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Father, thank You for discernment to see through the lies. Keep exposing the truth about COVID, and enable our leaders to do something about it.
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This article, written by a former New York Times science editor, shows that IFA reported accurately about the origins of COVID-19. Amid the lies of the mainstream media, this is answered prayer. As this community seeks God together, He helps us discern the truth behind the mainstream reporting and talking points. Are there things the Lord has revealed to you that were later confirmed? Please share in the comments.

From The Wall Street Journal. In the four years since the SARS-CoV-2 virus was unleashed on the world, data have steadily accumulated supporting the hypothesis that it emerged from a laboratory. The latest information, released last month, makes a formidable case that the virus is the product of laboratory synthesis, not of nature.

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This startling fact will probably take some time to sink into the national consciousness, given the mainstream media’s sustained inability to report the issue objectively. Editors have failed to think beyond the extreme politicization that requires liberals to oppose the lab-leak hypothesis. …

Here are some salient facts that haven’t been clearly reported to readers of the mainstream press:

In March 2018 a team of American and Chinese virologists applied to the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as Darpa, seeking a $14 million grant to manipulate viruses related to SARS-CoV-1, the bat virus that caused a minor epidemic in 2002. Their goal was to identify bat viruses in Asia with the highest potential for jumping to people and to immunize bats so they wouldn’t infect soldiers in the region.

The proposal for Project DEFUSE specified that the viruses’ infectivity would be enhanced by inserting into them a genetic element known as a furin cleavage site. Depending on the starting viruses, this protocol could have produced SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, which has a distinctive furin cleavage site.

In 2022 three biologists, Valentin Bruttel, Alex Washburne and Antonius VanDongen, guessed that if SARS-CoV-2 had been generated in a lab by a standard method, it would have been assembled from six sections of lab-synthesized DNA with the help of a biological agent called BsmBI. On analyzing the virus’s structure, they found evidence for the seams between sections and other distinctive marks of the assembly process. …

[A] batch of documents reveal new details about the DEFUSE proposal and confirm that the three authors were on target. Emily Kopp of U.S. Right to Know obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request from the Interior Department, having noticed that a researcher at the U.S. Geological Survey was a member of the DEFUSE team.

The new documents, which are background planning papers and drafts for the DEFUSE proposal, call for assembling SARS-like viruses from six sections of DNA, and include a cost estimate for purchase of the BsmBI restriction enzyme — exactly as the three authors had inferred. This clearly strengthens, perhaps conclusively, their contention that the virus is synthetic. …

EcoHealth Alliance last year asserted that the DEFUSE project was never implemented: “The proposal was not funded and the work was never done, therefore it cannot have played a role in the origin of COVID-19.” But science is a competitive business. After Darpa turned down the DEFUSE proposal in February 2019, the researchers in Wuhan might have secured Chinese government funding and gone ahead by themselves. …

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

(Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: Drew Hays on Unsplash)

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Valerie Vincken
March 4, 2024

After 4 years of being mocked as a conspiracy theorist for calling this and the vaccine worldwide genocide, I feel vindicated that this has been exposed for the evil it is. It was complete and utter chaos perpetuated by the establishment to take back control of the US and to continue their money laundering scheme to make themselves millionaires on the backs of the poor and middle class. It was just a trial run for what is to come. Look at the Ukraine. Funny how they immediately went to this “war” to call upon people to “donate money to the people of the Ukraine”. It’s all about greed and power and until the people can open their eyes and see the truth, nothing will change. We need God to intervene and help us remove the evil from power. Covid was a trial run.

Marilou Barton
March 2, 2024

Better yet, follow the money. With more and more info known about Covid 19, and sadly much more unknown, who will he held accountable. My guess is no one. When people are not held accountable, they tend and are emboldened to carry on as if nothing was out of sorts. On to the next big hoax (Climate Change) to control the population. This was the most destructive hoax in our history, and that’s saying something because there have been so many. God only knows how many more deaths will be attributed to this poisonous ‘jab”? Or maybe not! “They” have already started back pedaling on this issue. Please God bring to justice the people who “allowed” this to be unleashed on the world, and please don’t let these unaccountable evil people do it again.

Ron Glenn Deere
March 2, 2024

The very nature of an engineered virus should tell us that this is true. Thus, delve into the intimate nature of this virus, follow the chemical trail and it should be obvious.

Pamela Derrer
March 2, 2024

So I don’t really understand exactly what is said about covid. But I do know that China, by creating covid and spreading it around the world, is trying to destroy America and reduce the older and weak people in the US.
America needs to produce a vaccine that will actually kill covid . I had the vaccine and I still got covid. America needs to WAKE up, and realize that China, Russia, really HATE America and start working for America and its real people. Or America will not be the way it was. One a nation under God, indivisible. With liberty and justice for all. God bless and forgive America. 🙏

March 2, 2024

Part of a job I had in the past led me to learn about bio/chem weapons. Yahweh (for clarity about which god I speak of) has also led me to understand things before they unfold. Call it logic or a gift, to Him be all the glory. I mentioned early on that this was a domestic biological attack, no different than what the Kurds and Elamites suffered at the hands of governments.
Thank you, IFA.
I also agree with Jonathan Cahn as he explains how innocent blood spilled demands a response in kind.
Nevertheless, we serve a God who hears His intercessors and acts for His glory at our calling out to Him.
Now, we must call out to Him and remind Him of what Abraham and Moses said when they intervened for a people, deserving or not. It’s all about Him to attract others away from the fires of hell (Jude).

    Cara H
    March 3, 2024

    God speaks to me about things that are to come…in dreams & visions. It took a few years and certain events unfolding to confirm this, before I could say this with confidence. In March of 2020, I began hearing and reading about a supposed “dangerous” virus and pandemic we were being told to fear. We don’t watch tv/news. My husband and I had JUST returned from a business trip to New York. I don’t like being told to be afraid… It wasn’t Gods voice, and it felt extremely manipulative. I asked the Lord what is really going on. In my minds eye, I saw a thick inky black encapsulating cloud in the shape of the earth itself…like an outer layer.. It was closing in on the globe. A great lie, like a shadow, descended and enclosed around the entire planet. God told me, clear as day “It is the beginning, and it will be as I deem it to be.” Only one other time has He spoken to me like that. His words brought instant peace. Things were unfolding as were prophesied in scripture, and He is Lord of all. We are not to be afraid, but the saints are to have patient endurance as our Father prepares for His Son’s return. He keeps His promises, and Scripture will be fulfilled. I knew then the whole Covid narrative and fear mongering was a lie. Shortly after I began looking for the evidence of what God had revealed to me, I drove to see my parents, marched in and announced to them that Fauci was a snake, and he was advising our president. In a very real dream in July of 2022, I saw four HUGE angels behind unseen barriers in a waterfall…on the side of a mountain…pacing within it, awaiting… something. They would pause and look out expectantly…then continue to pace, arms crossed, as if awaiting to be freed…or an order or command or something. In my dream I had come upon them while driving then walking on the mountain, and I wasn’t afraid, but wanted to approach and speak to one of them, but they were not having it. They could not touch me, but were seemingly fierce and focused. They would not interact with me, but sort of rebuffed me with a stern glare. These were not friendlies. I don’t always know where I am in my dreams, nor can I always interpret accurately, but I believe what I see is very real and accurate…because it is always revealed fully in hindsight. A couple months later, I learned the Euphrates river was drying up for the first time in human history. That news jolted my awareness to what I had seen in my dream. The Holy Spirit confirmed in me…the time is near. I searched up where the Euphrates river begins…its headwaters. It starts in the highlands of mountains in Turkey. Get your house in order. The coming times will be hard, and difficult to bear. Prepare in the ways the Lord leads you to.

Betty B
March 2, 2024

Heavenly Father, We come before You seeking healing from all the evil that was done by the release of the Covid19 virus and also by the vaccine. Many of our friends and members of our family have taken the vaccine because they wanted to protect their families from the are virus. Now it seems many of them are having health issues that could be caused by the vaccine. Father, I pray that Thy Kingdom will come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Deliver us from the evil caused by the virus and the vaccine,
YOU are the POWER and the GLORY forever and ever. Amen

Lori Callahan
March 2, 2024

In the fall of 2019 I was praying about the upcoming election. I was asking God for a vaccine as I feared without it, Trump could lose re-election. As I was praying I heard the Holy Spirit say, “They already have one. They made it when they made CoVid.” I was taken back. This was done on purpose? For an election? Because of that, I and my extended family never took the vaccines.
This was before any of the “conspiracy theories” over CoVid’s origin circulated. I have often wondered if there is a “true vaccine” that only the elite have taken for themselves. One never given to the public. I continue to pray about it as God is our revealer of the deep and secret things done in the dark places.

    Ektrne Alexandres
    March 2, 2024

    I totally believe you those who walk with the Lord and love the Lord they will be hearing Him a consouled by the Lord! I’m a single mom with special-needs my son, as well …and the Lord speaks to me in my heart from the beginning I wasn’t gonna take any vaccine anyway and I don’t trust The doctors and the big Pharma for years now. He told me to not even take the test … not even to give blood. I wish I could …One of my instances speaking, the Lord speaks in different ways the way each one of us understand but I remember before 911 the Lord impress upon my heart seriously to sell my little townhouse I’ve just purchased because it was not a good financial fit for me anyway, and he told me that Harder times are coming and then I was able to close on the house right a day before 911 event that happened …!!
    I have so many stories… shabbat shalom!

    March 2, 2024

    Yes, most likely ivermectin which the fda frantically tried to squelch when certain dr’s told the truth about it’s ability to help against the vid. Many of those drs had their licenses revoked because of this as well. Lord, may the truth continue to be known! I’m so glad you listened to the HS

      Valerie Vincken
      March 4, 2024

      I didn’t want to take the test either. God told me to avoid everything about it. The doctors wouldn’t prescribe my Asthma medication unless I submitted to Covid testing. It was ridiculous, forced compliance. I tested negative every time. I’ve not had Covid nor have I received the “vaccine”. I say with confidence that God is in control and my time here on Earth is in his hands, not mine.


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