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Father, we pray that You would purge the corruption from our elections. Restore our founding father's principles and prevent any election in the future from being as fraudulent and crooked as the 2020 election.
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2000 Mules brings the next wave of damning evidence to the 2020 Fools who insist our last general election was “The most secure in American history.”  This ludicrous, propagandized trope continues to rinse and repeat its way through the Corporate Media spin cycle as if the American people live in tents in the woods — which, at this point, is far more appealing than living in Joe Biden’s version of America.

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Dinesh D’Souza, author, filmmaker, and compelling intellectual, has been around politics for a long time.  As is always the case, the Left hates and dismisses him while the Right reveres and learns from him.  In the case of 2000 Mules, America should prove herself ambidextrous and everyone should watch this film and decide for themselves.

D’Souza joins forces with the brilliant, tech-savvy, and profoundly impressive team at True the Vote to synthesize cellular geo-tracking data with video surveillance footage to capture the most blatant, easy to understand criminal activity in election history.

As Danny Ocean said in Oceans Eleven when charged with being a liar;

I only lied about being a thief.

Our oligarchical elites rely upon a single constant as they forge their way to unchecked power and control:  An incurious citizenry.  With the cognizant depth of Baretta’s cockatoo, the well-trained masses continue to squawk; There is absolutely no evidence of election fraud whatsoever.  To which I respond:  It’s time for your cracker, Fred.

In 2000 Mules, everyone can plainly see the unleashed, forensic power of how cell phone geo-spatial data can be used for good when placed in the hands of honest, master technicians who are intent on uncovering the truth.  If for no other reason, please watch this movie to understand you have already licensed your mobile phone to unabatedly collect your personal data and plot your latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates so that it can be sold to the highest bidder.  Or lowest.

Your “private data” is handily used by any and all suitors to describe to the world your behavior, your interests, and every movement you make here on planet earth.

True the Vote spent millions of dollars purchasing uncountable petabytes of geo-spatial data for specific, democratic precincts in the five key swing states where ballot drop boxes were used:

True the Vote has the largest store of election intelligence for the 2020 elections in the world.  No one has more intelligence than we do.

~ Gregg Phillips, True the Vote

Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht are key cast members in this real-life saga.  Using super-computers and innovative programming techniques, they explain to us how they were able to cull frequency anomalies for dropbox visitation.

In true never let a crisis go to waste fashion, the SARS-COV-2 frenzy yanked basic rights and societal provisions right out from under our feet.  Or in this case, our fingers.  The process by which individuals cast their vote was quickly and illegally mangled beyond recognition as the once-simple process became a three-ringed crime syndication circus.

By creating a digital fence around selected drop boxes, patterns began to emerge that showed how many times the same cell phone traveled inside a fence.  If our motto is one-person one-vote, why would people need to visit multiple lockboxes over and over again to cast their one vote?

Let’s Go to the Video

To further bolster their astounding investigative process, True the Vote was able to request and collect over four million minutes of corresponding video surveillance footage at each of the drop boxes in question.  Almost predictably, it was soon discovered the vast majority of these videos, which were required to be secured by law, were unusable.  In Jeffrey Epstein-like fashion, we learn that the camera’s were either turned off, pointed at the ground, or had a compromised lens.

Nonetheless, there was plenty of useful, high-quality footage that was overlaid with the geo-tracking data to reveal to the world what the patterns of a ballot mule looks like.  In the same manner, a drug mule is used to moved illegal substances from one location to another, a ballot mule does the same thing. Except in this case, the contraband is your illegal ballot and the poppy fields are dirty voter roles, counterfeit ballots, and vulnerable senior citizens.

The abuses of ballot harvesting and ballot trafficking are well documented by this point, but remember this:  Once the chain of custody for a cast ballot is broken, the result is an illegal vote.  Additionally, it is illegal in all fifty states for anyone to be paid to gather ballots and submit them into the election process.

Under the cover of darkness, the videos show mule after mule open their backpack in the wee hours of the morning and like a Blackjack dealer, feed numerous ballots into the box.  As Eric Metaxas says in the movie:  Don’t we all vote at one o’clock in the morning?

Some ballot smugglers are seen taking pictures as they work.  Whistleblowing mules in the documentary explain how the pictures are used as proof to receive payment.

What’s In a Vote?

If you glean your news from the globalist grid, you probably haven’t heard of this documentary — and that includes conservatives as both Fox News and Newsmax refuse to mention 2000 Mules.

Real data.  Real video.  Real analysis.  Real criminal activity.  Ask yourself; why would major “News” outlets avoid this story?

The correct answer is not, “Because the Supreme Court found no evidence of election fraud in every case brought before it.”  Wrong.  Every case brought before the Supreme Court was rejected before evidentiary hearings were allowed.  The Texas lawsuit was the only case reviewed but it was quickly dismissed due to standing.

It’s true we can not prove that every illegal vote went for Biden.  However, this is precisely why the entire story of the 2020 election has little to do with the candidates and everything to do with We The People.  With over half the country doubting if our election process is accurate, the response we need is robust investigation as opposed to sweeping censorship.

Exactly when did America begin fashioning itself after the CCP as opposed to holding fast to our founding documents?

Utilizing very conservative estimates, basic analysis of the data in only the targeted counties reveals an astonishing numbers of ballots that were cast illegally:

Michigan: 125,000 illegal ballots

Wisconsin: 14,000 illegal ballots

Georgia: 30,000 illegal ballots

Arizona: 20,000 illegal ballots

Philadelphia: 275,000 illegal ballots

These numbers are well outside the margin of victory in these key states.  No sane, rational American was asking Vice President Pence to overturn the results but rather hold off on certifying the Electoral votes until further investigation could be conducted.

It is imperative to realize 2000 Mules does not consider the already known and emerging aberrations associated with Dominion Systems, Election Systems and Software, and Smartmatic.  We contested an election for hanging chads in one state and we certainly should have done the same for the most fraudulent election in American history.

Only the guilty want to hurriedly sanitize a crime scene.

What did you think of this article? Share your prayers for election integrity in the comments.

(Used with permission. The Wine Patch, by Keith Guinta. Photo Credit: Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash)

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Patricia Holtke
June 15, 2022

Father God, please allow that the truth which has been revealed clearly through this film be acknowledged by those in authority, and that finally the entire country sees what happened during the last presidential election. Please Father place a hedge of protection around Dinesh, Catherine, and all who created this film. Please Lord, help this country be saved from the evils of those who wish evil to continue and worsen in America. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

victoria z
May 22, 2022

i dont understand why this video is being “sold” to viewers…especially if this is truth as it claims to be, this is a crime by domestic terrorists posing as Democrats…Biden is showing his colors ceding to WHO…the contents of the video are world news, the military should step in immediately and remove Biden & Harris & instate Trump immediately. God help us, step in Lord, we trust you to do a last minute miracle like you did for Israel when you parted tge sea. Bring justice to our nation Lord and remove the fraudukent administration immediately. We thank you and praise you.

Santos Garcia Jr.
May 21, 2022

ABBA Father, we pray that the new schedule of “2000 Mules” to many theaters this weekend will begin an exploding call for the movie to gain momentum and viewership throughout the United States and the world! We have long known that the election was stolen, and now with the work of True The Vote, as well as Mike Lindell’s exposure of voting machine corruption- that is now confirmed in Colorado & Arizona by Computer Experts, that legislators will DEMAND decertification of the corrupt election.

We also agree that EVERY person involved in this monumental crime must be exposed and held to account, and pray that whistleblowers and those seeking immunity would come forward and confess their culpability in fully exposing this travesty against America. For Your Glory, Father, by the Power of Holy Spirit- in Jesus’ Name, AMEN! http://www.zionsgate.wordpress.com

Emma Morgan
May 18, 2022

I pray for our country to be delivered from corrupt leaders; for our elections to be honest; for all babies to be welcomed into the world and for God to purge our country from all evildoers. In Jesus name I pray, amen

Mary Ellen Stewart
May 18, 2022

I prayed.

David Camarillo
May 17, 2022

A lot of people thought that President Trump was a divisive president and that he would lead us into a war. President Biden has wrecked our economy, sold us out to Russia and the Chinese and if he’s not careful, could get us into a world war. I pray that President Biden would put America first and then we could help other countries and show them how to create wealth.

Salem Zahn
May 17, 2022

I said from the very beginning when the voting precincts were shut down because of the plandemic that instead of voting at the precincts then they should open up voting booths at the local WalMarts since none of them closed their doors! Liquors stores stayed open but churches were off limits. Lord Jesus You see the hypocracy that the leftist agenda orchestrated and you know their deeds! Lord Jesus bring all the evil deeds that were done in darkness into submission of Your Holy and righteous light so that the evil doers will stand naked and afraid and be brought to repentance for their evil work done in such a clandestine manner regarding our election process. Thank you Lord for bringing to fruition this excellent documentary that has uncovered the election fraud and bring to justice all that were involved in the massive fraud from the top on down to the mules. Restore election integrity so that there can no longer be any means to fraud voters again. Thank you Jesus for this answered prayer for we look to you only to restore the breach that was done and bring justice to the guilty! Also Jesus we ask that there will never be another mass hysteria plandemic or any government officials tied to NWO or communist regimes that orchestrate such crimes on America! Bless You Jesus for hearing and answering our plea! Amen

Regina Ford
May 17, 2022

My husband and I watched the well done documentary. It solidified along with the work of Mike Lindell, that 2020 election was rigged and stolen. This should fall under RICCO statute. President Biden confessed in his confusion voter fraud was done well. This is a blatant attack on We The People. President Trump was correct “ they are not after me, but YOU, I was in the way”

Sharion H
May 17, 2022

I’m a partner of Flashpoint and we had an excellent program with Gregg Phillips and Kathern Engelbrech explaining how all of these extra votes came to be. Your article said that the Supreme Court Justices refused or rejected every case but one. I’m wondering if this was the work of their CLERKS? or the work of the JUSTICES and if so which ones? We need to know details. We need to remove thugs in the Congress, Senate, Pentagon, State Department, everywhere.
There was a time (before Trump) that a Federal employee couldn’t be fired so when caught doing something wrong, or not doing anything, they would transfer them. Donald Trump reviewed their work history and FIRED 9,000 OF THEM.
Your article mentioned the cameras being moved so they didn’t focus on the ballot boxes. The cameras should be set so it shows everything and secured by law so no one could touch the cameras after they were in place. A seal or something should be placed on them.
The abuses of ballot harvesting and trafficking are well documented. No excuses! It’s against the law in all 50 states for someone to gather ballots and place them into the election process so anyone doing so should be arrested.
Registration should NEVER be done on the computer. They found a small apartment had over 300 people using that address. When I registered, we went to the City Hall and had to bring several documents proving who we were, where we lived, worked, etc. I was just out of the Marine Corps so I had lots of documents. They checked everything. No one checks anything now and we wonder why anyone can vote? All those using the computer should be contacted (if you can find them) and asked to bring documents by appointment to the City Hall and re-register. Anyone that couldn’t be found should be black listed and refused the opportunity to vote unless they go down to the City Hall the next day and re-register.
We have to put a stop to all this easy stuff and make it meet the requirements of a great nation. Even getting a driver’s license, they have a place for them to register to vote. That should require documents and someone make sure those addresses, etc., are theirs.
If people are upset about all these new requirements, just say BIDEN and the costs that put on our nation is enough to make these changes set.

May 17, 2022

This article is very revealing, as are any and all articles related to the stolen election of Joe Biden in 2020. It is so sad to know that so few news outlets are revealing how this fraud has been pulled on Americans. This dishonest corruption NEEDS to be exposed for what it truly is. 2000 mules is but the tip of the iceberg. I feel appalled that this was allowed to happen in my country. There is SO much deception, collusion, and corruption going on that cannot be exposed, due to the massive cover-ups that these evil weasles have perpetrated upon the American people. Lord, please, right the wrongs that have occurred in our nation . It is truly not too late. Thank You, Jesus.

Jennifer Molin
May 17, 2022

I feel vindicated because I see that the evidence is clear! Father God we bind up the spirit of leviathan the lying spirit that continues to use the media and deceiving the people. In Jesus Mighty Name we will see the impossible become possible and the TRUTH will not only be revealed but fully corrected in a court that is aligned to Heavens purposes and plans. Thank you Jesus! The joy of the Lord is my strength

jill marshall
May 17, 2022

I love this article. Why won’t the networks talk about “2000 Mules”?
The biased censorship in this country should not be tolerated.
God help us.

May 17, 2022

The words used in this article are right on-anyone who has not watched the movie does not need to state anything without watching it first.

Nancy B Bryda
May 17, 2022

In Jesus name, the name above every name, I loose the info of this film into mainstream media and into the halls of Congress and into the Supreme Court. I declare and decree that it will be played in the House of Representatives and the Senate and on Facebook and Twitter. I declare and decree that it is and will continue to facilitate exposure and justice to the people breaking our American laws. NGOs and left wing groups in violation of laws are being exposed and will be prosecuted in Jesus name. I speak protection over people at TruetheVote. Georgia 2020 election voting history is under the microscope of heaven and I decree exposure and court prosecution as needed to bring justice for the purpose of integrity voting. No King but Jesus and voting cheating is and will continue to be exposed and prosecuted. I decree and declare American voting system is being cleaned and purged of voter fraud.

    Angela Morris
    June 10, 2022

    In agreement in The Mighty Name of Yeshua HaMashiach Amen 🙏🙏🙏

Barbara Janicki
May 17, 2022

So thankful for D’Souza and his courage to bring truth to light – the opposition, those that do their deeds in darkness because their deeds are evil (voting at 1am) are fighting hard to suppress this information as evidenced by Fox News and Newsmax refusing to report this story. We are fighting the battle of bringing forth the truth and then another battle getting people to receive the truth and for the truth to affect their decisions and actions. The truth can only set us free if we receive it – seems so many would rather believe the lies forced on us 24/7 through the current narratives the media puts forth and insists that we believe lest we be labeled conspiracy theorists, racists, a threat to democracy, terrorists, white supremacists (even if we are not white) etc. Praying that when truth is revealed people will recognize it, receive it and have the courage to act on it – rather than ignore or dismiss it – whether it be this truth about voting in the 2020 elections, truth about COVID, truth about the vaccines, truth about BLM (some of that is coming out recently, seems they bought mansions rather than building community centers in poor neighborhoods, oh, that’s right, they burned those neighborhoods down, businesses and all) in a post truth era, we desperately need truth, we need the truth of the Gospel, God’s truth most of all. That will truly set us free. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Patricia Tryal
May 17, 2022

Prov.10:24, “The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted.”
Lord, we know the wicked fear righteousness, so will you grant them what they fear, please. And may the hopes of the godly be granted-the hopes of fair and just elections, free from corruption. Amen.

Jean Blasingame
May 17, 2022

Lord Jesus, You see with all-knowing eyes. We earnestly ask that You raise up people with integrity that will join the battle for truth in the 2020 election. So many people have gone to so much expense and effort to find the truth, and yet we have far too many in leadership positions who refuse to look. We ask that you give the judges, leglislators, and other elected leaders a spirit of courage and the faith and perserverance to follow truth wherever it may lead. We ask for Your mercy in our primary elections today that only righteous leaders will prevail. We pray that You will speak to the hearts of Your people that they will show up and vote in numbers as never before, and show them who You have chosen to lead so they make good decisions. We praise You and give You thanks for our country and ask Your conviction on those who are taking freedom for granted and Your blessing on those who are working to restore and maintain it for our children and grandchildren. Amen

Barbara Martin
May 17, 2022

Very well-written and researched. Along with that are the officials on local levels that allow this to happen. Here in Seminole County, FL, we have 3,000+ hot spots (households) with nine or more registered voters – that’s 27,000 extra dirty votes that could (and did) sway any election. (Plus an additional 30,000 with six or more residents) President Trump lost to the current White House Resident by 7,000+ votes in the 2020 election in Seminole – which has always been a Republican county. In 2018, Gov. Ron DeSantis lost to Democrat Andrew Gillum in Seminole by 3,000+ votes. Pray for us America First Constitutional Conservatives as we try a third attempt to unseat RINOs at our local Republican Executive Committee this week (SCREC). Neither the State or local Party has cleaning up the voter rolls on their agenda. Ballots for dead people as well as those who have moved (once legally registered) have never been taken off the voter rolls and this is what the Left uses to cheat. Gov. DeSantis has signed some election integrity bills this year and they will help, but he was hindered by RINOs who joined with the Left to stop most of them.

May 17, 2022

Awesome article that is right on target. These mules need to be prosecuted.

May 17, 2022

Do the same thing at those collecting illegal ballots and those paying for it! Drain the damn swamp!!!

Scott Myers
May 17, 2022

I can’t wait to see it. Me and my brother have plans to see it this Saturday here in Columbus, OH.


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