I Prayed have prayed
Lord God, we pray that all Americans who support abortion would reconsider the value of life in the womb and the embrace a culture of life.

Many eyes rightly focused on the U.S. Senate earlier this week as legislators worked to advance two very reasonable pro-life bills. One, rooted in the scientific fact that unborn children feel pain, would lift the U.S. from the company of six countries including China and North Korea that allow elective abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy. The other, misnamed an “anti-abortion” bill by many in the press, would simply require basic medical care for babies born alive after a botched attempt to terminate them.

While these bills won’t become law this year, both efforts are very important. Citizens will have a chance to review their senators’ actions – which speak louder than words – and to weigh in. Remember it took multiple sessions of Congress to enact a ban on the heinous practice of partial birth abortion.

Now prayers are needed for the U.S. Supreme Court, which next Wednesday will hear arguments in a key abortion case. In June Medical Services v. Russo, abortion providers are challenging a Louisiana law that requires them to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their practice. You might think such a common sense law would be welcomed by those who so strenuously claim that abortion is integral to health care. Wouldn’t they want such an invasive procedure to be conducted with safeguards that are common to other surgeries?

The abortion providers, claiming to stand for women in the state, have a different view. They feel they are re-litigating a related 2016 high court ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. To undergo the quality-control screening necessary for hospital admitting privileges seems to them to be an undue burden – indeed, an unconstitutional burden.

The abortion activists’ insistence on exemption from common sense regulation underscores why even pro-choice Americans should think  the law is needed. To that point, in its court filing, Louisiana explains the background that led to the law: “The compliance history of clinics and the disciplinary history of abortion doctors showed this was inadequate to protect women and girls from sub-standard credentialing and clinic practices where doctors demonstrated little or no accountability.”

This case also raises the question of how much the abortion industry can really be viewed as a defender of the rights of women rather than simply as a special interest group looking after its own wallet. After Alliance Defending Freedom filed a brief in this case, ADF senior counsel Kevin Theriot said, “Allowing abortionists to use women’s rights to strike down a law protecting women’s health is like allowing Ford Motor Company to invoke consumers’ rights to invalidate a law requiring safer seat belts.”

If the Senate actions this week display anything, it is the vehement and unquestioning devotion demanded by the abortion industry in the face of all reason. Pray that the justices of the Supreme Court across the ideological spectrum will see through this fog and make a strong and wise ruling in this case. Moreover, pray that our nation will take stock of the very roots of this debate and will embrace a culture that honors and celebrates life, particularly prenatal lives that are voiceless but so “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

There will be a rally outside the Supreme Court during the oral arguments on March 4th from 9am to approx. 11:30am.

Beginning at 7:30AM, [Susan B. Anthony List and other pro-life organizations will] be gathering in front of the court to help stake out space for our pro-life speakers and set the tone for a peaceful, fun, and energized rally. We are asking all pro-life supporters to wear the color BLUE

Aaron Mercer is a Contributing Writer with two decades of experience in Washington, D.C.’s public policy arena and Christian associations. A seasoned strategist, he aids organizations with research, analysis, and writing services, and he reflects on faith, technology, and the public square at FTPolicy.com.

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March 4, 2020

ABBA Father, You are the God who makes all mankind. You have also redeemed mankind with the precious blood of Your willing Lamb, JesusYour Son.
You love the little children, precious in Your sight are these little ones, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Lord we know abortion is murder, plain and simply taking the life of the innocent who have not been given a voice to protest. That is where we come in. We are a voice protesting in their behalf. Lord we don’t want to allow another baby to lose its life to this immoral and corrupt system of abortion.
Father we ask, in Jesus name, that You would be with all those in the court room tomorrow, that they will be given, and use, ears to hear the whole of the matter. We pray that you will be with those bringing the truth on behalf of the babies, that they would have undeniable truth and be able to speak it that can not be reasoned away by deceit, misconception, or confusion, and that it won’t be shut up or dismissed. We pray it rings the loudest in the people’s ears and that they can not erase it from their minds. We pray it changes their thoughts, feelings and opens their minds to understanding the whole picture through Your eyes and the eyes of the babies in the womb.
We ask that You battle in the heavenly realm against those demons who are at war against Your little ones. We ask that You speak loudly and clearly as a sharp two edged sword, to cut through confusion, deception, and misunderstanding of the evil of abortion. We pray as You present the truth that all would hear Your truth on the matters.
We ask for protection for those supporters of life outside the Supreme Court as well. Hear their prayers and keep them in Your will. Please hear the prayers of the people in their homes, at churches, in their work places and places otherwise as they lift them to You for help.
The battle belongs to You, You are the power and the mighty one who saves. Glory and Honor belong to You alone.
In Your sovereign position, call those into account who are to be accountable, and give Grace where grace is needed.
Lord bring victory upon victory for the babies in the womb and also for those who are in leadership of our country who make a stand for the babies and against abortion. Solidify their feet to not be moved. Let no man, money or power be able to uproot or topple them as they stand for Your will to be done.
Prosper the work of their hands that brings glory to You and blesses our nation under You.
Lord we desperately need You now, please meet us here in this battlefield and win the victory and victories to come, in Jesus name, amen.

March 2, 2020

Lord watch over the people there in that court room, let people know that you have made us all lord show people that you are the reason we are all here on this earth you have made, let abortion be gone lord let the baby’s find a new life lord let them have a family if the mother does not want that baby then give it a family, that no life die for a reason that they have not made, let that baby shine on life and on you lord, let everyone show everyone that a life matters, we have people out there that can’t have a baby but that would love to be a mother, let them shine on that let them see that they do not have to kill to make a family happy let me see lord that there is no bad thing about giving that baby a family. Show them lord that you will help them make the right choice, she them and tell them to follow you lord, I pray all this in your name amen,

I hope abortion STOPS Because to me it is truly wrong to kill somthing the god has made

March 1, 2020

Father- Thank you for those who are fighting for the little ones in the highest court of the land. Thank you for those who are able to stand in front of the court house to show their support for protecting women and babies. May you call many who are able to be present there. Please send your protection to surround all involved. There is definitely a spiritual battle being waged regarding the life of the babies and the soul of our nation. I pray for a continued strengthening of the hands for those who are involved in the front lines of the battle. May you bless them with wisdom and protection. May you provide all the money that is needed for these court cases. And Father, please open blind eyes to see the truth of what is being done to women and babies. Please continue to reveal the lies and the awfulness of abortion to the nation. Help the truth that we are killing babies to become real. The term abortion sounds so clinical. But the truth is we are burning babies alive and tearing them apart in the womb- the place where they should be the safest. And we are failing to protect them if they survive. Oh Father, deliver us from this scourge! Let us not be satisfied until it is no longer thinkable in our land.

March 1, 2020

Lord God our Most Holy Father in Heaven, Ypu are perfect in every way. Father You command us not to commit adultery. You command us not to murder. You command us to hinore our Father and Mothers. As we engage in the spiritual battle to end abortion let us remember of the sins that abortion attempts to cover up when we fail to raise children in the way they should go so they will not depart from it, and yet the evil one uses the culture to scream sexuality and impurity into the eyes and mind of our youth. Father help us to pray according to Your will and let us pray over this generation and for future generations to consider Your truth, to remain pure until the marriage vows are said, therefore reducing the need to cover the sin with abortion. I pray for each person reading and praying, that we would consider our own standing with You, and through repentence and faith in Christ that we would walk Your walk, talk Your talk and speak abstinence before covenant marriage. May the winds of change sweep through Your youth groups and may it be for Your glory to awaken a sleeping church as the Day of the Lord draws nigh. In Jesus name I ask for Your spiritual eyes to see from Your perspective, that we may pray according to Your will, that we would be delivered from this evil state, and not be tempted to walk in the ways of our culture. Amen

February 29, 2020

Absolutely I will pray about this, and I will pass this along to others.

This is how we have to do it: a piece at a time. The Left has been patient, slowly eroding away our constitution and morals for over a century. We, on the other hand, feel we’re being less than pure and sincere if we don’t hit the grand slam right away.

You score those runs by first getting on base, through hits and walks. Those are the small steps before the big hit. To use a different picture, we must learn that battles usually advance slowly, with a town here, a base there.

Bev says
February 29, 2020

We know Lord from your word that every life is created in your image. You have instilled in each life to have a purpose in you and for you. These precious unborn babies are having these purposes taken away from them even before they can begin their life. It is a HUGE sin in your eyes and over our nation. I pray that you will open blinded eyes and minds to see this as a law that has to be eliminated from our nation. Grant the Supreme Court your wisdom on this issue and have mercy on America for allowing this.

    March 4, 2020

    Lord Jesus, Plese open the eyes of women that are thinking about abortion, let them understand that this is killing, murdering your own flesh of flesh, blood of blood, please stop this trend, let all kind of testimonies to come up of how the Lord let them understand that this is killing. Save the babies in the wombs. in Your Name, Amen.

February 29, 2020

Thank you Abba Father for your Goodness and Mercy, in the face of such evil in Men and Women invading your “secret place-women’s wombs”, I repent and ask forgiveness for their sins. I ask for forgiveness and ask for your intercession and for your “Waymaking” moves in our society and humanity around the globe. I stand with you Abba Father as you answer “Yes and Amen” with our King Jesus, and the increasing government on His shoulders. I pray for dreams and visions of each of the decision makers, I pray you break their hearts for what breaks your….the shed of innocent blood as men and women sacrifice our children to false Gods…..
We praise you Father, and we seek forgiveness, wisdom, compassion and the fear of the Lord…and the beginning of wisdom.
Thank you Jehovah Nissi as you lead next week and enter ahead of us expressing Victory in Jesus name, for the overturning of man’s evil against unborn and newly born human life.
Praise Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit as our hearts are convicted of sin and we are delivered from evil desires to murder.
I decree and declare victory in Jesus name in our high court system in this matter and all matters!!! Our God rules and reigns, Glory Hallelujah!!! In Jesus name, Amen!!!

Pamela E Beverage
February 29, 2020

Plead the Blood of Jesus over all the babies! ABORT satan!!

February 29, 2020

This is not a coincidence that the new virus causing people to die and the Supreme Court case about abortion is at the same time. Father in Jesus name I ask that you would release your warring angels into the world to stop this spirit of death that has been over our nation. Please for give us for aborting life in babies and some of these babies have lived through abortion but they have been killed or used I laboratories. You are in control of the Supreme Court and those judges. Jesus said I have come to give you life and more abundant.Forgive this nation for allowing abortion. I bind the serpents of death
over this Nation in Jesus name. I declare the Supreme Court Judges will vote for life. I cover there minds with the Blood of Jesus and they will have the mind of Christ in there decision. I agree with what you showed Doug Addison about this virus that the enemy released it to try and stop the great revival over the world. I decree change in US Supreme Court over abortion. They will support Life. In Jesus name amen.

February 29, 2020

Praying to end abortion. Let our leaders know and adhere to God’s law. May people eyes, hearts and souls be led by the Holy Spirit.

    Ken Budz
    February 29, 2020

    Dear Lord thank You for people who value life. You Lord are our Creator and have given us life. Help us created beings be so thankful for life that we want to protect the unborn. Please Lord influence the members of the courts to fulfill Your will on pro- life issues. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

February 29, 2020

Praying for the end of abortion, the conversion of Planned Parenthood and the Holy Spirit to engage the Supreme Court’s ruling’s.


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