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Lord Jesus, please touch and heal all of our loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer's. Help those who care for others who are sick. May this new discovery have a positive and lasting impact.

Researchers say that they may have discovered the molecular-level cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists at the University of California–Riverside said in recent findings that the key to understanding Alzheimer’s may have to do with “tau” proteins that likely cause neurofibrillary tangles—which are found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Previously, researchers suggested that amyloid plaques, which are a buildup of amyloid peptides, may be the cause. . . .

Researchers focused on the different structures a single molecule can manufacture, known as isomers.

“An isomer is the same molecule with a different three-dimensional orientation than the original. A common example would be hands. Hands are isomers of each other, mirror images but not exact copies. Isomers can actually have a handedness,” Julian said. . . .

they found that the “normal” tau had a different-handed form than in individuals who had plaques or tangles, and who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The proteins also survived longer than is considered normal, the researchers said.

If a protein stays too long—generally more than 48 hours—some amino acids in the proteins convert into the “other-handed” isomer, they noted.

“If you try to put a right-handed glove on your left hand, it doesn’t work too well,” Julian said. “It’s a similar problem in biology; molecules don’t work the way they’re supposed to after a while because a left-handed glove can actually convert into a right-handed glove that doesn’t fit.”

Do you know someone with Alzheimer’s? How are you praying for them?

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo credit: Getty Images.)

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December 15, 2021

God, You KNOW what causes ALL things and how to correct it PROPERLY! We pray for You to release the whole TRUTH about ALL things and raise up the right people with pure hearts in the right place and time that you will flow through to bring ALL things into alignment with You and what SHOULD be! NOT according to man’s wisdom that leads to destruction BUT to Your wisdom that brings LIFE! Remove ALL things that hinder Your plans and let ALL bow to the feet of THE KING, King Jesus! Tear DOWN the broken systems of this world and BUILD UP IN CHRIST Your plans and way of doing things! We WANT to do life Your way so ENABLE us to do that to GLORIFY Your Son, our Savior Jesus! And HEAL ALL people and make sure they KNOW that YOU are the ONE who did it to give YOU ALL GLORY and THANKS in Jesus Name!! AMEN!!


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