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1646 People Prayed
9326 People have read this article


Father, we pray that the truth about abortion would be known.

On Wednesday, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg claimed abortion is safer than childbirth while attacking a Louisiana law that requires abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges for patient emergencies, The Independent reports….

Abortions are not safer than childbirth because a baby always dies.

Women, too, risk their physical and mental health – and their future children’s as well – when they have abortions.

But some of the most respected minds in the country continue to mislead the public about the truth. . . .

The justices considered a challenge to the law Wednesday, and they are expected to rule on the matter in June. The case will determine whether states may require abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges for patient emergencies and whether abortion businesses may sue on behalf of their patients.

Ginsburg, a pro-abortion icon, questioned the necessity of the law, arguing that most women who get abortions do not require medical treatment afterward.

“Most of the people who get abortions never have any need to go to a hospital, isn’t that so?” she asked lawyers for the state. “You don’t dispute … that among medical procedures, first-trimester abortion is among the safest, far safer than childbirth.”

This is not the first time Ginsburg has made the old, debunked pro-abortion argument. She made the same claim in 2016 when the Supreme Court heard a challenge to a similar Texas law.

First and foremost, abortion never is safer for the unborn child. The very purpose of an abortion is to destroy an unborn human being’s life.

Second, it is not accurate to say that abortion is safer for the woman, either. At the very least, researchers point outthat the U.S. does not receive enough data from abortion facilities to make that conclusion. Several European studieshave refuted the claim even further, concluding that more women die after abortions than childbirth.

(Excerpt from Life News. Article by MICAIAH BILGER.)


1646 People Prayed
9326 People have read this article

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  1. I pray and am thankful that Ginsburg time on the Supreme Court is coming to an end. I pray that she would repent and turn to the Lord Jesus before it is totally too late for her. Someday she will meet the real leader of the SUPREME COURT.

    1. I pray when the next nominee for the supreme court is needed it will be a bible believing Christ centered God fearing man who will love life and liberty and interpret the constitution according to the writers’ intent. I believe Ginsburg is going to be replaced soon. Will we as a nation repent? Hopefully so. Jesus is Lord.

  2. Justice Ginsberg I have been praying I have been praying that God will give you a heart of flesh and not of stone concerning the lives of unborn babies and their Mothers. But especially the defenseless baby. Abortion is very dangerous to the baby. Abortion means murder Justice. Please speak with Abby Johnson and go with her to an Abortion and see how safe an Abortion is. I have been outside Abortion places and seen ambulances leave to go to the hospitals with mothers after a brutal abortion which they all are for both. The mother often dies following her murdered child It takes courage Justice Ginsberg to humble yourself before a Holy God and ask forgiveness. But many do. You can also. Abortion is not safe for anyone involved. No matter how you try to spin it.

  3. Father I continue to be shocked at the insanity of words like this. These are words are simple(I do not use these words tritely either) lies and deceptions straight from the mouth of the enemy of our souls. Her heart is a heart of stone because she has believed the lies and embraced them all as truth. Lord you can see her heart as in Jeremiah 18:1-4, ” So I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was working at his wheel. And the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter’s hand, and he reworked it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do. (RSV) It is in the spoiled stage Lord I pray rework her heart, change her heart that it would be good and stand in Your truth Lord we pray.

  4. I have been a volunteer in a Pregnancy Crisis Center and took my Mom to many of the special dinners they would hold as fundraisers. One day she confessed to me that she had an illegal abortion in the 1950’s and nearly bled to death. She was rushed to the hospital and thank God she was ok. As she learned what abortion really was she felt so condemned. I praise God that she was born again and I was able to reassure her that she was forgiven and would see her child again when she went to Heaven. Our precious Savior forgives all who ask Him because He loves us so very much and the sin of abortion was nailed to the Cross as well as every other sin that we have committed. I too pray for Justice Ginsberg to see her come into the Kingdom of her Messiah and receive all that He died to give her. Holy Spirit bring Ruth Ginsberg to the truth of Jesus Christ as her Messiah and to complete salvation in Christ our LORD, in Jesus Name..amen

    1. Abortion wasn’t legal until the early 70s in America, and for God’s children,will never be. We believe together for God to give us mercy,Grace,and favor to stop it at the seemingly highest level..the supreme court. It is illegal and God is the SUPREME COURT. We ask for forgiveness for we the people allowing this to happen in the first place. I believe we are turning from our wicked ways…and God will forgive and heal our land as we seek him first and honor him in all we say and do. He is king and we will worship him. And go tell the great news of Jesus Christ to the world. In Jesus name we thank you Lord amen. same with same sex marriage and relationships . Not of God it would be great if we all repent and start afresh w the Lord together as one onniw and on the National day of prayer. Please pray that the curse pronounced on the house of representative floor in 1987 concerning the Homosexual agenda and the 1964 equality act. It is a curse on our nation and it is filed in the records. Rep Danemeier of California read it. The other members did not want it in the records of minutes it is so vile. It is titled “wolves in sheepish clothing. Please join me to break that vile curse and pronounce the word of God in its place. It is a vile declaration and you can find it thru Matt Stavers web site .the light expels the darkness and many prayer warriors are needed to break it together. God knows what it says. I’d Luke to see it removed from the records. I believe it was filed approx. July 1987. People will be set free by the power of God and the surge of his light flooding the earth as we pray and worship him.can you see it !!! Thank you Lord .in Jesus name and by the blood he shed we are free.

    1. Dear Lord Jesus,
      Help us to abolish this horrific act of murder in the United States of America. Lord open the eyes of all who are in authority to see the error of their ways and to be so deeply moved that we can repent of this as a nation and turn from these wicked ways Lord 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Open hearts to be so full of your mercy and Love and give such a deep revelation of the fathers heart through Christ Jesus that we would turn and choose you Lord and choose life for the precious defenseless unborn souls you’ve created ❤️

  5. Dear Justice Ginsburg,
    I pray that you will come to see the devastating truth – that abortion takes the life of a reborn human being and that abortion often leaves the woman with devastating guilt. While I agree that many of women need help when they find themselves alone and pregnant we, as a country need to offer them life-giving choices. Not just abortion.
    I pray too that the One True God will make Himself so real to you that you will fall down on your knees in reverence before Him and allow Him to reveal truth to you.
    May God Bless you.

  6. Holy Father, soften this heart of stone in Ruth Bader Ginsberg and help her to see the truth of your word. Help her to hear your Word for truth comes from hearing. I pray for her salvation.

  7. Lord, have mercy on the soul of this spiritually lost woman! Let her see the error of her ways. Remove her from this very sacred and honorable position, as she does not value nor reflect life. Your are all about life, Father. Let this spiritually blinded National leader go home to ponder the spiritual state of her soul before is too late. Remove her from power, Lord and replace her with a godly, righteous Justice that honors You!
    In the name of Jesus, I join the thousands Interceding, praying and believing for victory for the Louisiana case. Amen 🙏

  8. Women who participate in abortions do not anticipate the future longterm effects of their own mental and spiritual wellbeing. Abortion is not a bandaid for a poor moral decision and lack of self control. Abortion is not birth control – rather it is more often than not, a premeditated act of selfishness.

    While Justice Ginsburg has been extended the gift of life by prevailing over several life threatening illnesses she chooses to be an accomplice complicit in the murders of babies given no choice to live productive lives. She has played her hand openly for all the world to see. As certain as her role of administrating fairness in all facets of life is being hindered by something evil and heinous surely the Lord is able to turn this aberration around for His glory to return truth and moral rectitude to this nation.

    May the Justices of our Supreme Court weigh their collective conscience and convictions and appeal to the Lord God Almighty for His wisdom in this imminent ruling. May the Supreme Court encourage all providers to support their abortion decisions with factual evidence of life threatening issues just as they would prevail in circumstances of cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Bring abortion to a standstill with a record of evidence supporting necessity for this atrocity against His creation and the lives of those He has known before conception. Too many lives hang in the balance awaiting approval to have bone marrow and other organ transplants, while an abortion is performed with almost no questions asked. Lord I pray you show the Justices what justice is and prevail upon them to demonstrate it with their decision in June. Thank you for the gift of life that reflects your mercy and generosity of compassion for the sake of sinful men and women. Your word is not vapid but redemptive to save us from our errors. amen

  9. I was told by someone in the prosecuting atty girl that a judge could not have an “opinion’in abortion..they must remain neutral and cannot. Comment on their personal beliefs?

  10. It is obvious that the entire government has been corrupted by the rich and powerful. It is time the people in our country to take back our homeland. As for Ginsburg should be charged with 61 million deaths and treason. But not by the court. The people should determine her fate!

  11. Lord Jesus, we ask that you remove the wicked and corrupt from our government and courts and provide us with Godly leaders. We pray that you open the eyes and hearts of the blind and hardened. Through dreams, visions, prayers, open Ginsburg’s eyes to the horrors of abortion and to the path to her personal repentance and salvation. Amen.

    1. Father, I also pray that Your Church would RISE UP against abortion, porn, Planned Parenthood, CSE (comprehensive sex education) that denies biological reality and promotes ideology, not true science, to underage minor children. Please reveal what needs to be done and anoint those whom you chose to get this done. Take down from government funding all organizations that promote “sexual rights for children” and ignore/deny age of consent laws and the harm of children being sexualized and groomed for sexual behavior outside marriage. May Your church shine the light of truth about our biology, and sexuality, that it is a gift from you, designed for marriage only. In the name of Jesus Christ. Please come quickly LORD JESUS.

  12. Abortion is dangerous to mother and future children. Abortion for a mother with RH negative blood will result in death to future children without proper treatment. Abortion also results in many mothers not being able to bear children. It is an incredibly painful procedure to mother and torture to baby. God open eyes to truth and turn hearts of our leaders to thy will. Stop this painful death to innocent babies, in our Savior’s name. Amen

  13. I have a friend who (as a lost soul without knowledge of God) had two abortions. There are no adequate
    words to express the regret and pain of this in her life to this day (She is 60). What I pray for is that
    women like her will be reached and not get to the point where abortion seems the only way out. Also, that
    women like her who now know the Lord will get involved in ministry to reach other women before they choose
    abortion as the way out.

        1. Marty,
          Please fast and pray, she is under intense deception. Her depression won’t allow her to see the truth. This is a spiritual battle in high places (Eph. 6). Perhaps, your focus should be that a woman with the experience of freedom from abortion’s hold, would minister to her. Those dark angels may be whispering that you can’t understand since you are a man. I am not saying stop talking! I am saying attack this enemy that deceives her with more assault weapons in the spiritual. God Bless You for your compassion.

  14. Unfortunately Ginsberg is a heart hardened Jew who refuses to see truth in Christ and is angry with God…she has turned from Him long ago.
    A demon inhabits her…she does not cherish life, she believes man has dominion over man, and woman.
    Rebuke the demon in this woman in the name of Christ…for it is He who can save her, He who can soften her heart and He who can chase the demon to hell to save her. Perhaps her purpose is for us to pray for her. Have we? Do we? Will we?
    God, forgive us our lack of love in not praying for her heart…we sit idly by wishing she would just go away, but you love her and want her to come home.
    May we have your heart and your mind in this…may we seek what you seek…and may we love her enough to pray hard that she comes to know YOU before she dies…

    Help us pray for her Lord! She needs you!

  15. “Abortion safer than Childbirth” “SAFER” FOR WHO? Certainly not for the precious little baby that is being murdered in his mother’s womb. She should be removed from her position as Supreme Court Judge immediately! I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes when she stands before the Creator of these precious babies when she will be required to give an answer to HIM! “Thou shalt not kill” is not a suggestion; it is GOD’s command!

  16. The word of God says He is a God of the living and not the dead. Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. He is the resurrection and the life. God let this word penetrate the heart of this Supreme Court Justice and reveal yourself to her destroying this spirit of lies and confusion. You have kept her alive from her illnesses in the past for a reason. Let this mind be in her that she exalt the life of Jesus Christ and His creation and submit to God that the enemy might flee from her. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
    Pastor Regina

  17. Dear Supreme Court Justice. My heart goes out to you & my prayers to Jehovah God that you will embrace the true love& grace from Jehovah he longingly desires for you. Re:Abortion, whatever you think From your human wisdom regarding a baby in womb that it is non-human, your Judish God believes otherwise & I do too for he is my God too! Psalm 139

  18. Heavenly Father, remove the scales off her eyes and heart, speak to her in her dreams, soften the hard heart. She
    is lost and she does not realize what she is doing the enemy is using her like so many other politicians! I declare a new
    beginning Holy Spirit outpouring over Washington DC!!!
    In Jesus name,

  19. Lord God Almighty, I pray for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and for all those like her who do not see the truth through your loving eyes Lord. I pray that you open the eyes of the blind. That these petitions do not return void.

    As a person who had 2 abortions 40 yrs ago, I can tell you first hand that abortions are not safe. I went through hell, and my babies are not here with me now. They were stripped of their chance to live the life that God created them to live.

    Not only did I suffer physically and had to return to the abortion clinic due to a botched abortion, the sinful choices I made to murder my babies because the law said I could and at 18 yrs old it seemed the best answer (but it was not). More than that my soul was damaged for 40+ yrs and tgat wreaked havoc in my life and in those connected to me. We need to think of how abortion affects the soul of the woman for many years to come.

    A soul ridden with guilt and condemnation (self condemnation) also affects the body. It goes spirit, to soul to body. For many yrs I could not allow myself to think about what I had done because once I had an abortion I buried that sin very deep. It became a black hole. My mind, not lined up with God at the time bcuz I could not forgive myself, caused more bad thinking in my mind, my will was my own and my emotions were eratic. That wrong thinking affected my physical body for as many years! I am still fighting back today because of those bad decisions.

    God does love me and I know that. I am forgiven. My life is fruitful today though I still have the memories. The memories never go away even after salvation and spiritual healing begins. I thank God that today I can use my testimony to help others, because God is love and Jesus saved me. But I don’t want another woman to go through the hell I went through. We need to trust God and do our part to reveal all the truths of how abortion affects every part of the person. And we need to let people know about Jesus and salvation.

    Almighty God, open the eyes of the blind by sending your laborers out into the harvest. There is someone Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will listen to so she too will seek Your Face and know the truth. There are laborers for all who can not yet see the truth. Jesus came for all. Open the eyes of the blind Lord.

    This is so much more than abortion being safe, which it isn’t. It is not safe for the baby who is murdered and stripped of life. And it is not safe for the woman, not for her body, nor for her soul or spirit. God loves every one of us sinners, but Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and it is only through Him that we win these battles.

    Thank you Father God in Jesus’ mighty name. I trust you; thy will be done!


    1. Thank you for your testimony, Linda. It’s a testimony that can save countless babies from being murdered and bring countless lost souls to the feet Jesus Christ and the Cross.

      1. Thx for replying Debra. There are many who suffer long after they had abortions, and many more will if we do nothing. But if we continue to lift up our prayers in unity to our loving Father, He will answer them. He loves it when we need Him and call on Him. Our petitions are a sweet smelling aroma to Him. God bless you.

  20. Father, we ask that every post abortive woman receive the kindness and Godly sorrow that will lead them to repentance. Pour Yourself out upon them, so that You can create a holy army of warriors of Truth concerning abortion. Grant them grace to humble themselves before You and be set free by our holy anointed Jesus Christ!
    Lord, we especially include those many women who are well known by the public. Remove the veils from their eyes. Give them a loud voice of Truth to undo the damage that has been done by their proabortion voices. In Jesus’ name!

  21. Father, I pray that you will save RBG; have mercy on her soul. Fill her with the Holy Spirit and use what is left of her life to honor and glorify your Name. I also pray that you will replace her with someone who is courageous, intelligent, capable and fears You. God, please give us righteous judges at all levels in this country. Amen.

    1. Amen!!! Open the eyes of her heart Lord! May RBG even be the one who turns the tide and stands for LIFE – pre-born and born! Nothing is impossible with YOU, Father God! For Your Glory!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  22. Father. We know that RBG is of Jewish heritage We know what the scriptures say of when your chosen people do not obey your commands, but willfully break them so as to conform to the culture We also know of your Amazing Grace and Mercy for all who have broken your laws that mercy is in the name of a perfect sacrifice, Yeshua
    Heavenly Father I pray that as RBG approaches her final days on earth that she sees Yeshua as her Messiah and turns from this Wicked Evil idea that she has promoted all of her life.
    For you are merciful and all your promises are true, you will save even the vilest of sinners.
    in the name of Yeshua Amen

  23. I pray Father in the Mighty Name of Jesus that you would turn the mother’s heart to you, let them know you are entrusting them with the life you placed in their womb. Put it in their hearts to make their womb a safe haven for the life of the children they are
    carrying. Make it so that abortion clinics close down and go out of business for lack of business. WE SAY NO MORE DEATH TO YOUR BABIES!
    We know that we ask in your will therefore we
    believe we receive what we ask for. Victory for Pro Life by Your Hand through the Supreme Court by your Devine Supreme command in
    Jesus the Christ’ Name!
    Praise G-D!

  24. Lord, help Justice Ginsburg to see the reality of what happens to women who experience abortion and the horror to the unborn child. Change her heart and mind to see the value of life and the contribution these children would make to the world if allowed to live. I pray that the other Justices would overrule her current positions. We pray that the people in America would cast their vote undeniably for leaders who will protect life and would replace vacant SCOTUS seats with individuals who value the life of the unborn.

  25. Father open the eyes of Justice Ginsburg that she may see truth as You see it or take her out of the seat she now holds. May Your truth prevail in this court for the sake of the children and this land. Amen!

  26. God protect these babies and their families. Guide them continually in all their decisions. Satisfy their souls in hard times, and strengthen them. May they be like well watered gardens, and living waters spring up in their inner bodies and fail them not. Cause them to honor the Sabbath and delight in the Holy day of the LORD, and be honorable. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken it. Declare what He says out loud. God is faithful to perform His Word. Amen.

  27. Praying for God’s Truth and grace to be with our life team as we present the movie “unplanned” at St.Peterschurch in Macomb Michigan Friday the 13th. Revealing and exposing abortion.God changes hearts and heals the broken.

  28. Open the eyes of the blind and save them from destruction Lord Jesus. Your truth sets man free.
    We cry out to you LORD on behalf of the ones that cannot speak for themselves. JESUS HELP!!!

  29. Oh my precious Jesus we are sorry for these beautiful little lives that are not able to worship you. Sorry and pray for the people that do not believe in you. Amen.

  30. Lord please forgive this nation for its distorted views about You and abortion. We do not as a country revere You or respect life as we should. Lord call people to You. Help us to act accordingly to Your will. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  31. Precious heavenly Father, we repent as a Nation for every life that has been taken by man’s ignorance rather than looking to You Lord for Your devine authority. I pray Lord Jesus for Your redeeming blood to shut the door of this murderous spirit that is attempting to destroy our great NATION…that Your people who are called by Your name will not perish for lack of knowledge, but that spiritual blinders are being remove and by the blood of Jesus sins and iniquities are being washed away and laborers are being placed in the pathway of those who seek Your TRUTH May we be worthy to be used by You Lord as Your laborers. In Jesus name we pray!

  32. Holy Father, we repent for failing to protect the unborn before ever there was a law legalizing the killing of our future generations. Please forgive us as we continue to intercede for Justice on behalf of all the bloodshed on our hands. So much evil has proceeded from this ungodly law giving Satan a free hand to murder babies and use their body parts to formulate vaccines that further promote his evil agendas by injecting people with this death and calling it good.
    We intercede for Your Hand of Justice by declaring Your Kingdom to come and be aligned on earth here in the United States of America. Let Your plumbline of Righteousness come and fill the soil of our land with the Blood of Jesus. Cleanse O God the heart of our nation. Send Your Great Awakening upon us and revive our hearts and souls to Christ.
    We cry out to Heaven as our only Hope, in Jesus Name. Amen!


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