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Father, we pray for each and every Muslim in Gaza — that You would encounter and draw them to Yourself.

Hundred of Gazans are reportedly seeing visions of Jesus, abandoning the Muslim faith and converting to Christianity. Praise God!

From CBN. Amid tragedy and suffering, God is intervening in war-torn Gaza. He is pouring out His Spirit there as Palestinians report many people are now experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus.

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“About 200 Gazans gave their heart to Jesus in one lump sum because the Lord appeared to them in visions and dreams and they were hugging each other and, you know, rejoicing and realized that all of them had the same vision that each one of them had,” explained Taysir Saada.

Saada is a former PLO sniper and aide to Yassir Arafat. About thirty years ago, he came to faith in Jesus Christ and told his story in the book, Once an Arafat Man. …

“I do believe we’re going to have a lot of revival, a lot of believers coming through. It’s already happening today,” he told CBN News.

As for the Christians, Pastor William Devlin explained many have remained in Gaza to help suffering Muslims. …

Devlin heads up the global charity Widows and Orphans. …

Devlin is hoping the IDF will allow him to go in soon to deliver much-needed relief.

“In the midst of their travail, the Lord Jesus is appearing to the Muslims. We pray that God would continue to reveal Himself through his Son — dreams, visions, and manifestation — in order to bring all of Gaza to faith in Jesus Christ,” he said. …

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(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: Myriam Zilles on Unsplash)

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March 3, 2024

And this manifestation coming after the 2021 Afghan withdrawal-, when it was reported the visions of Jesus people were seeing- and he was appearing to people on the ground as well, the Visions were in the sky, and people were having dreams.
so to me this underscores even more profoundly, not only the times we are in- but the imminent arrival of biblical events beyond what any of us can imagine.. despite whatever biblical knowledge a person might have.
I am at once greatly encouraged- and also having new respect for the gravity of my own salvation, and each person’s- here in this life.

Darlene Estlow
March 3, 2024

Father, thank you for what you are doing in Gazans’ lives. May they be able to learn more about you, not just be converted. Thank you for your grace in Gaza. May many Israelis see you as their Messiah!

Vitalis Stephen Babbada
March 3, 2024

God works in his own way, not human s way of forcing upon others, more will receive Jesus Jews and Palestinians , that will end the war.


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