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Lord, thank You for the freedom You've given us. Let us not take another minute for granted. Show us how to redeem the time. Amen.
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IFA has the privilege of getting to know many wonderful people. Each one has a story of how they felt compelled to act and move in obedience. The result is often that ordinary intercessors like you and me can make an impact on our nation. And Linda Kellogg is one such intercessor.

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In 1976, Linda gave her life to Jesus. This was in the Evangelistic Temple Assembly of God, in Houston, that was hosting Derek Prince. The message of his book Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting prompted Linda to begin praying for America daily. 

Years later, when Linda’s children were grown, she returned to work, for an attorney who became a district judge. With help from Judge Ed Denman and a great team, she began holding annual national days of prayer for the courthouse during lunch breaks.

“At one of our events, I contacted Derek Prince’s ministry, and they sent me a case of the Shaping History books for free!” Linda said. “I knew of Intercessors for America, but was an active county coordinator for the National Day of Prayer for several years. After retiring from the court on the last day of 2018, I was able to start attending a Friday morning prayer meeting with a few women, and Rosamond Panzarella would help us connect to IFA First Friday prayers. It’s a full circle — starting with IFA through Derek Prince almost 50 years ago, and now celebrating the 50th anniversary in Washington, D.C.! It’s so exciting simply saying yes to God!

“As Judge Denman’s retirement grew near, God led me to Lance Wallnau, who was teaching about ‘convergence’ — the theory that toward the golden years of a person’s life, sometimes that can be the most productive, as all the previous years of experience, learning, developing giftings, et cetera, come together and lead you into life’s unique calling. Prompted by that teaching and a WallBuilders Live episode featuring Tom Cotton from Arkansas, who explained they had passed a bill requiring the display of the National Motto in public schools if donated, I began to feel God giving me a new direction.

“In subsequent research, I found that Texas had a display of the National Motto law from 2003! National Motto Project was formed as a Texas nonprofit corporation with three directors: Susan Moore; my husband, Jim; and me. We bought 11-by-14 posters from AFA and 11-by-17 posters from the Congressional Prayer Caucus. With donated money, we bought two laminators and laminating sheets. Susan’s husband patiently ran and distributed nearly 600 laminated ‘In God We Trust’ posters, and we distributed them to local teachers. I framed some and presented them to pastors, police departments, judges, business owners, principals, and others. The original National Motto law, Texas Education Code 1.004, stated you may display the National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ in public school classrooms. My superintendent said if the law was a little stronger, he could do more.

“In 2021, Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes and Representative Tom Olliverson filed twin bills to amend the 2003 law on the display of the National Motto in public schools. SB797/87R passed and was signed by Governor Abbott in June 2021. A single word — may — was changed to “must” display, and instead of distributing to classrooms, the new law said every building in a district. With a stronger law, we pushed forward harder, and my superintendent himself went campus to campus distributing our new National Mottos to the principals. 

“The Lord brought us together with a lovely couple, Jaclynn and Donnie Cauthorn, while attending a National Association of Christian Lawmakers conference in Dallas. The Cauthorns set up a website for me, which outlines the process that God helped me develop, with help from American History & Heritage Foundation (AHHF) … to order and distribute framed prints at a reasonable cost. God’s timing, Holy Spirit’s prompting, prophetic words, years of prayers for our education system, outstanding elected lawmakers, God encounters, and Jesus’ leading the way, along with His willing and engaged followers — all worked wonderfully together!

“So we started over with framed prints instead of laminated posters. The new law is very specific as to the appearance of the National Motto display poster, so we could no longer order from previous sources. My dear husband got sick shortly after we returned home from the NACL conference, but NMP continued. Jim was in the hospital the day I delivered framed prints to Brazosport ISD, my district, and to Pearland ISD. Since we deliver according to the number of buildings, not classrooms anymore, the National Motto Project distributed about 150 framed prints to the eight school districts and two colleges in Brazoria County, and a Texas network began to form in communities around the states. As I recall, AHHF about a year ago reported to have mailed out 15,000 posters to Texas addresses, which was included in an estimated 35,000 in the USA.

“August 2021, my husband moved to heaven, and though the Lord remained faithful and good as He always is, it took a while for me to get back on track,” Linda said. “National Motto Project’s 501(c)(3) expired, but the Lord called me to serve Houston and the corridor to Galveston with the National Motto. He led me to a tax-exempt umbrella, Servants of Christ International, and we began fundraising for Houston. On September 28, 2023, Houston ISD received 300 framed prints and Galveston on October 23, 2023.”

Why This Matters

Although some may see only a framed poster in our national motto, Linda says she believes it’s a bold decree of our faith. “We know it can’t change the school, but we can look at it and be brave,” she said. “Some kids are discouraged and don’t even know who God is. But it’s a promise on that poster.” 

Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 10:32)

The four words “In God We Trust” state more than we may realize. We recognize the sovereignty of God and put our trust in Him not just for ourselves but also for this nation. Several states have sought to have those words removed, insisting that they are unconstitutional and a violation of the First Amendment. If certain groups will stand up to try and remove God’s name from our classrooms, then we should be at least as bold to defend His name. 

Since the bill SB 797 passed, public schools in the state must display a sign with the national motto “In God We Trust,” as long as it is received by donation or purchased with donated money. 


Aside from the National Motto Project, Linda is involved with a new Texas law called The Chaplain Act, passed this summer regarding school chaplains, as SB 763. So we can put praying people ministering inside the schools. “Both of these laws are not mandatory,” Linda said. “Therefore, it is up to us to fulfill. God has given us a golden opportunity to bring prayer and God back into our Texas schools. It’s a movement across the country. God is answering prayers, and Jesus is leading the way.” 

Rocky Malloy, founder and president of the National School Chaplain Association, was once a missionary and has worked with children in orphanages and advocated for their educational needs. He also advocates for getting the School Chaplains Act passed in Texas after seeing the positive results of school chaplaincy. In the countries where school chaplains are on the campuses, there has been an 80% reduction in teen pregnancy, a 37% increase in graduation rates, and zero rate for suicides. Through much prayer and a miracle, Texas SB 763 passed. As of now, Texas is the first state to adopt this bill. This is a massive answer to prayer, as we need prayers in our schools. The percentages speak for themselves, but can you imagine the impact this could have in our schools if the adults working in the schools and children and teens attending have access to spiritual counsel? This is news that we should continue to pray for. Linda asked for IFA to pray and share the news. 

Prayer and Action

Let us pray that the 1,000-plus school boards in Texas would be aware of the Chaplain Act and vote for it to be implemented in their districts. Then, pray for qualified Christians to step up and apply for jobs, such as volunteer or paid positions alongside school counselors. The law requires this vote to be taken by March 2024, so time is of the essence. Help us by praying, spreading the word, and perhaps becoming a school chaplain yourself. Once it gets on the board’s agenda, you can speak in favor and work to get it on their agendas and sign up to promote it.

We need prayers of favor for Linda, the chaplains, and everyone involved in this process (see Psalm 84:11 and 90:17). Linda asks for prayers of guidance, direction, and clarity to help her hear from the Lord about what He would have her do next (see Proverbs 3:5–6 and Psalm 32:8).

She offers this encouragement to intercessors: “When God led the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promised land, they had to get rid of the slave mentality and understand their freedom in order to obtain the promise for themselves. America was also under an oppressive spirit and laws made by a succession of Supreme Court decisions 50 years ago that forbade prayer in school and made talking of God a punishable act. Religious Liberty in churches, the workplace, and the streets was suppressed. Christian candidates couldn’t explain their beliefs in churches, and pastors were afraid they’d lose their tax exemptions. But God has given us a reprieve and new Supreme Court justices who revere God and the U.S. Constitution, and whose recent decisions are overturning bad, anti-God laws. Jesus is already ahead of us, and now we must occupy. We must walk in the freedom God has given us.”


Linda Kellogg

If you want to learn more about the National Motto Project, visit www.usnationalmotto.com

Father, we thank You for this victory. Thank You for Linda and her boldness to see You exalted in this nation. Bestow Your blessing upon the National Motto Project. Thank You for the businesses and schools that have proudly displayed their faith with every donation and poster. May churches join this movement and spread the word. We pray for the Chaplain Act, and we pray for supernatural favor before the school board. Let Your hand be upon Linda and every person involved in getting this crucial ministry into our school systems. Break down every restraint and hindrance that would keep SB 763 from being successful. Speak clearly to Linda; direct her steps so she can avoid confusion or doubt. Thank You for what You are doing now in Texas, and we thank You in advance for what You will continue to do. Let Texas be a forerunner state, leading to more states adopting laws like SB 763. Open doors and bring divine partnerships to this ministry. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Is the Lord stirring you to action? How can we pray for you? Please share in the comments.

IFA contributing writer Gloria Robles is a passionate intercessor with a prophetic voice for today. For more from Gloria, go to Spotify or Anchor and listen to her podcast. Photo credits: SteveAllenPhoto from Getty Images and Linda Kellogg.


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T Mc
May 29, 2024

‘In God we trust’ was a motto coined during the ‘cold war’ as anti-communist propaganda. This was a dangerous time when nuclear destruction of the world seemed possible. It was to contrast a godly country with a godless communism. As America is a secular country without mention of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in its constitution this was a generic statement designed to provide a point of difference. Is it still relevant?

Charlotte Skillings
May 29, 2024

The article, “In God We Trust”, dated May 27, 2004 states that “ Let us pray that the 1,000-plus school boards in Texas would be aware of the Chaplain Act and vote for it to be implemented in their districts. Then, pray for qualified Christians to step up and apply for jobs, such as volunteer or paid positions alongside school counselors. The law requires this vote to be taken by March 2024, so time is of the essence. Help us by praying, spreading the word, and perhaps becoming a school chaplain yourself. Once it gets on the board’s agenda, you can speak in favor and work to get it on their agendas and sign up to promote it., “ However we’re 2 months past the March 2024 date given at the time of this article’s posting. Is there anything we can currently do to get these things in acted in our Texas schools?

Grant Windholz
November 25, 2023

Lord God Almighty, we as Americans give you all the glory for blessing this country since its existence in 1776! “IN GOD WE TRUST!” We are sooooò grateful for your protection 🙏 Amen!!

Mary Beth
November 25, 2023

Thank you, LORD, for raising up believers like Linda and Rocky to make a difference in our school system, and giving them strategies. Strengthen them, make rich provision for them and form networks of support for them. May we each fulfill our callings and destinies in order to see Your plans and purposes come to pass.

Bob Huseby
November 25, 2023

Amen Amen!! Believe it or not I vividly remember reciting the pledge of allegiance and hearing a prayer every morning of school.
I agree with all of you my friends that this will be a huge step towards returning our GOD back to our public schools ! May these simple printed words be powerful seeds of revival !! In Jesus name !!!

November 25, 2023

Linda Kellogg thank you for your amazing story of Faith persistence and belief. I am emboldened by your actions and faithful service despite life’s challenges.


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