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Lord, we pray over the creators and developers of Instagram and that we, as believers, would be able to exercise our religious freedom on that app. Give us victory, Father.
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The headline to this article is not sensationalistic. It is not click bait. It is truth. Shocking truth. Yes, Instagram has designated videos of live worship on the streets to be in violation of community guidelines, calling the content “harmful.” Let the outrage be felt and heard.

Sean Feucht is a worship leader and songwriter who recently ran for political office in California. He is also a conservative Christian.

On June 23 he tweeted, “This is what we’ve come to in America!

“Instagram is now classifying my WORSHIP videos as ‘harmful or false information’

“Religious Liberty? Freedom of Speech? Big Tech censorship?”

Included in the tweet was a screenshot from Instagram, explaining that the company had removed his video post because it was violation of Community Standards. (Oh, those dread community standards again!)

Specifically, Instagram stated, “Story removed for harmful or false information.”

What on earth does this mean? What can it possibly mean?

Feucht’s tweet got the attention of Missouri’s Senator Josh Hawley who tweeted, “Cancel culture meets #BigTech. Now @instagram is censoring a Christian worship leader who wants to post videos of praise and worship from places where there has recently been unrest. And that doesn’t meet ‘community standards’? Can’t wait to hear the explanation for this.”

As of this writing (late Thursday night, Eastern Time, June 25), we are still awaiting explanation.

A few years ago, I repeatedly challenged Facebook for censoring some of my posts for alleged violation of community standards, exposing the rank hypocrisy of their decisions.

For example, my factual, fairly-worded post dealing with LGBT issues would be deemed hateful, while the most blasphemous, unimaginably profane, anti-Christian Facebook pages were allowed to operate without restriction. Seriously?

Thankfully, in most cases, with the help of an internal contact, Facebook reinstated my posts (or, restored my status). But other colleagues of mine did not fare so well, having their pages permanently shut down for alleged violation of the dreaded (and oh so ambiguous) community standards.

It seems that “hate” meant one thing for one group and something entirely different for the other. (For a recent, video exposé, see here.)

When it comes to YouTube and Google, the battle continues, with large channels like Prager U still experiencing discrimination and unequal treatment. (Where are all the social justice warriors calling for equality? Somehow, they don’t seem to be raising their voices for Prager U.)

In my own experience, after having over 1,000 of my channel’s videos branded unsuitable for advertising in a single stroke (!), YouTube has actually been fair with me, even surprising me at times by what it approves for monetization. At the same time, we know that the other shoe could drop at any moment and suddenly, we could be banned.

It is a big mistake to put our trust in Big Tech.

What happened with Instagram, though, seems even more bizarre and extreme. What on earth were the all-powerful censors thinking?

There are endless videos on Instagram showing disturbing clips from the recent protests and riots, all of them somehow in conformity with community standards. (Right now, over on Twitter, I’m watching a video of the “CHOP” call from Seattle, with specific reference to guillotines. I imagine similar videos can be found on Instagram.)

But when a video is posted showing Christian worship in the midst of these protests, it is removed for alleged “harmful or false information.”

Since there is nothing “false” about the video, then it must be considered “harmful” – hence the headline to this article.

Is this actually what Instagram meant? Could they possibly be claiming that worshiping the Lord on the streets of our divided cities is harmful?

If so, I would encourage every worship leader and every worship team to hit the streets of their own communities, posting similar videos and sharing them as widely as possible, starting on Instagram. (Hey, it’s a great thing to do anyway and just what America needs.)

If Instagram has made a mistake, I hope they own up to it and say, “We totally blew it! There is no excuse.” Otherwise, this means war – as in spiritual war.

So, no hatred. No carnal aggression. No fleshly anger. And, of course, of course, of course, no violence.

But lots of prayer. Lots of worship. Lots of preaching. And lots of standing up and being heard. If not now, then when?

Ironically, as if to drill the point home, as I was writing this article, I spotted another tweet from Sen. Hawley from a few hours ago. He wrote, “Now @Twitter is actively censoring Bible verses? Seriously? Why?”

Hawley retweeted another tweet from Sean Feucht, stating, “Not only is big tech blocking worship videos, now they’re blocking Bible verses about PEACE!

“RT if you believe social media needs more peace, more worship, and less censorship of Jesus followers.”

Feucht included a screenshot of tweets from Beni Johnson, then using the handle @prayfor5, which at present is not appearing on Twitter. Her tweets, posting Bible verses, were blocked, with the note, “This Tweet may include sensitive content.”

So, worship is deemed “harmful” and Scripture verses about peace are deemed “sensitive content.” Really?

Let us, then, flood Big Tech with the Word and worship. And let us report and challenge every unjust infraction about the practicing of our faith.

It’s beyond time.

(Used with permission. From ASKDrBrown. Written by Michael L. Brown.)

Share your comments on this issue. Were you aware Instagram was doing this?

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July 5, 2020

Instagram, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google… They are in Epstein’s notebook, all reveling in paedophilia, sex trafficking and satanism. And you wonder why they hate anything Christian ?
Hey Christians, if you use Satan’s tools, don’t be surprised when he shows up. You’d better tell them that they are on the losing side and that an awful fate awaits them when the song is over.

July 5, 2020

I deleted my Instagram account immediately after reading this. No way will I be a part of a website that attacks the Christian faith! Satan is working overtime, and we as Christians, need to fight back. Prayer is a powerful weapon. As hopeless as things may seem in the world today, we need to remember that God is in control. He is hearing every one of our prayers, and He will answer them in His good time.

July 4, 2020

Dear Lord Jesus, may you awaken your churches and pastors nationwide what is happening now, that they will uncover their eyes to behold this truth, and began to stop it now!! may the pastors who profess Jesus Christ as lord no longer be silent in America!!

July 4, 2020

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. How can we fight this? With our prayers we can keep sending messages of God’s love on the social media. I don’t know what God’s plan is but lifting Him up wherever we can is one of our weapons against the enemy. Thankfully there are watchmen on the wall warning us about the battles which gives us directions about how to pray. Also pray for the news media – for fair and balanced news.

July 4, 2020

In the Powerful, Awesome Name of Jesus, we declare our Lord’s Name to be honored, any and all praise of Him in audio and/ or in person, written, sung or calmly proclaimed, to be elevated above and beyond any and all discriminators anywhere in the universe! May any who would try to discriminate or shut down in any way the Name or Honor of the Creator be elevated into the palms of the Hand of our Loving Lord, who gave Himself to provide every individual with eternal life. Amen.”

Ken Budz
July 3, 2020

Dear Lord it seems that the spiritual warfare is getting more intense on social media. Not only are the 1st Amendment rights of Christians being violated but people are being discriminated against for their views. I pray that Your will be done Lord. Amen.

Carole D Gabrielson
July 3, 2020

I had no idea that Instagram is doing this! Lord have mercy! ” Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit” says the Lord of hosts’

Suzanne Nace
July 3, 2020

There is a big agenda by the devil to wipe out Christianity in America. Christians must show the world that we have a God bigger than theirs by spending more time with Him and turning off our tv sets. It certainly is discouraging to see what society accepts and what they call acceptable. Entertainment has taken over many Christians lives distracting them from growing in their faith. Now those who hate us do so because they see no power in the church and think we hate people not like us. Some people will never change unless we intercede for them. I have been told by unchurched people that those who are Christians think they are better than others. How did they get that idea? From self-righteous people, from predjudice people and from judgmental people who call themselves Christians. We must fight in the spiritual realm with love and forgiveness and judge those in the church not those in the world if we want to win this battle. Keep telling people on instagram and twitter etc. that we love them and God does too. Even if they ban our words of love. The world does not recognize they are being lead by the devil. Even some Christians don’t know they are being lead by the devil. We won’t know for sure who we are lead by until we turn our lives over completely to Christ and live like Jesus did, by His Word and not by our culture’s interpretation of it. Let’s pray for the church to repent and then God will heal our land. We will win one person at a time if we will love God with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves and obey the Holy Spirit.


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