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For the generation over fifty, the Lord wants to remind you that your age is your biggest asset and your journey has increased in such value that all of heaven is now looking for you. Your weariness does not disqualify you from greatness. On the contrary, because of your faithful witness and consistent walk of faith, the Lord is now calling on you to help deliver a nation.

When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty; walk before me, and be blameless (whole), that I may make my covenant between me and you and may multiply you greatly. (Genesis 17:1-2 ESV)

Father Abraham did not even begin to fulfill his divine commission until he was nearly 100 years old. All that had gone before him had been preparation for the plans and purposes of God in the autumn season of his life. Because of the immense weight of responsibility in birthing and discipling a nation, God needed someone He could trust. He needed someone who had already proven himself to be faithful – regardless of the cost. He needed someone who would obey Him, not because it was personally beneficial, but because it was the only choice worth making. Abraham had passed the test.

Moses didn’t begin his commission until he was 80 years old (Exodus 7:7). He thought his assignment had been years earlier, but he was not prepared. By the time he met God in the wilderness 40 years later, he had totally forgotten his gift of eloquent speech and told God he was too tired to answer the call (Exodus 4:10). As it turned out, those 40 years of caring for sheep wasn’t God’s punishment for Moses’ failure in Egypt. It was God’s divine method of training his heart and molding his character for the true call on his life to set a nation free.

Noah was over 500 years old when he fathered his sons and built the ark (Genesis 5:32). God saw that Noah was a “righteous man, blameless in his generation” (Genesis 6:9, 7:1). It was not some zealous young champion that God chose to build the ark and steward an entire makeover of the earth’s population; it was an older man who was time-tested and prepared for the challenge. Not only did Noah prove to have the physical stamina for the work required, he lived another 300 years; long enough to see his legacy endure.

Notice that the call on these three patriarchs was to work with the following generation so God’s plan could succeed. Each of them was commissioned to work with their sons and those who followed them so that the promise of God would be fulfilled. Moses may not have had the grace to speak as he once did, but God provided him the children of Israel to mentor. Noah never could have built the ark on his own, so he enlisted his sons to help in the building and carry on the vision for generations following. Abraham raised his son, Isaac, to trust God with his life – literally – and it became the defining benchmark for those who walk by faith.

Scripture reveals that these three men had already lived a full life including favor with man and blessing from God. They could have easily gone into retirement and felt satisfied. But God had something much better in mind. Their lifetime of faithfulness had now produced a priceless commodity – absolute confidence in God’s heart and unwavering trust in His plans. Regardless of the worldly reputation they had gained or any acquisition of goods, it was this heart after God that had been refined as gold through the furnace of affliction (Isaiah 48:10). It was their determination to persevere when tested and remain faithful when forgotten that would establish their names in heaven as history makers. This kind of faith is a sacred treasure that gains its value by being put through fire. It is of incalculable worth. Heaven is looking for the faithful Abrahams to pass this on to the next generation.

The world tells us to stay young as long as possible. We often say, “I wish I were young again.” We need to change our perspective. Though there are certainly benefits to having a younger physique with certain freedoms, there is a wholeness of soul, mind, and spirit that only comes from a long life in God. It is this matured faith and fine-tuned perspective that is essential in building the faith of future generations.

Wisdom is with the aged and understanding in length of days. (Job 12:12 ESV)

If you wonder why you don’t have the same passion or zeal you once did, there’s a reason. The grace on your life has changed and He’s now asking you to mentor others who can carry the vision to completion. There are sons and daughters ready and willing to pick up the cause and run with it. They just need wisdom to guide the way and fathers and mothers to walk with.

Because of the cultural shifts that need to take place and the generational patterns that must be transformed across the earth, it’s going to take a three-fold generational partnership to see it happen. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob establishes His people through intergenerational relationships. The call of Abraham is to equip, empower, and encourage the coming generations of Isaac and Jacob so that the entire household can be established. Now is not the time to kick back, but to step up. I believe those of us who are over fifty have actually gotten better over time and the fine wine that has been aging within us is about to be tasted.

My middle name is Joy and it has been prophesied over me many times that in my “later years” I would have much joy. It struck me recently how Sarah reacted to her call when she was 99 years old. Having given up on her life-long dream of bearing a child, she was now told that she would birth a son. Her response?

So, Sarah laughed to herself, saying, “After I am worn out, and my lord is old, shall I have pleasure?” (Genesis 18:12)

I could totally relate! She said she was simply worn out and tired! And yet – her laugh became a trigger point for breakthrough. Not only did she see God’s promise fulfilled, the son she birthed was called “he laughs” (Genesis 21:3)! Isaac was birthed in JOY! Not only did he bring his mother great joy, his life produced another generation that would fulfill the covenant promise given to Abraham and change the course of history.

I believe the new wine of the Spirit that is coming upon the earth is partially dependent on the generation of Abraham answering this call from heaven. In this autumn season, there is a convergence of generations and grace to be apprehended that can bring great breakthrough. The biological clock is irrelevant to those who have yet to see their promises fulfilled.

If you feel like laughing, it’s just an indication that revival is about to be birthed through YOU!

568 People Prayed
5189 People have read this article

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  1. Praise be God from whom all blessings flow. Indeed the message is very timely for those over the age of 50 years old to take up the blood stained banner and proclaim salvation, freedom and joy in the awesome God we serve and to give us courage in the Holy Spirit to be bold in times like this to shout from the roof tops that Jesus Lives, Jesus Saves and Jesus Set Free. What better group then those who are fifty and over who have done life, experienced pain, hurt and loss and at the same time experienced miracles, wonders and signs in their lifetime. God is still manifesting miracles in the earth and it’s the believers in Christ Jesus that must testify and give witness to our Lord and Savior that he is real and do abundantly, exceedingly more than we ask or imagine, even in times likes these, where mayhem, drama and wickedness seem to ran supreme in all the earth from Persia to Africa, to Japan to Hong Kong and from Alaska to the Americas. We need to PRAY without ceasing… Shabat Shalom “MDP”

  2. Adelina October 30th 12:11 am
    God’s timing is perfect. I am 71 years of age. It was meant for me to read this article about the Autumn of life. This autumn of my life God is birthing a 25 year dream into build a 24/7 Prayer towerHouse of Prayer for all Nations. In the state of New Mexico. My time has come Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah Amen!Amen!Amen

    1. I was prompted to read this, as I am 73 years old, Imdid not think that I had any more to give. But my pastor is saying that the lord has prepared me for such a time as this through much of my pain and much medical challenges when Imthought I could not do it any more…praise the Lord…

  3. Isaiah 46:4 ” Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you: I will sustain you and rescue you.” Turning 90 next month, he is my strength and my song. Hallelujah!

  4. There has been a silencing of a generation once considered the silent majority, may this multi generational approach to which Wanda refers means that we are no longer silenced in praising and proclaiming the name of Jesus in this land. For too long, many have cautioned not to speak our faith, not to be zealous or bold in declaring the gospel for fear of retribution in the workplace, fear of man in our communities. But no more! Let’s go boldly speaking truth and wisdom, -those that are out of the workforce it is time to speak up, teach the next generation not to fear, not to fear the govt that has silenced our voice in the boardrooms, the board of education and classroom, the public square, in congress, where the representatives no longer represent the will of the people. It’s time to be the voice for the Lord. He tells us to stand! We needn’t fight defensively, but to go on offense in proclaiming the gospel to a generation that was held back from hearing the truth, held back from given hope for their guilt and shame, held back from asking for forgiveness through repentance and faith. There is a generation that’s hurting, they are dieing, committing suicide to relieve the pain, they are using any kind of mind altering substance to escape, but the Lord will be their refuge. The God of our Savior created a hole in each of us only He can fulfill. A generation needs to hear what their purpose in life is and that is to praise and proclaim the name of Jesus and when we do that our lives have meaning, become truly fulfilled in joy and happiness. Brothers and Sisters, may the Lord exhort us fully to GO! This is our time to put our prayers into action, may the fire be lit inside of us. No more complaining, we must cry out to the Lord. No more blaming, we must repent of our sins. No more judging others, we must remove the log from our own eye! Let’s not waste these days of mercy. Let’s rejoice in the Lord, prove wisdom to the next generations.
    The Sovereign Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights. Habakkuk 3:19
    In Your name Jesus!

    1. Yes, we all know there is a call to pray.”Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, til He comes and rains righteous on you”.Hos 10:12.Let’s wait on Him. Let’s pray and listen.

  5. Glory to God! Thank you for this article and the encouragement. I am attacked often in my mind with the thought that it is too late for me to fulfill my purpose. It is not. May God richly bless you for ministering to me through this article.

    1. This confirms what I heard in my spirit in 2005 while I was volunteering in Israel. I got confirmation from credible leadership, and proceeded to seek the Lord for how, when, who to design a brochure, etc. I felt led to call it “An Army of Annas and Simeons” from Luke Chapter 2 – encouraging Senior Adults to “Enlist” in aforementioned Army. At that time the focus for prayer was “For the peace of Jerusalem.” However about 2 years ago I was thinking I need to broaden the focus to include other countries plus (not lessening prayer for Israel) but it would encourage more Seniors to their purpose for still being here, and that came about from volunteering in Nursing Homes, Memory Care Units, and much more. I tell people “I loved Seniors before I were one!” It’s from them I learned unconditional love. The enemy wants us to elieve we have no value, when all we have to do is Re-purpose. I live in Independent Senior Living, so blessed to be a blessing. My husband and I did Senior Adult Ministry at our Church for 9 years.Thank you for this timely article and the encouragement for me to keep on keeping on! Not that I was planning on quiting!

  6. Amen & amen to all who have responded here. Thank You, Heavenly Father that we are NEVER too old to pray as Jesus told us to pray. “May Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That is the desire of our hearts. May we see You at work in our lives and the younger generations. Amen

  7. This article is true. The Eagles are coming for us baby-boomers and older. We need to rise up on Eagles wings to be sure, to soar above fray of all that us going on around us….

    At 68 my wife and I are waiting for the “suddenly” of God, getting “ready for the show”! Many are the prophetic words over our lives since our early 20’s. He has already indicated these Words for times yet to come. He has been busy putting the final death blows on the coffin of our flesh….He shares His Glory with NO MAN!

    So, while we are waiting, we learn to serve Him from a pure heart, waiting for His purpose to unfold. Besides, we have a great cloud of witnesses crying, “Come Join Us”!

  8. Amen…I’m laughing and so excited. I just called to activate a new Visa card that had been compromised. I’m calling on the Lord to activate me in this new season so my latter days are more profitable than my former. Just beginning to launch on my 70th birthday.

  9. Thank you Wanda. Your messages always hit home with me. When I first believed in the Lord, an old preacher spoke about his life. It was one
    Trial after the other and I thought, man I hope I don’t have to go through what he went through. But at the end of his talk he said even if he had a choice to do it over again, he would not change one thing, because now he saw a purpose of the fire that changed his soul and prepared him for his ministry today.
    My life has had a similar pattern. Much suffering due to much injustice. But in the last 10 yrs, God has given back to me 10 fold what was stolen from me. He has given me a loving wife and I have been able to to be a part of my children’s life for 35 yrs. I still struggle with things, but they are different struggles than before. I too look back and realize with God, nothing is impossible and with him even seeming tragedies can be turned around for the good. If faithful he will use the fire to purify us and change us to be more useful to Him. I am selling my my business in December and look forward to what God has for me. Wisdom comes from the hard dark places in life when we keep our eyes focused on our Lord.

  10. I had a dream recently where I was looking at an ultrasound and the nurse circled not one or two, but 3 babies. I believe God has revealed that I will be having 3 more children even though I am 55 and just went through menopause. I believe, Lord, help my unbelief! Your will be done. May I have this joy once again!

    1. My mother-in-law, Mary Baskin, of Murphysboro, Illinois will turn 89 in February. She turns everything into a prayer opportunity and further the Kingdom!

      A few years back she fell down steps, bad, several breaks. Had to spend five months in a Nursing home a few towns over.

      Within the 1st two weeks she began Bible studies and prayer circles. She reached out in the midst of her suffering.

      Time & Space does not limit God when there is a willing heart!

  11. Thank you for the encouragement from this article. I had just completed writing a word the Lord gave me “Get ready, get ready” based on Is.40:3-5, for the leaders in our church who are older, more mature members, that they need to pour into the “next generation” as preparation for the next great (worldwide) revival that is coming.

  12. Ps. 71:17-18.
    O God, You have taught me from my youth, and hitherto have I declared Your wonderous works.
    Yes, even when I am old and gray-headed, O God, forsake me not, (but keep me alive) until I have declared Your mighty strength to (this) generation, and Your might and power to all that are to come. Amen!

    Amplified version

      1. Thank you this word. It is definitely timely !
        I just turned 50 this month and I have been in the desert for a long time ! But God has been getting me ready for such a time as this ! Can’t ignore the call . He has done many miracles in Ziklag , lol . That’s where I’ve been . What Satan meant for evil , God will turn it out for my good ! He is a just and merciful God ! Thank you Jesus ! God bless you Wanda !

  13. I’m so full of faith in this season of life. I have watched Gods faithfulness over the last 68 years!
    Yes we have time to be enlisted. Our children are raised and we dont have to make a living.
    God here I am, send me!

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