I Prayed have prayed
We pray there would be a reversal of this disturbing and hurtful trend of rejecting our God-given gender. Open eyes, Lord, and may we speak the truth in love.

(Editor’s note: We really want to get the word out about this. The Lord has impressed on us that gender and sexuality issues are a critical part of the spiritual battle waging today in our nation. Please pray for our nation and for the many people who are so confused about who they are.) 

Four years ago, I wrote about my decision to live as a woman in The New York Times, writing that I had wanted to live “authentically as the woman that I have always been,” and had “effectively traded my white male privilege to become one of America’s most hated minorities.”

Three years ago, I decided that I was neither male nor female, but nonbinary—and made headlinesafter an Oregon judge agreed to let me identify as a third sex, not male or female.

Now, I want to live again as the man that I am.

I’m one of the lucky ones. Despite participating in medical transgenderism for six years, my body is still intact. Most people who desist from transgender identities after gender changes can’t say the same.

But that’s not to say I got off scot-free. My psyche is eternally scarred, and I’ve got a host of health issues from the grand medical experiment.

Here’s how things began.

After convincing myself that I was a woman during a severe mental health crisis, I visited a licensed nurse practitioner in early 2013 and asked for a hormone prescription. “If you don’t give me the drugs, I’ll buy them off the internet,” I threatened. . . .

The nurse practitioner ignored that I have chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, having previously served in the military for almost 18 years. All of my doctors agree on that. Others believe that I have bipolar disorder and possibly borderline personality disorder.

I should have been stopped, but out-of-control, transgender activism had made the nurse practitioner too scared to say no. . . .

Only one therapist tried to stop me from crawling into this smoking rabbit hole. When she did, I not only fired her, I filed a formal complaint against her. Professional stigmatisms against “conversion therapy” had made it impossible for the therapist to question my motives for wanting to change my sex.

My trauma history resembles a ride down the Highway of Death during the first Gulf War. As a child, I was sexually abused by a male relative. My parents severely beat me. At this point, I’ve been exposed to so much violence and had so many close calls that I don’t know how to explain why I’m still alive. Nor do I know how to mentally process some of the things I’ve seen and experienced.

Dr. Ray Blanchard has an unpopular theory that explains why someone like me may have been drawn to transgenderism. He claims there are two types of transgender women: homosexuals that are attracted to men, and men who are attracted to the thought or image of themselves as females. It’s a tough thing to admit, but I belong to the latter group. We are classified as having autogynephilia.

After having watched pornography for years while in the Army and being married to a woman who resisted my demands to become the ideal female, I became that female instead. At least in my head. . . .

The best thing that could have happened would have been for someone to order intensive therapy. That would have protected me from my inclination to cross-dress and my risky sexual transgressions, of which there were many. Instead, quacks in the medical community hid me in the women’s bathroom with people’s wives and daughters. “Your gender identity is female,” these alleged professionals said.

The diagnostic code in my records at the VA should read Transvestic Disorder (302.3). Instead, the novel theories of Judith Butler and Anne Fausto-Sterling have been used to cover up the truths written about by Blanchard, J. Michael Bailey, and Alice Dreger.

I confess to having been motivated by autogynephilia during all of this. Blanchard was right.

Trauma, hypersexuality owing to childhood sexual abuse, and autogynephilia are all supposed to be red flags for those involved in the medical arts of psychology, psychiatry, and physical medicine—yet nobody except for…one therapist in Pittsburgh ever tried to stop me from changing my sex. They just kept helping me to harm myself.

Three years into my gender change from male to female, I looked hard into the mirror one day. When I did, the facade of femininity and womanhood crumbled. Despite having taken or been injected with every hormone and antiandrogen concoction in the VA’s medical arsenal, I didn’t look anything like a female. People on the street agreed. Their harsh stares reflected the reality behind my fraudulent existence as a woman. Biological sex is immutable. It took three years for that reality to set in with me.

When the fantasy of being a woman came to an end, I asked two of my doctors to allow me to become nonbinary instead of female to bail me out. Both readily agreed.

After pumping me full of hormones—the equivalent of 20 birth control pills per day—they each wrote a sex change letter. The two weren’t just bailing me out. They were getting themselves off the hook for my failed sex change. One worked at the VA. The other worked at Oregon Health & Science University.

To escape the delusion of having become a woman, I did something completely unprecedented in American history. In 2016, I convinced an Oregon judge to declare my sex to be nonbinary—neither male nor female.

In my psychotic mind, I had restored the mythical third sex to North America. And I became the first legally recognized nonbinary person in the country.

The landmark court decision catapulted me to instant fame within the LGBT community. For 10 nonstop days afterward, the media didn’t let me sleep. Reporters hung out in my Facebook feed, journalists clung to my every word, and a Portland television station beamed my wife and I into living rooms in the United Kingdom.

Becoming a woman had gotten me into The New York Times. Convincing a judge that my sex was nonbinary got my photos and story into publications around the world.

Then, before the judge’s ink had even dried on my Oregon sex change court order, a Washington, D.C.-based LGBT legal aid organization contacted me. “We want to help you change your birth certificate,” they offered.

Within months, I scored another historic win after the Department of Vital Records issued me a brand new birth certificate from Washington, D.C., where I was born. A local group called Whitman-Walker Health had gotten my sex designation on my birth certificate switched to “unknown.” It was the first time in D.C. history a birth certificate had been printed with a sex marker other than male or female.

Another transgender legal aid organization jumped on the Jamie Shupe bandwagon, too. Lambda Legal used my nonbinary court order to help convince a Colorado federal judge to order the State Department to issue a passport with an X marker (meaning nonbinary) to a separate plaintiff named Dana Zzyym.

LGBT organizations helping me to screw up my life had become a common theme. During my prior sex change to female, the New York-based Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund had gotten my name legally changed. I didn’t like being named after the uncle who’d molested me. Instead of getting me therapy for that, they got me a new name.

A Pennsylvania judge didn’t question the name change, either. Wanting to help a transgender person, she had not only changed my name, but at my request she also sealed the court order, allowing me to skip out on a ton of debt I owed because of a failed home purchase and begin my new life as a woman. Instead of merging my file, two of the three credit bureaus issued me a brand new line of credit.

It wasn’t until I came out against the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children and transgender military service members in 2017 that LGBT organizations stopped helping me. Most of the media retreated with them.

Overnight, I went from being a liberal media darling to a conservative pariah.

Both groups quickly began to realize that the transgender community had a runaway on their hands. Their solution was to completely ignore me and what my story had become. They also stopped acknowledging that I was behind the nonbinary option that now exists in 11 states.

The truth is that my sex change to nonbinary was a medical and scientific fraud. Consider the fact that before the historic court hearing occurred, my lawyer informed me that the judge had a transgender child.

Sure enough, the morning of my brief court hearing, the judge didn’t ask me a single question. Nor did this officer of the court demand to see any medical evidence alleging that I was born something magical. Within minutes, the judge just signed off on the court order.

I do not have any disorders of sexual development. All of my sexual confusion was in my head. I should have been treated. Instead, at every step, doctors, judges, and advocacy groups indulged my fiction. In January 2019, unable to advance the fraud for another single day, I reclaimed my male birth sex. The weight of the lie on my conscience was heavier than the value of the fame I’d gained from participating in this elaborate swindle.

Two fake gender identities couldn’t hide the truth of my biological reality. There is no third gender or third sex. Like me, intersex people are either male or female. Their condition is the result of a disorder of sexual development, and they need help and compassion.

I played my part in pushing forward this grand illusion. I’m not the victim here. My wife, daughter, and the American taxpayers are—they are the real victims.

(Excerpted from The Daily Signal, by Jamie Shupe)


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Stella, TX
April 7, 2019

Brother your story is for a time such as this; Thank you for your courage. Fire of God leads you.
‘Voice of the Martyrs’ shared St.Patrick’s true story…
“at 15yrs he was kidnapped/enslaved… ‘In snow, in frost, in rain, I would hardly notice any discomfort, and I was never slack but always full of energy. It is clear to me now, that this was due to … the Spirit within me. But Patrick’s devotion to God did not go unnoticed. He soon earned the nickname “Holy Boy” among his fellow slaves.’ Patrick lived a full life, but not without his share of suffering and adventure. He was born in Britain, in the fourth century A.D.”

Billie Jo
April 4, 2019

Jamie, I am praying right now at this very moment that God will give you miraculous restoration to your mental and physical health. I pray you will be delivered & set free. My ex husband committed suicide while on anti depressants and so when I was experiencing the effects of my decision to abort my child and the loss of my daughters dad, I went to the dr and was told told I had depression & anxiety. I was TERRIFIED of taking medicine and asked the dr is there any other way?!! She told me some go to their faith. In that very moment, something clicked and I had in my mind.. THAT is exactly what I will do. Several months passed before I actually did that, but when I hit the lowest of my life and was going to go into a mental crisis, I cried out to JESUS…. He met me right there in that very moment. It wasn’t an immediate deliverance with the depression & anxiety, but I held on to this one verse my mom had shared when I was a kid and THOUGHT I let it go in one ear and out the other, but what actually happened was that seed was planted, and all these years later it bloomed into my life in a powerful way. She said, If you seek Him with ALL your heart, you will find Him. And that is EXACTLY what I did! And BOY did I find Him!!!
Within 6 months I was completely delivered of anxiety, depression, drug, alcohol, & smoking use. I was full of HOPE and purpose amd the happiest I had ever been in my life. I have been walking in an intimate relationship with Him ever since.
See I too was abused as a girl, lived in a childhood full of chaos, lost my sister when I was 17, became very sexually promiscuous and did everything I could to run from anything that was of God, not knowing He was going to truly be the answer I was searching for.
I will pray for you, always. Thanks so much for sharing, it has truly touched my heart.

March 23, 2019

I am no Religious but I wish you to find the strenght for your recovery, to love your body as it is, to be an example for other confused adults and children.

Jamie Shupe
March 23, 2019

Many thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers as I work to restore my mental and physical health.

    March 26, 2019

    Praying for you, Jamie. God is able to do what none us can……..make us whole. We all come to Him broken with nothing but ashes…….and He gives us beauty.

Lorraine Caris
March 20, 2019

May God bless you for sharing the truth. May He continue to encourage you to live in the truth and be bold in sharing that truth. May God have mercy on the people who should have helped you but pushed you in the wrong direction, and may they come to the knowledge of the truth. In Jesus’ name!

March 16, 2019

Hold tight onto the One who not only created you but helped you back to the real you. His mercy endures forever!

Christine Martha
March 16, 2019

Thank you for your courage, Jamie. You are a blessed son of God and He is surrounding you and lifting you up. I pray that the Father of Light would fill your spirit and soul with His loving light and peace, and heal every wounded spot in you. God bless, and just know that Father will use your testimony to help many confused young people find their way out of lies and into the truth.

March 16, 2019

I pray a hedge of protection around you and Father’s loving arms to hold you. It takes a real person, man or woman, to share from the heart as you have.
May God’s richest blessings be yours.

March 16, 2019

Thank you for your story, I pray Gods pertection over you and your family. You are going to help so many Confused people of all ages, thank you for what you’re doing and for speaking out.
God Bless you and your family.

Kimberly Gould
March 16, 2019

Thank you for being truthful. I appreciate it so much. Please consider Christian counseling and not Freudian, humanistic based counseling. God bless you in your journey.

March 16, 2019

Praise God! Only The LORD God can transform! Ex. 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
Father move in this one to connect with a passionate group of believers, to help him grow in the grace & knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Praying 🙏 for you Dear one.

March 16, 2019

I love you and I hate how the enemy has brought havoc into your life. You have a new name given to you by Jesus Christ, when he wrote it down in the book of life. Ask him what that name is . I pray for all the old scars to be removed and replaced with the DNA of Jesus, who came to give us life and life more abundantly. I pray that God would restore all the years the enemy (satan) has stolen would be given back to you 100 fold. You are a mighty man of God and God will you use now in his kingdom to take back all the children that are confused of their gender as you once was.

March 16, 2019

God will use you mightily in these last days. Sometimes our pain and suffering is used by our Lord for His divine purposes. Please cling to our Savior Yeshua as He is the only one who can keep you strong and keep you from backsliding. I have prayed for you and your family. Amen.

March 16, 2019

Thank you for your transparency! I was thinking about what I may write to encourage you and I felt God brought to my mind Psalm 139. Perhaps you would like to read it and let God’s Word penetrate your being. He loves you with an everlasting love that never fades.

Gary Hays
March 16, 2019

You have an amazing story to tell the nation but you first need to be right with God. As you begin your journey with Him, He will undoubtedly use you across the country to refute the humanistic evil perpetrating our schools and even some churches. His healing and strength is yours for the taking.
BTW, thank you for your service to our naiton

Maria Miller
March 16, 2019

Praise God that you came to this realization and thank you for what you will be able to do once you are well to destroy the farce and bring some truth and reality to all those people who are so ready to help people become who God never intended them to be. I pray that you heal totally and completely so that you can once again use the notoriety that you have achieved in the past and become the voice of truth. May God bless you and continue to use you!!

March 12, 2019

Thank you for being so honest and transparent! I believe your willingness to share your story will make a huge difference in the lives of many people. God loves you. “So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while.”
I Peter 1:6

Sharlene White
March 12, 2019

How merciful God has been to you, even through ALL you have been through ALL your life. He has still seen to it that you’re still alive, and given you the opportunity to know His love for you through Jesus the Christ!

    Stephanie Moore
    March 16, 2019

    Dearest Father-God,
    I have no stones to throw for I too have sinned. But thanks be to You, through Jesus Christ; I have been forgiven. And now I live as Your beloved child and I know that this is possible for everyone who comes to You, believing that You are who You say You are. I pray your most incredible blessings over this man and every one who is struggling to find The Truth.
    You have an Astonishing plan for him and I pray that he will choose You as his Father. I come against the evil one on his behalf, for satan would have us be stuck in the pit of shame from the past or in a trap of terror of facing the future.
    Life, Light and Love come to us when we give ourselves to You. Life will still be hard at times – but hard is not the same as bad.
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen

    Thank you for doing this very hard, but very good thing. I love you and God loves you more.

yvonne morgan
March 12, 2019

God bless you for facing the hard truth and coming against those that want to promote lies and harm others instead of getting to the root of the problem. You are on your way to recovery and healing in Jesus name . I will be fasting and praying for you . I want to let you know that i will be sharing your story to help younger children who my be confused about the identity due to the schools now giving them a choice and i believe this will really help them understand that in life we are sometimes confused but if someone directs us to the truth and shares in love the BIBLE SAYS THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE SOME SAY SET YO FREE. I really believe God had his hand on you against all odds he spared you and you are blessed to have come to the realization of who you really are and your right you may not have been the victim of this but your were the victim of your uncles taking advantage of you . God is able to heal your mind so completely and even allow you to forgive your uncle which would be impossible without God to do , but when you can come to that place is when you know for sure the Lord HAS GIVEN YOU POWER OVER THE SITUATION and your remaining life will be blessed and full of joy unspeakable . I love you brother for sharing , thank you and have a blessed day .

March 11, 2019

God Bless You! I am praying for you. How amazing that you found the truth and are so very strong!

Sandra Ficken
March 11, 2019

Please, please, please do not give up!
Check the website for Debora Wayne… Biofieldhealinginstitute.com
You can heal from this and she can help you!
Holding you in light and love ❣️

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