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Lord, we pray for Sherronna Bishop, America’s Mom, and her family as they recover from the shock of an FBI raid that terrorized their family while homeschooling! Protect concerned parents from a weaponized FBI.
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On November 16 a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team broke down the door of Sherronna Bishop’s house while she was homeschooling her children.  At 9:30 a.m. they heard banging on their door. Bishop saw figures at her door, and she thought, “They’re here.”

She barely had time to get her children to their rooms before the SWAT team was assaulting her — unlocked — front door with a battering ram.  Bishop remembered, “They didn’t give me any time to get to the door. They didn’t give me a couple of minutes to pull things together…. My husband began to say, ‘Hey, calm down. We’re here. It’s fine.’ And they’re yelling, and they’re shouting.”

She said, “They proceeded to grab my cell phone and pull my arm down to put me in cuffs.” They handcuffed her husband as well, but she said, “He knew that they could not do that, and so they undid his handcuffs.”

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They then took her outside, where her neighbors could watch, though that wasn’t her primary concern at the moment. “My children were still inside,” she said. The SWAT team went back into the home. Bishop reflected, “Your children are inside with someone you don’t know. You have no idea what’s going to happen…. They wouldn’t tell me why they were there…. I stood out there for about 30 minutes while they went through my home…. Some unnecessary things went on.” Her 18-year-old daughter was coming up the stairs without knowledge of the break-in. Bishop said:

A 6’7” tall, huge FBI agent pulled her on her hoodie down the stairs, pulled her by her hoodie back up the stairs. It just was unnecessary. She’s a good kid. It’s challenging to be telling this story, because I support law enforcement 100%… but the abuse of power, the abuse of authority and coming in with brute force was completely unnecessary…. If this can happen to me, it can happen to you.

Bishop’s door was forcibly opened by FBI agents.

Bishop, who mentioned in an interview with Steve Bannon, that she has no criminal record and has never been violent, is known for the website www.AmericasMom.net, which she started in 2018, and she’s a board member of Moms Empower Moms.


Election integrity is at issue

The FBI SWAT team left paperwork alleging that she was involved in “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.” Bishop said, “We’ve had an ongoing situation of election issues and election integrity in Colorado, and one of the people I’ve supported vocally was a woman named Clerk Tina Peters.” Peters is Mesa County Clerk and Recorder.

Bishop said Peters is “the first elected official in America that has evidence of the wiping of the elections in Mesa County by Dominion.” Peters took a backup of election logs before and after a systems update was performed. She found that 29,000 election logs were deleted during the “update.”

We’ll report more on Peters and the FBI visit she received later this week–Bishop and Peters will tell their stories live on Thursday’s Pray with America’s Leaders. You will be able to hear from them firsthand and pray for them.


Shutting down resistance

Bishop said, “I believe that the demonstration of force was a message more than about a crime I had committed.”

Bishop has been speaking against public school policies since their children moved from a charter school to a public school. She said, “I was shocked…. They were doing mental health evaluations without parental consent, they were already teaching a very seriously disturbing  form of comprehensive sex education, obviously the things we don’t stand for: evolution, redefining history, and of course advancing a lot of the alternative lifestyles as normalcy.”

What really ignited the Bishops was when a mental health evaluation was done on their daughter without their consent. That was illegal in the state of Colorado at the time, and Bishop said, “Had I known then what I know now I would have sued the school district… to set the precedent that the parent is the final authority, not the school, not the teacher, not the superintendent. I am.”

Bishop was compelled to get involved: “Once they messed with my kids… there was no way I was going to be quiet…. I found that a lot of what was happening in the schools was tied to legislation. Bills that were being passed forcing certain curriculum to be applied to our school districts that weren’t helping our kids. They were indoctrinating… and hyper sexualizing our kids.” Bishop made it her mission to help parents understand what’s happening. She started live-streaming herself reading legislation online, and they would get 150,000 views. She said, “People are hungry to know what’s going on.”

Bishop’s been helping conservative Christians get elected to school boards, local city offices and Congress. She helped flip nine school boards to conservative majorities. She’s grateful to the Lord that she hasn’t had any fear.


Parents seen as domestic terrorists

On October 4 Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo forming a task force between the FBI and the Department of Justice to investigate parents who were complaining to school boards about what was being forced on their children. “That’s tyranny! That is communism,” Bishop said. “When you force an idea where people can no longer speak and have their opinion and have care over their own children that’s when violence happens.”

When confronted last month by Congress, Garland said, “I can’t imagine any circumstance in which the Patriot Act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor can I imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism.” And yet, Bishop said, “Our superintendent did in fact reach out to the FBI and reported our parents as scaring them.” Though the paperwork the FBI left was all related to election integrity, she observed:

[The FBI] had served three previous warrants that morning to other people, and nothing happened. They served it. It was fine. A deputy was there to assist, to make sure their constitutional rights were acknowledged. There was none of this stuff that happened at my home. I have been very, very vocal against these policies that are hurting our kids. I have also been very vocal about election integrity. The two things the Biden regime does not allow. And I believe that the demonstration of force was a message more than about a crime I had committed.


One more reason not to trust mainstream media

After enduring the break-in, she was disappointed to discover that a representative of Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said of the break-in at Bishop’s house, “We dispute how some have characterized the law enforcement action carried out earlier this week in Mesa and Garfield Counties. This judicially authorized search was executed in a professional and lawful manner.” Bishop said Weiser is “saying that we’re lying.” Mike Huckabee’s Newsletter pointed out other ways this story is being spun.

Bishop said, “They [the Biden administration] control the mainstream media. They control the narrative if we let them, but I’ve not been willing to do that. I believe they came here to shut me up, to knock this off. They don’t like what we did in Colorado. We are getting our state back.”

As of the filing of this article Bishop said the FBI has not followed up in any way. She said, “We are pursuing all legal avenues right now.”

When asked if she’d do an interview for IFA, she wrote:

Yes we would like to share this story with your audience. Because of the unprecedented nature of this incident and the transparency that we always seek to operate in, I think Christians everywhere, at least I hope, will be ignited to wake up! The battle for freedom and the protection of our natural God-given rights are at stake today. 


You can see a full interview with Sherronna Bishop by clicking here.

Don’t miss praying about this on Tuesday, Pray with Others Live and Thursday Pray with America’s Leaders.
12:15 pm ET–IFApray.org/live or (667) 771-7910, 2452#.

Send a message to Merrick Garland and your representatives through IFA’s Action Center : I’m a parent, not a domestic terrorist.

Bishop can be followed as “America’s Mom” on social media platforms.


Share your prayers for concerned parents including Sherronna Bishop and halting a weaponized FBI!


Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations on six continents, mostly with his own one-man plays. He’s also performed in more than forty film projects. He and his bride, Joyce Swingle, another contributing writer for IFA, now have 37 screen children. The two of them live in New York City. www.RichDrama.com. Photo credits: Sherronna Bishop, AmericasMom.net.

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Santos Garcia Jr
December 15, 2021

Clearly there is a concerted attack upon our Constitutional Republic, our American citizens’ rights to a free and fair election, and the stripping away of ALL of our freedoms. This plot has been in the making for many decades, and as I have revealed in detail- it will NOT go away unless & until we resist (peacefully) with our protests, lawsuits, and compelling our elected officials who serve US- to fight these travesties through the legislative and legal process.

Father we lift up Sherronna and all the parents and concerned citizens like her who are doing their best to stand for truth. Strengthen all of us in the spirit to have the Divine Wisdom to effectively combat this evil, and restore our wayward nation to Your Holy Will, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2021/09/16/it-is-time-to-free-america/ Please study and comment on this important narrative; we have only a short time to prevent permanent damage to our nation and her people. The World is watching!

John Newman
December 14, 2021

Thank you Sherronna for sharing the truth of what happened to your family. May you and your family know God’s peace, grace, comfort, wisdom and continued boldness with the help of the Holy Spirit to stand up for what is right. May God root out that which is evil and bring forth that which is true. May God give you favor as you push forward with your brave friends to fix2020first.com We appreciate your friend Tina Peters and her stand for truth also. May the Holy Spirit provide the protection you and your family and friends need in the time ahead. Our prayers are with you!

Cheryl Risch
December 14, 2021

Lord, protect Sherronna Bishop and family & strengthen her in her inner man to continue to stand up for her rights as a mother to train up her children in the way they should go.

Herb Johnston
December 14, 2021

Remember our founders stood against tyranny taking up arms..not all will come through this unharmed. Its time to be men..not babies. If the management here is encouraging intercessors to report each other- because they are offended by what people post,-then you might as well take down the website. Remember Joshua and Caleb spying out the land -,remember the Giants there. Those Giants were genetically demon- hybrids…its not time to be ” nice” anymore.. we are supposed to be soldiers.

Reply Report comment moderated
Herb Johnston
December 14, 2021

Lird,Have mercy on us as you would move in ways that we have not seen since the Old Testament times…
..where you brought the 10 plagues on the Egyptians. It has become apparent to at least me- and I’m not sure who else -that the ongoing essays of complacency of the church and the ongoing terrorism of our nation by Satan’s forces-,that are so firmly entrenched in our land.. can only be removed by a mighty Act of You-, Lord God and that our prayers have become what seems to be even weak and pointless.
So many Christians are confused, – even in the representation of our Christianity in the news in Christian organizations and in social media there is kind of a niceness, a politeness. I thank God for organizations like The Reawakening America Tour that shows the boldness in the courage that some are finally beginning to allow to come through them- courage that they are not forsaking-,but they are embracing-, and yes sometimes they are not even polite.. because politeness got us into this mess. I pray Lord you would put these tyrants in their place, I ask you Lord, to give us mental courage and mental strength, show us where to go from here- and give us words to pray ..and help us know your presence Lord-, because we are truly lost. In Jesus Name, Amen

Reply Report comment moderated
Jo Longendyke
December 14, 2021

The FBI is now a terrorist organization operating at the whim of a government that has gone insane.
Bless this family and give them peace in this situation; a peace with power from the Holy Spirit to strengthen all of them through to the end of it. We MUST not allow school unions and powers to take over our children. They are OUR children…not the “village children.”

Ronald Roland
December 14, 2021

Welcome to the Brave New World of 1984, Mrs Bishop, where you are not “the parent,” just the agent of birth, which they don’t want you to do anyway. Your children, excuse me, their children, will be taught how not to have children, thus ending the human race, along with the help of homosexuals. Guess who would be at the center of this plan? Hint, it’s not Jesus Christ!
What I am sorry to hear is that they keep getting away with these Gestapo tactics and no one even sues. Is America completely gone now? While we were busy with our everyday jobs, and fantasy entertainment media they just walked in the front door and took over?

karen secrest
December 14, 2021

My daughter has contended for action on abuse of her Sped kid which is largely ignored in public school. I personally know four teachers who have quit and moved from this country because of policies implemented by school boards, principals, teacher’s unions and other parents.
I am a prayer warrior and know the progress so far is due to the God of the Impossible.

Kirlene Gomez
December 14, 2021

What is this report with the danger triangle option???

    Rich Swingle
    December 14, 2021

    I believe it allows you to report a comment if it’s not God-honoring.

Kirlene Gomez
December 14, 2021

We know this is real! Just had a faith over fear gathering here in our county. Wake up Christians! Thank you fir your courage!

December 14, 2021

There needs to be laws against the FBI, Prosecutors and Judges for abusing the trust WE THE PEOPLE grant them! We must stop this reckless unnecessary abuse of power! The damn system doesn’t use this much show of power against long-term criminals! WTF!

Rick Naatz
December 14, 2021

Can you explain why the FBI came to her house? I agree it was completely over aggressive but first time reading about it and to my reading, completely left out the reason why the FBI showed up, whether warranted or not. Kind of a vital piece of the story to leave out. I assume the reason was not valid, but would still like to know. Pretty sure they did not crash in her door just to crash in her door and terrorize her family. Must have been some legal reason they came, whether justified or not. I could not find it in the article anywhere.
Thank you

    Kirlene Gomez
    December 14, 2021

    You are quite uninformed!

    Roxanne Rice
    December 14, 2021

    Rick, you couldn’t find a legal reason in the article because there was no legal reason for what the FBI did. I never thought I would see the day when our beloved and honorable FBI would be turned into a Nazi-style enforcement arm of our
    corrupted government, but that day is here.

    Thank God, He is for us! He, and we, will win. Amen!

    Rich Swingle
    December 14, 2021

    Thanks for asking for clarity. The FBI wouldn’t tell her why they were there until they left, and then they (quoting from the article) left paperwork alleging that she was involved in “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.”

    I should have made it more clear that they were basically tying her to Tina Peters, who made backups of the voting records before and after a Dominion “update.” The fact that Peters noticed 29,000 missing ballots indicates that the FBI was weaponized to cover up voter fraud.

    The next article for Thursday will get into Peters’ story in more detail. I’m looking forward to being on the show with her and Bishop.

Rich Swingle
December 14, 2021

We’re going to cover this article today at 12:15 p.m. Eastern on Pray with Others Live. I’ll be mentioning a panel of four retired FBI agents that Sherronna Bishop mentioned in our interview, and you can watch it here: https://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/four-distinguished-and-retired-fbi-agents-warn-about-marxist-revolution-america-and-within

Also, Bishop, Tina Peters and I will be on Pray with America’s Leaders on Thursday.

Lord, continue to reveal the patterns of how the FBI is being used against our own people when they question how our elections are being run and how our children are being educated!

    Herb Johnston
    December 14, 2021

    Rich, thank you for continuing to stand in courage against all forms of evil and misinformation..which- sometimes..is even here in the comments and prayer section

    Reply Report comment moderated
    Herb Johnston
    December 14, 2021

    Rich, thank you for continuing to stand strong against evil misinformation- -, which, sometimes.. is even here in the comments section

Brian lynch
December 14, 2021

What happened at the Bishop’s home is wrong and unacceptable. The FBI has extremely overstepped their bounds in this situation.
This sounds like the SS in Nazi Germany! This should NEVER be allowed to happen in America. These people did nothing to warrant this unreal behavior on the part of the FBI. Lord Jesus, I bind the spirit of tyranny that has infiltrated our federal government in your name. I loose the fruit of Holy Spirit upon the Biden Administration. Please, cause all people involved to see the evil that has infiltrated our nation and their leadership. Let this action come to a screeching halt. In Jesus’ name I pray.

Steve Johnson
December 14, 2021

It is very disappointing to find the FBI engaging in such corrupt behavior. Parental rights are on the line and the left is seeking to destroy them.

Nancy Rife
December 14, 2021

Powerful article! Thank you for gathering the details so we can pray and act! Help, Lord! Do not let this intimidation and denial of our constitutional rights go unchecked!

Lloyd King
December 14, 2021

This behavior is absolutely unacceptable ! Mrs. Bishop is an American citizen and has constitutional rights which have been severely violated. The biden administration is dragging our nation into a moral cesspool, violating the rights of citizens, corrupting our children, and opening our borders to anyone who wants to enter, including drug cartels. As Christians, it is our privilege and duty to pray for our nation. Let your voices be heard in a resounding prayer to God and protest in the face of government persecution. We must not remain silent!

    Carole Neve
    December 14, 2021

    And human smugglers are allowed into this country illegally. This corrupt government has to stand down. Pray that justice of We The People will prevail.


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