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Father God, thank You for these precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Grant them favor in Congress and help them spread the Gospel and the word of their testimonies.

A large group of “Formers”—those who no longer identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning— from organizations that represent every state in the Union will be in Washington, D.C. Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2019, to address concerns about LGBTQ-focused legislation such as bill H.R. 5, which passed in the House in May, and H.R 3570, which was introduced in late June.

Dubbed “The Equality Act,” H.R. 5 is an unnecessary concession to the false idea that members of the gay community are marginalized. LGBTQ-identifying people have always had options in how they participate in broader culture. Nothing constrains them from participating in culture on a normal level. Unlike with the African American community, which has had centuries of culturally driven abuse and forced destabilization, those who identify as LGBTQ have been empowered in our modern society as scientists, literary giants, and even politicians when they have chosen not to
prioritize their sexual mores.

Meanwhile, H.R. 3570, dubbed the “Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act of 2019,” mirrors a similar bill proposed by California lawmakers but withdrawn by its author after heavy pressure from the state’s Formers and other religious leaders, including Church United. Written by U.S. Representative Ted Lieu, the bill would ban conversion therapy nationwide and prohibit any advertising referencing to the ability to change or reduce sexual orientation or gender identity. The House resolution minimizes the lives of thousands of Formers by declaring “there is no scientifically valid evidence that supports
the practice of attempting to prevent a person from being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or gender nonconforming” adding that “conversion therapy” is “substantially dangerous to an individual’s mental and physical health, and has been shown to contribute to depression, self-harm, low self-esteem, family rejection, and suicide.”

America needs a renewed belief in the dignity and beauty of all of humanity in its diversity, not more anti-discrimination laws or bans against treatment for those seeking to live out their faith biblically. America CAN model for the world what it looks like to value one another despite our differences without government intrusion or enforcement.

Bills like H.R. 5 will impact the private, public, religious, academic and government sectors. This proposed law would change the existing Civil Rights Act to redefine “sex” as gender identity and sexual orientation among the list of classes (e.g., race, color, religion, sex and national origin). There would be NO exemptions for individual believers or faith communities. H.R. 5 will empower the U.S. government to levy punishment on
any individual or organization with a dissenting ideological view. It is the beginning of the end of religious liberty and free speech in America.
For Formers, bills like H.R. 5 and H.R. 3570 block our rights to follow our own convictions. It enforces the false belief that one cannot change and that one has no choice but to embrace LGBTQ identity and behaviors.

Jim Domen, a former homosexual and Pastor/Founder of Church United in California, says that sexual behavior should not be a protected civil right.
“Changing the Civil Rights Act would create a super class for anyone identifying as LGBTQ, usurping everyone else’s rights who are not LGBTQ or who disagree with the lifestyle because of religious beliefs. Ask anyone from a Super Minority (e.g., Formers) about the persecution, ridicule, and abuse they have encountered for changing previous behaviors/lifestyles in America. As currently proposed, H.R. 5, the ‘Equality Act,’ discriminates against Formers or others who practice a different sexual behavior than LGBTQ individuals.”

H.R. 3570 prohibits choice of therapeutic direction from a client. “I CHOSE not to be gay and my therapists helped affirm the direction I chose toward heterosexuality,” said Domen. “This bill would deny anyone like myself from seeking freedom and help from licensed professionals. My psychological well-being as a heterosexual man and my family, are proof that the therapies I received were not fraudulent. My wife, biological daughters and son are not frauds.”

Voices of Formers:

“Honestly, my life has been changed because I was able to open up about my struggle with the LGBTQ identity. Through counseling and other avenues, I was able to process through rape, abuse and gender identity. If I had not had these options I might not be alive today! Now I am on a path of Faith and Freedom.” — Edward Byrd, an African American Former from Maryland, who formerly identified as sexually androgynous.

“If this bill would become law, we will not be able to build our organization, Fearless Identity, that brings hope and understanding to the LGBTQ communities and the church through education and biblical teaching. We support a judgment-free environment for anyone that wants to seek change, and the freedom to do so without fear of retribution or lawsuits because LBGTQ change is possible.”— Luis Ruiz, a Latin American survivor of the Pulse Nightclub attack

“I support every persons’ right to choose their own course of life which often requires them to make personal changes in their core beliefs and lifestyle. Following Jesus is no different. (He said, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Mark 8:34 ESV).”
— Ed Smith, African-American Bishop from California and leader of Zoe International, who leads scores of churches in California and the United

“This bill is reverse discrimination, imposing LGBTQ community values upon all Americans, especially upon the churches of all denominations, who for centuries have offered hope to everyone who desires a life change to serve their God. Life is all about choices, even in our sexual orientation.”
— Jeffrey McCall, a former transgender woman from Georgia

“As someone who used to live in and relate to the world around me as a man—yet identified as a lesbian—I am thankful I had a choice to refuse the LGBTQ label and get the help I needed to align myself with my Christian faith. I don’t want these rights taken away from others like me.”
— Amanda Smith, a former lesbian from Missouri

“I was plagued with suicidal tendencies because I didn’t want to live the homosexual life that my same-sex attraction was leading me toward. The talk
therapy I received from a professional counselor saved my life. I met with him weekly for 5 years and found great hope and freedom there. My sexual desires have changed, I have now been married to my wife for 13 years, and we have four children together.
— Ken Williams, Co-Founder The CHANGED Movement from California

Church United with the CHANGED Movement ( are California based non-profit organizations partnering together to protect the freedoms of Former LGBTQ identified individuals who have CHANGED. In 2018, both organizations took key roles in a strategy that used personal stories to preempt the enactment of pseudo-communistic philosophical legislation in California’s and Taiwan’s governments. Recent SOGI (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity) legislation has been authored by American legislators of Chinese descent: California’s A.B. 2943 (withdrawn in August 2018) by gay Assemblyman Evan Low; and S.B. 1172 (passed in 2012 and sponsored by then CA State Sen. Ted Lieu) and H.R. 3570 authored by Representative Ted Lieu (D-Torrance). Interestingly, Low and Lieu are both of Chinese descent (Taiwan, Province of China). Church United and 5 members of the CHANGED Team (including two Former LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub shooting survivors) will be flying to Washington, D.C. directly from their tour in Taipei, Taiwan. In Taipei, 30 formerly LGBTQ identified people (Referred to as Rainbow Crossers in Asia) representing 30 nations petitioned an audience at the International Federation of Human Rights Conference, October 21-25. Their admittance to the IFHR as a people group was denied.

Will you intercede for these brothers and sisters in Christ? Leave a comment and share the prayer request with your friends.

849 People Prayed
4513 People have read this article

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  1. Father God, protect my brothers and sister in Christ who have left the LGBTQ community and give them the courage and wisdom to take their stand against this evil. May their voices be heard. Provide for their protection and that of their families. Shelter them under Your Wing, Lord and give them strength for their stand. Bring many out of this destructive life style. I pray for all of my brothers and sister in Christ who have family members involved or tempted by this deceptive lifestyle. Father, may they be drawn to You, to the Truth which will set them free, in the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen

  2. Holy Father; We bow down and praise You for these brothers and sisters who have found liberty in Christ Jesus! Their lives know a love now that will not let them go. May they prosper in peace and grow in Your grace and goodness. Their talents are many! We gather to pray for them daily and seek Your continued guidance in their lives. Hear our thanksgiving in prayer for them in Jesus’ Name. Acts 17:27

  3. Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Healing and Redemptive God. Thank you for these men and women who are taking a BOLD STAND for your Kingdom. Bless them, help them to be the leaders of a “Revolution of Truth.” We have known that the Democrats hijacked the Civil Rights Amendment purely for selfish reasoning and did not care about the men and women who died for Black Americans to have the freedom to be recognized as a legitimate people. I pray they will be a catalysis to stop the onslaught of deception that is being spread in our public schools toward our children.

  4. Our Father, Elohim…I thank you for these Godly, brave men and women…saints of God that you have “delivered from the power of darkness and translated into God’s kingdom.” Colossians 2:13…I thank you that you have given them, these “Formers” the discernment,, the wisdom, and the knowledge concerning the Equality Act Bills and the adverse societal consequences if these Bills were to pass…I ask, Yahweh, that you give the Supreme Court Justices the same wisdom, discernment, knowledge, and courage to stand for what is “truth” for All sectors of our society. As these “Formers” prepare to go to Washington, D. C. , I touch and agree with other prayers and intercessors that you protect them, and their families, may they stand tall, they will not be intimidated, they will “walk softly, but carry a big stick,” that as they open theirs mouths, you will fill their mouths with what you want them to say, as you did with Jeremiah…surround them with your ministering angels…in Jesus Name; Amen, Amen

  5. Thank You Father for these ones who are free in Jesus. Bless them, strengthen them, and shield them. Holy Spirit, speak through them. Fear, intimidation, lies of the enemy will not come against them in Jesus’ name. Let the light of You in them dispel all darkness. Father, send Your mighty angel army with them. Let them see the fruit of their labor. Thank You Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  6. This bill is not just about the Lgbtq agenda.If it passes they will not stop there. It will mean people who seek change in their life for the better will be persecuted. How about ex cons who want rehab or dtug addicts who want rehab. Can they change? Of course they can. These sexually perverted and morally corrupt people will not be happy until their agenda is shoved down the throats of America. Lord, please have mercy on their sinful souls. In Jesus precious and holy name, Amen

  7. Father in Heaven, please cause wisdom to prevail in the quashing of this bill. Please give eyes to see and hearts to respond to the need for freedom for ALL choices–and may many choose freedom in Christ. You gave us choices as to whether to receive your grace and mercy, or not. Have mercy on those who are tormented by sexual leanings–lead them to resources and people who will walk beside them and show them your way. Impart your vast love deep into their hearts. Please strengthen and give great power of influence to Formers with our national, state, and local governments, as well as with individuals. Work healing into their hearts. May your righteousness prevail! In the precious Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I ask. Amen.

  8. I pray for these beautiful people who have gone through enormous pain to seek their true selves in Christ. May they be s shining light with their testimony to change hearts and minds, especially those that sit on powerful positions st the Supreme Court

  9. Heavenly Father thank you for my precious brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus for showing your power mercy and grace and giving these brave men and women courage to proclaim your truth your word is yes and amen we are saved by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony please pray for my precious son Stephen gay married to a man involved in the occult and pray for me his mom to keep my faith courage love while I battle for his salvation deliverance in Jesus Holy name I pray all these things amen amen

    1. My dear, sweet Caroline,

      Fear not…God loves you so very, very much, and He is warmly embracing you right now. My prayers are with you, Stephen and his husband. Be blessed, my dear.

  10. Thank You Jesus! You came to set the captives free, to open the eyes of the blind and set at liberty those who are oppressed…Give these who have found new freedom in You and stepped out on behalf of those deceived about their sexuality, boldness and wisdom and an effective platform to share Your message of truth and deliverance. Amen!

  11. I pray daily for at least 36 homosexual/ gender dysphoric people that I know (plus their partners).
    I’ve done this for years and years.
    Then in July 2018 we discovered that our own daughter is in a relationship with a gender dysphoric woman nearly 30 years her elder!

    Please continue to pray for these folks. The greater majority have been abused as children.

    Pretty sure our Ashley had a curse placed upon her by a witch spring 2018 (this was observed).

    God will deliver our Ashley.

    Dear Father, help each homosexual person in these United States to hear the Good News and turn from this destructive lifestyle. Let them know how great your love is. Help us Lord. Amen.

    [Intercessors, please lift up in prayer our Ashley today]

    1. Heavenly Father I pray and believe your Holy word that says the children of the righteous shall be delivered Lord Jesus turn Ashley from darkness to light I pray for kingdom connection people to share your word with her and I rebuke satans lies and command him to flee from her Lord send your angels toproctect her in Jesus name I pray amen amen

  12. I am praying and agree there are strongholds which need to be identified and broken, so the “oppressed” become free!
    As a deliverance minister, I work with people seeking freedom from all kinds of deception, oppression and torments.

  13. I am praying about this crucial issue! Praying the Lord anoints every word and will literally speak through all of you ;

    to open the eyes of the blind”, bringing wise revelation knowledge and Truth!

  14. Lord, I pray for each of the Brothers and Sister in Christ. Father, each time they have an audience may Your Word go forth. Father it is the power of the Gospel to change people, it is the gospel that washes away our sin, through true biblical repentance, your blood takes our guilt and shame for our sins and cleanses us. Lord I pray there is a boldness, a zealousness to speak these truths. Father, Your Word reminds us there is nothing new under the sun, nothing surprises You in Your Sovereignty and omniscience. From Sodom to Nero, through the ages homosexuality has been around. But like Augustine, may they repent of their sin, may each hear the gospel, may it be Your will that they repent and have faith that You can change them. O Holy God, Your message of hope has been watered down to a quick prayer and people call themselves believers. Lord, it is so much more, so much more powerful when we truly come before You willing to bow the knee and call You Lord. In Jesus name may it be Your will that these Formers go forth in that power knowing the gift of Your salvation and the Holy Spirit dwells in them, may they declare the truth of Your Word, and may You give ears to hear and soften the hearts of the wicked. Cast down those who are under the cast of darkness, whose powers and principalities You have victory over already. Raise up those that know You to stand for righteousness in this public square. We need You Holy Lord, we cannot do this on our own. May we give You the glory in ALL things, You are precious, and You died for the sins of all, may the peoples come to You in faith that You may see them through to salvation. Amen

    1. Amen & amen. Lord I agree with Vicki and many other prayers here. May God set all the captives free From the lies and deception of satan. May our state and federal government allow people to receive the help they want and need. May parents be told the truth also so they do not harm their children by using hormones to change their lives/genders. Your Word gives us warnings about leading children astray. In Luke 17:2 we read, “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than to cause one of these little ones to sin.” Hear our prayers, Lord. Set the captives free.

  15. Oh God arise and scatter your enemies. Strengthen these Davids and give them the stone that brings down this Goliath that shakes its fist in Your Face. Have mercy on all that desire help and keep the doors open for their deliverance. In the name of Jesus! Amen

  16. Father nothing is impossible. May your warriors rise up as in Gideon, supernaturally take on this Goliath. Take down at the head of this ungodly idea and opponent. In Jesus name wake up you called of the Lord and run to the victory. Praise Him and shout for this idea shall lose its will and dissapate in the victory praises of God’s people. Amen and Amen!!!

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