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Thank You, Lord, for giving these presidents wisdom. Keep moving through our leaders, and meet them personally this Easter!

These six presidents all used the timeless Easter message to bring glory to the Lord and unity to the nation. Let’s see this trend continue!

From The Christian Post. Easter is a major holiday in the Christian faith, the Sunday which is when Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on the third day after being crucified.

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The day is known for both secular and religious celebrations, from Easter egg rolls, candy for children and retail sales, to worship services, processions, and pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

In recent decades, presidents of the United States have made it a tradition to issue messages in commemoration of the special holy day, focusing on the resurrection and other aspects.

Here are six statements issued by recent presidents in celebration of Easter, with some of these messages being released during or shortly after times of upheaval and uncertainty.

Ronald Reagan – 1981

Not long after being sworn in as president of the United States and a few weeks after surviving a failed assassination attempt, Ronald Reagan issued a statement in celebration of both Easter and Passover.

“Passover is rich with tradition and symbolism. Its observance reminds us that the fight for freedom and the battle against oppression, waged by Jews throughout their history, is one of which all free people are a part,” stated Reagan.

“Beginning today and culminating on Sunday morning, Christians will celebrate with their families the resurrection of Christ, His victory over death. We will remember that He gave His body and His blood — washing clean the faults and the shortcomings of the world. In our rejoicing, we will renew the hope that is ours through the risen Lord.”

Bill Clinton – 1996

A few months after the famous Blizzard of ’96 dumped 1 to 2 feet of snow over much of the Eastern United States, President Bill Clinton issued a message on observing Easter, noting that “the Resurrection of Jesus” is the “central event” of Christianity.

“This holy day marks that moment in time when good conquered evil, hope overcame despair, and life triumphed over death,” Clinton said.

“Just as spring brings warmth and beauty to the earth after a harsh winter, Easter brings joy and new life to the spirit, reminding us that no mistake or failing of the past can put us beyond the reach of God’s mercy.”

Clinton went on to note that “Easter’s timeless message strengthens us for the tasks before us” and that “we remember that our lives have great purpose and value.”

George W. Bush – 2003

President George W. Bush issued an Easter message that called the observance “the most important event of the Christian faith.”

“For Christians, the life and death of Jesus are the ultimate expressions of love, and the supreme demonstrations of God’s mercy, faithfulness and redemption,” stated Bush.

“Since Christ’s miraculous Resurrection on Easter, more than 2,000 years ago, Christians have expressed joy and gratitude for this wondrous sacrifice and for God’s promise of freedom for the oppressed, healing for the brokenhearted, and salvation.”

Issued about a month after the United States led a coalition of nations to invade Iraq and topple the Saddam Hussein regime, Bush noted that while “this year’s observance comes at a time when our world faces many challenges, the message of Easter remains unchanged.”

Barack Obama – 2016

In 2016, during his last full year in office, President Barack Obama released an Easter statement in which he noted that he and his wife “join our fellow Christians in observing Good Friday and celebrating Easter this weekend.”

“This is a time to remember the sacrifices made for us and hold all who suffer close to our hearts,” stated Obama.

“Yet it is also a time to rejoice, give thanks for the Resurrection, and unite with Christians around the world in proclaiming, ‘Christ has risen; He has risen indeed.” We wish all who celebrate a blessed and joyful Easter.”

Donald Trump – 2020

As the nation locked down in response to COVID-19, President Donald Trump issued an Easter message, noting that “this year’s observance of Easter comes during a somber time for our Nation.”

“As our Nation has faced the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus during the past few weeks, we have turned to God for guidance, comfort, and hope. Throughout this difficult period, we have witnessed the core tenets of Christianity—love, compassion, and kindness—reflected in the many acts of courage, generosity, and caring of the American people,” Trump said.

“No matter the circumstances, we will always celebrate Easter as a time of rejuvenation, rebirth, and a renewed sense of purpose and faith. The coronavirus will not stop Easter.  Even in the darkest hours, God’s abundant love and mercy are unwavering.”

Joe Biden – 2022

[In 2022], President Joe Biden released a statement on Easter in which the current commander-in-chief noted that “Holy Week has taken us on a journey from sorrow to salvation.”

“As we reflect today on Christ’s Resurrection, we are reminded that with faith, hope, and love — even death can be defeated,” stated Biden.

“And, as we emerge from this pandemic, we are grateful that so many are able to celebrate this day of joy and renewal with services and family gatherings in person and together again.”

Biden went on to state that he sought “a common hope for the future, reaffirm love and compassion for one another, and cherish the blessing of the dawn of new possibilities.”

What did you think of these presidents’ words? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Used with permission. By Michael Gryboski from The Christian Post. Photo Credit: Canva)

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April 1, 2024

Unfortunately, and casting a shadow over the actual thrust of Biden’s “message”, was his using Easter as an excuse to promote the unscientific lie of transgenderism.

Darlene Estlow
April 1, 2024

Oh, Father, have mercy on President Biden. He said he is a practicing Catholic, yet he refused, even through speech writers, to honor God for Easter. Instead, he lifted up something against the Word of God. Bring him an understanding of what Easter is all about and change his heart.

Ann Curry
April 1, 2024

I sadly have to agree that yes, speech writers make these speeches for the presidents who read them. If in their hearts they believe what they are saying, God only knows. Circumstances today unfortunately, make one wonder. Actions don’t match words.
Heavenly Father protect us and open our eyes to See and ears to hear.

    Darlene Estlow
    April 1, 2024

    At least they were leading us to honor God in what he had done! We do not know what really lies in their hearts, but they were not denying God and his works.

Susan CC
April 1, 2024

After the Lord appeared to Paul, he was powerfully led in the Spirit but considered himself the least of the apostles and unworthy because of his former life. He said “by the grace of God I am what I am and His grace to me was not in vain. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.” Paul believed Christ and said….

Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures. He was buried and He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Scriptures said….Therefore be steadfast and immovable and work for the Lord because your labor is not in vain. “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.” that is the word of trust we proclaim. If you acknowledge publicly with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and trust in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be delivered. With our hearts we trust and work righteously and with our mouths we speak boldly ever acknowledging our Savior. Anyone who rests and trusts in Christ will not be humiliated.

Deuteronomy 30:11–14
Isaiah 28:16
I Corinthians 15:3-4, 58; Romans 10:8-11

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Apostles declared simply and lived purposefully honoring You, their Savior and Living God. Only You know the truth of a man or woman. I pray the words of our leaders mouths and the meditations of their hearts are acceptable to You. May they acknowledge You as their Rock and Redeemer. May they trust and rest in You as they work for Americans. I ask this and so much more in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Susan Jensen
March 31, 2024

Presidents have speech writers who write what they think the people want and need to hear. I question the authenticity of most of these statements as coming from men who fear God and are disciples of Jesus as their Savior. Their actions speak volumes and we as a nation are living with the consequences.

Anna Van Elswyk
March 31, 2024

Dear Lord Jesus, moving forward may we choose leaders who understand the true Love you demonstrated by taking on our sin and suffering on the cross that we may have real life. And through your resurrection you demonstrated that new life that we are free to live when we accept you as Lord and Savior.

Faith Matsuoka
March 31, 2024

One has to wonder – the words are well spoken, but how personal is it to each of these Presidents that Jesus died for each of them and that He is the only one who rose from the dead and who can take away our sins.


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