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Father God, please bless the message of this truth-telling documentary. Fill the theaters. Spread the word about the truth of abortion and the humanity of preborn children.

In direct answer to our prayers, the pro-life documentary The Matter of Life can be seen in theaters today, Monday, May 16 and tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17.

This film “clarifies the most contentious issue of our day” in the midst of the swirling debate awaiting the Dobbs Supreme Court decision that will likely overturn Roe v. Wade.

Find out more. Watch and pray with filmmaker Tracy Robinson who appeared on IFA’s Pray with Others Live.

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Patty DeGroot
May 18, 2022

I went to see “The Matter Of Life” last night. Truly, as you say, it clarifies the most contentious issue of our day! What stands out in my mind are the testimonials from the abortion doctor who quit doing abortions, & the Mother who had been a rape victim, but carried her baby full term & decided on an open adoption which has been a “beauty from ashes” experience for her & her son! The graphics of an actual abortion, though hard to watch, must be seen by Americans so we will face reality & not be afraid to talk about it. The church triumphant is alive & well! It’s true! So many churches have developed programs to come alongside Mothers-to-be! No woman facing an unplanned pregnancy can be unsupported. This is a strong message from the documentary. Every babies life saved is a victory! Thank you, God, for untrasounds! You leave the movie with HOPE! “LOVE WILL END ABORTION”!


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