Omar is not here legally. She broke the law claiming to be in the Omar family with their legal asylum claim. The send her home chants should include all illegal trespassers on US soil. Send them home.

  8. I think that President Trump is calling a Spade a Spade. I find if offensive that Omar says the words she says about the Jews. I find it offensive that Rashida says foul mouth words about President Trump. I find it offensive that we have Muslims telling us what to do. I find if alarming that no one is talking about Islam. They do, they claim their taking over. Their words are to take over The White House. But, we cant say anything about that are we are called Racist. I feel that if we don’t take a stand for our Christian heritage here The United States of America, we are in trouble.
    I have read in the Bible were we are to take care of our house. Defend it, against intruders.
    President Trump is doing that. He has said nothing to be racist. I am a Christian and I have that thought come to mind, if you don’t like it hear leave. And when I hear those that have the Muslim Brotherhood and Cair telling them what to do and supporting these congresswomen, I surely am going to same the same thing.

  9. Today I was reading Acts 23:6 NLT “ Paul realized that some members of the high council were Sadducees and some were Pharisees, so he shouted, “Brothers, I am a Pharisee, as were my ancestors! And I am on trial because my hope is in the resurrection of the dead!” NLT Study Bible commentary: “Paul’s sudden insight is an example of the insight that Jesus promises to believers in Mark 13:9-11:9 “When these things begin to happen, watch out! You will be handed over to the local councils and beaten in the synagogues. You will stand trial before governors and kings because you are my followers. But this will be your opportunity to tell them about me.[a] 10 For the Good News must first be preached to all nations.[b] 11 But when you are arrested and stand trial, don’t worry in advance about what to say. Just say what God tells you at that time, for it is not you who will be speaking, but the Holy Spirit.
    Acts 23: 7 “This divided the council—the Pharisees against the Sadducees— 8 for the Sadducees say there is no resurrection or angels or spirits, but the Pharisees believe in all of these. 9 So there was a great uproar. Some of the teachers of religious law who were Pharisees jumped up and began to argue forcefully. “We see nothing wrong with him,” they shouted. “Perhaps a spirit or an angel spoke to him.”
    NLT Study Bible Commentary: “When the controversy died down, the religious leaders refocused their attention on Paul. To them, politics and position had become more important than God. They were ready to plan another murder just as they had done with Jesus. But as always, God was in control.”
    My thoughts: When I read this I wondered if President Trump also read this and got his idea for his tweet from Acts. Jesus spoke in parables to make the lessons universal and timeless. Pres. Trump’s statement that all four of the Squad should go home where they came from has a broad meaning. Each one of these women embodies an anitchrist spirit that is antithetical to the God given spirit of the Constitution. As the Pres of the United States, he was using his God given authority as Commander in Chief to declare to all these evil spirits to go back where they came from. In time ALL will see what they REALLY intend.
    In our PC world, people don’t like the sound of truth and authority and easily label it as “hate speech”. Compare Pres Trump’s tweet with Jesus’ “hate speech” in Matt 23:33 “Snakes! Sons of vipers! How will you escape the judgment of hell?”

    1. I truly agree with our Christian brothers and sisters — especially Beth when she states (my paraphrase) that the “Antichrist spirit” of the satanic left be commanded to go back to the “pit”. In so many words this clarifies Trump’s assessments, and I cannot agree more that in this “pc” world, MANY do not like the words of truth. The same “spirit” was shouting “crucify Him!” in Jesus’ day. And after all, didn’t Paul warn: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;” 2 Tim 4:3

  10. LOVE President Trump’s tweets. LOVE the chant “Send her back” . . . nothing racist or inappropriate about it.

    We don’t care for his language but prefer that finally someone speaks out to tell the truth exactly like it is. President Trump lives in reality. Evangelicals & conservatives have surrendered to the far-left without going on the offense in the Name of Christ. Believers have accepted false guilt & allowed themselves to be bullied by those who reject Jesus Christ. If more believers were willing to die for the cause of our Savior then our nation would not have deteriorated over the past 160 years.

    Why is it that evangelicals are willing to surrender & vote for evil Democratic candidates over Godly men who live by the Word of God? Is it because they prioritize their bank accounts over Biblical principles? Jesus did not die for our checkbooks or healthcare; instead He died so that we may have life. First & foremost, life is the most important Biblical principle all evangelicals must place as priority over all other issues. Any candidate who promotes anti-life (abortion, euthanasia, etc) policies is not to be trusted as he does not value life. A culture is defined by how it treats the most vulnerable amongst us & when a candidate discards human life, then they live with a warped worldview. Warped because lack of value for human life will naturally seep over into other areas of his personal & professional life.

    We pray for President Trump’s spiritual growth among all else & pray that God reveals his plan for marriage between one man & one woman. God bless the Biblical intentions of President Trump’s heart.

  11. President Trump speaks what’s on his mind. He sees bad judgment, he calls it out! No slick talking. He sees unAmerican behavior, he calls it out!
    He doesn’t soft-peddle. You get offended, maybe you’ll see the honesty in him and be grateful he was bold. I’d much rather have someone in my face boldly correct me than smooth talk me into complacency and I don’t ever see my errors. America is going to die if we don’t realize we are being seduced by evil socialist. Being generous with taxpayer money is kin to stealing to promote your own agenda. That is what democrats are aiming for. Use my taxes money for abortion , illegals, not immigrants, illegal immigrants. They don’t use the term illegal even though they are.
    God help us get back to reality! Open our eyes and give evil ones dreams til they abandon evil plans

  12. While three of the four women were born here in the USA, none of them ever talk about how great this country is and they all identify with the country of their ethnicity. They scream at our president, screaming impeachment from the moment they were elected and all of them are controlled by a political action group, I believe is call The Young Professionals or something like that. AOC’s assistant is always at her side, because she was a disaster when she was left to her own commentary. Their language is course, filled with deceit and continuously in opposition to anything that would unify our nation and have even gone so far as to call Nancy Pelosi a racist.

    President Trump was addressing their vial hatred for this nation. He was pointing out that even when given the opportunity to fix housing at the border, they voted against it. They are junior representatives who needs someone to put them in their place and he did. The Pharisees continually set traps for Jesus and our Lord and Savior did not back down. He should be our example of pointing out evil instead of sugar coating wrong. The church has had enough of that and we will be judged for letting this bad yeast spoil the bread.

    How will we be judged? I believe we are in the process right now as we see this satanic takeover of our schools and courts in the calling of good, evil and evil, good. We must repent and stand for those who will not back down. Go back and listen to the words of our founding fathers as they preached against the evils of an unjust government rule. They were caustic and biting. Yes we need to pray, but others were called to act and act, they must.

    1. Good comment. We need to pray and act whenever & wherever we can. Father,show us Your way and Your plan for each of us. Let the body of Christ come together & fight the battle the way God shows us.

    2. Dear Lord God Almighty thank You for everything. Thank You for prayer. Lord please have our president and our representatives concentrate on fixing our country and not fight with each other. Lord You have given us a beautiful country with lots of resources. May we get our country back to where it should be, where You intend for us to go Lord. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  13. While President Trumps comments were harsh, yours truly does stand with him. These women have demonstrated nothing but hate for America and Americans. This has NOTHING to do with the color of their skin but with the attitude and spirit of hate that they project. Yours truly would pray that they be removed from Congress and replaced by those who respect God and the values that helped America to become a great nation UNDER GOD. These woman seek to destroy, not improve America. Yours truly does not hate these women but encourages us all to pray for them and for all voters to be repentant opening their eyes to the hate being spread by those who wish to destroy America. May the Lord bring us all to focus upon Him and to come together to become the solution instead of part of the problem… In Jesus name, Amen.

  14. For all the hoopla over the “Go back” tweet, it is interesting to see how God is using this to separate the chaff from the wheat. Yes, His wind is beginning to blow over this country and the harvest is nearing its zenith. Using the tools of language and prayer, words are thrown up into the air and what is unnecessary is being separated from the relevant sustenance of His purpose and plan.

    In terms of political correctness we see that we are ALL people of color as Representative Mike Kelly points out. How is it that we have allowed any color of the rainbow to be deemed as insufficient or superior by the color of one’s skin? How is it that the gift of knowledge, through scientific biology, which comes with power, is reduced to a squabble over the question of when life begins? How is it that God has preserved the “apple of his eye,” Israel, through hereditary ages of resentment worldwide? All of these things are in His hands and He hears every word, answers every prayer, sorts out the chaos, separates His church, and delivers His people from the snares of the enemy.

    Even now the scales of DECEPTION are being lifted from the eyes of the enslaved. What once seemed beautiful is revealed to be the enemy who has disguised himself as an angel of light. The tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is the trap meant to enslave and bring separation and death, is fully fruited as we reap the harvest of what we have sown. Now is the time for the poor and suffering to come to the edge of the field and glean from the good harvest so that they are not forgotten and they will not be left behind. Your kinsman Redeemer is near. Take courage, be restored to Him for His restitution to you is clothed in His peace over you.

    God is using this President as He determines what is best for His Glory. His ways are not our ways. We do not give this President props for his words, we give him props for being a willing instrument of God’s sovereign plan for America! Making America great again is to put God first in our country. May the chaff of rebellion blow away with the wind. May the eyes of our hearts be restored to serve the one, true God and our Messiah, and Ruach ha Kodesh – the Holy Spirit.

    Don’t you see it? The Babel of confusion is sorting itself out through words. Some are holy, some are less than holy, some are truthful and some are untruthful, some are good and some are evil. Let the wind carry them where God wills it and be at peace now in this time with your head on straight, standing on the wall of intercessory prayer for our country, giving relief to another who is weary and HOLDING UP THE ARM of this President so that he does not falter in God’s purpose. Thank God now for His gift of language which is “the apparel of our thoughts” as we strive to clothe them in better than “shoddy or vulgar attire.”

  15. Praying for Trump. He is emotional and inappropriate with his words. This has to change or he will cause problems in our country and the world. He already has. He is too reactionary. I pray for him, but he needs to stop tweeting and read more and pray more. His words matter just all of our words. Praying!

    1. You say “This has to change or he will cause problems in our country and the world. He already has. He is too reactionary.
      When you pray as an intercessor, you do not interject your own thoughts. You cast down preconceived ideas and notions that prevail themselves against the knowledge of God. You take upon yourself the mind of Christ. You lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways you acknowledge God.
      It sound like you are doing petition prayer concerning the President, not intercessory prayer. It may be better that you do not pray, as you are praying for what you want to happen, as you see it, as you hear it. You have judged and state he has caused problems. He is God’s chosen man for this time. I hope you will pray from a different perspective that God’s agenda will come forth and manifest in everything that President Trump does and says. He has a father’s heart and he loves this Nation. God Bless and sustain President Trump. God give President Trump favor above his fellows. God give President Trump wisdom, sweetly entreated from above. Thank you, Lord, that all things work to good for President Trump, as he loves and honors You. I repent on his behalf for taking Your name in vane. He is a new Christian and Your mercy is fresh for him each morning. The US is Your Nation, Father God and I thank you for President Trump. Thank you that President Trump hears Your voice and knows Your voice and will not follow the voice of a stranger. Thank you Lord, that You contend with those who contend with President Trump. Thank You Lord, that You raise up prayer warriors that weep between the alter and the porch to war on behalf of President Trump and Your plans for our Nation. I thank You Lord, that President Trump shall fulfill the purpose for which You created him. Glory to God. We ask these things in the mighty name of Jesus. We cover President Trump with the shed blood of Jesus for Protection.

  16. Thank you for addressing President Trump’s inability to respond constructively in so many of his tweets.

    A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1

    We need to pray for our president and all of our leaders, but President Trumps continues to disappoint with his unwise tweets and comments.

    The damage that he … has and is doing to himself and the Conservative party may be his own Achilles heal in the up coming election.

    When electing leaders we must consider the message and the messenger. I myself will be looking for other options in the Conservative party and praying for new leadership.

    President Trump needs to do a complete 180 in his behavior to regain my support. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. To all who are coming against President Trump, has it not occurred to you that God has known from the beginning every word he would speak and every action he would take and has yet anointed him to be President to accomplish His purposes? Consider his stand for Israel, his stand against abortion, what he is trying to accomplish for the church, and so many other things that no other President has done. Yes, do pray for him but do not abandon him.

      1. My point is unfortunately President Trump has serious Character and communication issues that cannot go un-noticed. If you are saying we should unconditionally support a President because he stands for the right things, but has serious communication issues and creates many of his own conflict, I understand your point. My point is we need smart leaders with Character and who govern, debate and communicate with wisdom.

        1. I was simply referring to 1 Cor 1:27 that says God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and He has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.
          He will use whoever He chooses to accomplish His purpose. President Trump is doing that while at the same time exposing all the corruption by frustrating them to the point where they expose themselves (just by being who he is). Can you imagine how the corruption would continue to grow and deepen were he not there? God is healing our land

    2. You are speaking like a double minded person. A double minded man receives nothing from the Lord.
      God put Donald Trump in office. He is God’s man for such a time as this. In the name of Jesus, I cut off your words that say he is doing damage. You obviously did not hear from God for the 2016 election or you would not be sticking your finger in the eye of God now. God put this man in this office, for this time. It is actually sin not to know the will of God…for God delights to speak to His people. You are going by circumstances and your own preconceived ideas. You are judging from your own intellect. Cast down all preconceived ideas and notions that prevail themselves against the knowledge of God. Lean not to your own understanding, but in all of your ways acknowledge God. Take upon yourself the mind of Christ. God said Trump is the man for this time. If you are a Christian…If you are part of the Kingdom of God…it is your duty to pray for and support President Trump. God knows Trump’s frame and God chose him. He told us he chose him in 2015. God said it… that means that I do not pick apart Trump’s behavior, or speech, but I diligently pray that Trump fulfills the purposes for which God created him. That Trump fulfills God’s agenda for this time. I would not permit you into our prayer group as you long as you are carrying doubt and unbelief…one of the slyest tools of the enemy. Doubt and unbelief…God is looking for Faith. The power you could have as a prayer warrior is squandered on your double mindedness. Trump loves God and he loves this nation. God is not surprised by anything Trump says of does or will do. You just have to decide whose team you are on….there are no bystanders in the Kingdom of God. You are either doing what God called you to do serving God or you are not and serving the enemy.

      1. C Mooney, thank you. I have prayed that God would change President Trump’s heart that he would stop tweeting or be kinder, but I felt a conviction from the Holy Spirit that I was simply to pray that God would accomplish His purposes through this man no matter how it appears in the natural. God is doing and accomplishing something through President Trump that we’ve never seen but it is necessary. May His will be done and His purposes accomplished.

  17. Political correctness (PC) is the pre-totalitarian group think which prevents the individual from thinking
    for themselves. Resistance to PC may seem vulgar to some, but it is necessary to preserve liberty. The
    maniacal over reaction to PC resistance shows that the motives of the speech police are not pure.

  18. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Matthew 15:17. Let’s judge our president by his actions( Israel, pro-life, economy) and not his words.

  19. Sing with me: “We’re going to have revival like we’ve never ever had, We’re going to have revival like the Spirit of the Lord has said. He’s pouring out His Spirit on this dry and thirsty land. We’re going to have revival like we never ever had!”

  20. I believe president is saying the same thing other Americans are saying. You are here. Be grateful. Help America. Don’t try to take away our values and replace them with socialism. Lord help our President to remain watchful of his words and keep on making America great.

  21. Why should he be “less offensive” ? No matter how he says something, no matter how polite, they will twist his words like children of Satan do. He’s right; these are immigrants and more importantly, immigrants who have been elected to make our laws, and what they are doing is committing High Treason. How can they be trusted by our government while representing us? They have proven they cannot and should be charged with High Treason.

  22. I took the President’s comment “You can’t leave soon enough” to mean the situation in the country’s the four congresswomen represent were in such dire straits that their help there was needed without hesitation. I pray for Holy Spirit to reveal the true meaning of the President’s heart. From God’s lips to the People’s ears. AMEN So Be it according to His will.

  23. I love and agreed with Dr Brown take. Trump tweet is inaccurate and inappropriate but that is the sound of a Racist even if Trump is not a racist.
    Is Trump trying to rewrite the constitution about Omar our Govt is not a Dictator or Authoritarian that cannot be criticized? Even Jesus was criticized moreover they are elected by the people(American Citizen)
    I pray God will direct us how to pray for the President because God is God of Justice, Truth and Righteousness.

    1. I love and agreed with Dr. Brown too on some points. What someone tweets could not be used to decide if that person is racist especially when no comments about race are made in the tweet. Were names specifically even mentioned in the tweet? I can not find all of the original tweets in their entirety(only see what media allows) I think it is interesting that the congresswomen interjected in such a way as to profess to be personally offended and attacked and then have a press conference defaming the President on the issue, especially when I can not read for myself anywhere what he actually said(I don’t do social media much)from the original source. I believe these women have publically identified themselves as something other than American, i.e Omar publically identifies as Somalian, Islamic, Muslim…”AOC” identifies herself very often publically as Puerto Rican…Tlaib identifies herself publically as Muslim and a Palestinian woman, so for the President to identify them that way shouldn’t be a problem…I would not have worded my frustration with others who hate me or the country I live in so harshly but at the same time, I do not want duly elected officials that represent Americans to be so categorically opposed to a lot of things most Americans believe, that is counter-intuitive. Praying for everyone involved.

      1. The four women of the “squad” show no signs of patriotism to our Nation. Each of them behaves as though America is not the Nation they love, but the Nation they love to hate. I also wish they would go back to their former lives and not be part of our governing body.

    2. Speaking inaccurately and inappropriately is definitely not the definition of racist speech. We hear such speech almost daily from elected officials. A racist speaks against people because of their race/color. The President spoke against their WORDS which have been inaccurate, inappropriate, and hateful.

  24. AOC has completely neglected the district that voted for her and it is in dire need of help! Has anybody checked out the 13th district that Rashida represents? Ilhan’s district has over 70,000 Is!amist that Obama imported to give his false religion enough voting power to get the Trojan horse into government. My prayer is that our jealous Father God come quickly to move His Elect to a place of safety and then destroy all evil, as He has promised to do any time before June 2023!

  25. Jesus, you are our hope, our salvation! You direct, sustain us and hold everthing in place. You know everything about us all. Cleanse us, create in us a heart like yours, a heart of flesh, not stone. Comfort, shield and direct President Trump in these diffucult times. He is under more pressure than I’ve ever seen and only you can help him🙏❤️

  26. There was a day in America not so long ago that we had bumper stickers and posters etc., that read “America Love It or Leave It” and we didn’t have this insane outcry of being offended. The Lord chose Donald Trump and made him the way he is so who are we to be offended? God’s ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. It is my prayer that the congregation of God’s people will walk in prayerful discernment during this time in history. God’s people became so complacent that He used Donald Trump to shake us out of our stupor. I accept President Trump just the way he is and thank God for him. He is waking up the world to the pure evil that was hiding in the shadows…no easy task. President Trump is a genius and the Lord is with him.

        1. Because you said God has chosen him to do what his doing. Yes God choose Pharaoh too deal with Israelite ruthlessly and God destroy him. America is God own nation everyone living in America is under God”s cover, so if you treat an American any how and you claim is God that choose you to do that God has and agenda for you

      1. Pharaoh was the ruler of the world empire of that time. They had enslaved Israel out of fear of their numbers. Moses was raised in the house of Pharaoh so he knew all their secrets much like our President who is a billionaire also knows the secrets of the Elites. The end of this satanic Cabal will follow the path of Pharaoh.

        1. Just like any American President is the Leaders of Free Word. When the cup of Pharaoh is full God raised Moses. I which President Trump win 2nd term for his cup to full and God will raise Moses to deliver his PEOPLE.

        2. Amen Sharon. We already had the spirit of Pharaoh in the White House. He was replaced by Donald Trump and yet he still travels around the world, chasing after this President, meeting with world leaders, attempting to undo President Trump’s policies and restore his. This is akin to treason. Anybody concerned about that? May the Lord once more remove the wheels off Pharaoh’s chariots.(Exodus 14:25)

          Thank you, Father, for the mantle you have placed on President Donald John Trump.

    1. Amen! I remember those bumper stickers. I also remember seeing a bumper sticker some years back that said, “I want my country back.” We must pray more! Thank you, Sharon.

  27. What President Trump did was to bring attention to what these 4 women represent. The mainstream media is not accurately reporting on their hateful comments. Now that they took the bait, they showed themselves for all the world to see the truth of who they are. I completely support President Trump. He knows what he is doing. I pray in the name of Yeshua that our President continues to be protected by the Father and that our President continues to seek His guidance and glorify his name. In the name of Yeshua, I pray.

  28. Agree he is not a racist. In the continuous attacks against him yesterday in prayer I was led to Psalm 19:14. I prayed this for the President, myself, and all believers.
    May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my ❤️ be acceptable in Your sight O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

  29. Even if he tweets something ‘less offensive’ they would find it offensive. That’s the problem, no matter what he says good or bad someone will find it offensive. I personally am glad he has said what so many are afraid or unwilling to say because they might be told it’s offensive.

  30. I agree that our president, in his frustration with those who wish to take away the heart of America, charging those of us who disagree with them as all manner of false and disgusting character traits speaks too candidly. He’s not a politician. He sincerely wishes to save our country from the darkness swirling around in the name of ’inclusiveness.’ I pray for his words to be strong but from the Lord, so there will be no confusion about the truth and source of what he says. As he struggles against the agenda to remove our Christian and Jewish faith in America, I pray God will guide his words and actions so His will prevails.

    1. amen Lord give him the knowledge and wisdom that he knows the words to speak that comes from you I believe you have President Trump here for a reason and a purpose and we are to pray for our leaders so I pray Lord God you cover him and he would hear and follow you I pray in the name of Jesus

    1. Before reading this article…that was what I spoke out. I come in agreement – What the enemy has intended for evil, God will work for God. Praise to our King! Lord of Lords!

  31. Glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ I praise you and thank you for your Holy Written Word in Psalm 33:11
    I praise you and thank you for Your Holy Written Word in Isaiah 26:3-4
    And I pray that we the Body of Christ remember that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, the Body of Christ and therefore we stand together in unity praying for those and that includes President Donald John Trump as well as anyone else that is in need of prayer!!! Let us not get caught up in words and dissect them but sprinkle the Blood of Jesus Christ which is more powerful than any words!! Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against…..
    We the Body of Christ need to use the weapons available to us!!
    We the Body of Christ need to stay at peace and just pray and praise the ONE for whom nothing is impossible!!! God Almighty!! We cover this entire government with prayer and the Mighty Powerful Blood of Jesus in the Mighty Powerful Name of Jesus!!! Pulling down strongholds of division and deception!!
    To God be the Glory!!!

        1. If someone came to your house and you did everything to make them comfortable including finances and all they did was complain, most people would tell that person they have to go. Truly most people would tell that person to leave their home. It would have been private. No complaints Dems or Reps. Media etc. Why is it so different when the President Trump said it. I pray we are not Hippocrates. Just like the US borders,we have walls and fences in our homes but we don’t want support the US borders Wall.

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