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Father, let no plan of evil or corruption that is at work prevail. We ask that You give the citizens of our nation Your wisdom and insight.
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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that President Joe Biden’s roughly $2 trillion plan for the nation’s infrastructure was needed for “national security.”

Referencing a cyber attack shutting down the Colonial Pipeline, anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “I wonder if you can tell us how the proposed infrastructure bill would have protected this pipeline from a cyber attack and whether that is central to all those things that I know some of your conservatives make fun of, things that aren’t actually tangible roads and bridges.”

Buttigieg said, “Right, I mean, this is one more reminder that infrastructure in the U.S. means a lot more than roads and bridges. Although I would remind everybody that the American Jobs Plan has a huge amount of resources to improve roads and bridges in this country among many other things.” . . .

Buttigieg added, “That’s true when we think about roads and bridges, obviously. It’s a safety issue if they’re not in good shape. But it’s also true as we’re confronting threats of the future ranging from climate security to cybersecurity. It’s one of the reasons why there is such a robust amount of funding for resilience built into the President’s American Jobs Plan, an awareness that we need to be preparing and building for the future.” . . .

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(Excerpt from Breitbart. Article by Pam Key. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Vickie Fisher
May 12, 2021

TRUTHER ALEET: Feel in Spirit nefarious usage of Infrastructure Funding~ a repeat performance of Election Madness of Nov 2020…only different. Left starts talking Cyber Security Safety & Protection ~ history reveals what they’re actually doing is opposite what they say. Often what Dems Name things turn out to be just the opposite but camouflaged. Extremely concerned much of HUGE Trillion Dollar “Relief & Rebuilding Packages” are being squirreled & siphoned away for one thing: Protecting (Dem’s) POWER! They can’t win fair & square. They know it. They see TRUMP coming. They cheat & won’t allow Audits. Possible that huge piles of American Relief Tax Dollars are actually corrupt payoffs & insurance of their continued POWER. Feels EVIL & I PRAY big smart people inside Government get & stay ALL OVER every cent; that ALL THEIR alleged Cyber Security Protection Acts are CLOSELY MONITORED by powerful insiders on the other side of the isle!! I PRAY: Lord GOD in JESUS’ Name REMOVE BLINDERS & PROTECT AMERICA! Grant strong Discernment & Clear Safe Paths of PROTECTION for Conservative Party Politicians. Amen 🙏


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