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Father, we know that You use persecutions to purify our faith. Let us now use our faith to enflame Your revival! Amen.
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Analysis. As our news is littered with such things as threats of the arrest of former President Trump and with FBI raids of Mar-a-Lago, one cannot help but wonder about the weaponization of government agencies for political motives. But the attacks do not stop there: We hear of FBI raids on the home of “America’s Mom,” with her homeschooled children looking on as their home is upturned; about untold numbers of persons being held in jail as political prisoners, without due process of law; and even about an IFA board member, Jeremy Story, who was arrested for simply speaking out at a local school board meeting. We are made to wonder where this trend may lead.

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Concerns that governments around the globe may be getting more and more comfortable with creating political or religious dissidents are sure to rise. Starting with a Colorado baker being charged for not baking a cake, and then moving to the fining of California pastors for holding church services during COVID, and now to the criminalization of silent prayer(!) in the U.K., we begin to feel uneasy about the progressive levels of power being exercised by governments to silence and squelch any views they oppose. Our First Amendment protections of the God-given freedom to speak, write, and think according to conscience are undeniably being trampled before our very eyes.

George Washington is thought by some to have said: “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Notwithstanding the debate over whether Washington did in fact make that statement, the expressed idea holds true: Throughout human history, we witness the growth of tyrannical governments that fan the flames of oppression and persecution.

Our Founding Fathers were keenly aware of such fires of persecution. James Madison, hailed as the Father of the Constitution, was a direct descendant of at least two Christian martyrs. He was descended from William Tyndale, who was known for his work translating the Bible into English; Tyndale was strangled and burned at the stake. Tyndale’s niece, Margaret, married Rowland Taylor, who was martyred during the Marian Persecutions. He, too, was burnt at the stake for his Christian beliefs that opposed those of the reigning monarch. Few know that Rowland and Margaret were the great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents of Madison, our fourth president. It is not surprising then, that Madison was keenly aware of the need to keep our government in check from engagement with the fires of persecution.

Those fires of persecution have raged from the time first-century Christians were being thrown to the lions, and they’ve gone on through the hangings, even on our own shores, of those charged with defying theological mandates handed down under the color of law. The Puritans in Massachusetts were vehemently opposed to the beliefs and practices of the Quakers — so much so that they passed laws imposing sentences of whippings, the cutting off of ears, and even death, for anyone espousing Quaker beliefs within their jurisdictions. The hangings in 1659 in Boston of William Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson and in 1660 of Mary Dyer finally caught the attention of King Charles II, prompting him in 1661 to forbid Massachusetts officials from executing those who professed Quakerism.

Such fires of persecution may seem far removed from us today, but religious and political persecutions continue around the world. The right of conscience is too often subjugated under conflicting man-made rights. The abortion lobby spoke loudly through the British Parliament when the U.K. voted to create free-speech-exclusion zones around abortion clinics. What is more shocking is that these zones criminalize even silent prayer. That is, such prayers or beliefs, even if unspoken, are now forbidden within these zones, and some who hold such opposing beliefs have in fact been arrested, fined, and even imprisoned. This was no unintended consequence of the legislation, but rather its exact intention. An amendment was offered that would have protected from arrest any people engaging in either consensual communication or silent prayer, but that amendment was soundly defeated by a vote of 299 to 116, an almost 3-1 margin.

The criminal pursuit of those who hold opposing beliefs is in vogue. Certainly, there can be no question that the U.K.’s adoption of a law blatantly criminalizing silent prayer is nothing short of religious persecution. Adding this to the bans that criminalize conversion therapy in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and many other countries, as well as in 25 states here in the U.S., it is not difficult to consider the slippery slope of thought police coming to ban religious convictions as a form of “hate speech.”

I am reminded of Madison’s warning that we should “take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties,” for if we allow such errors to become established through precedent, we expose ourselves to tyranny and ultimately become its slaves. Let us not continue to wait to see where such precedent may lead. Let us instead pray that the fires of revival may continue to burn brightly, bursting into flame in our nation and in the rest of the globe. May these fires of revival and the love of Jesus extinguish any fires of hatred and persecution that may currently exist in our government, our churches, our families, and even our own hearts.

Are you praying for flames of revival in the face of flames of persecution? Share those prayers below.

Cynthia Dunbar is an attorney, a constitutional scholar, a former law professor at Liberty University School of Law, a board member of IFA, and co-host with Dave Kubal of IFA’s Constitutional Corner. Go to www.dunbarforamerica.com to learn more about our constitutional republic and subscribe. Photo Credit: Canva.

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Rob Wogsland
April 2, 2023

…they set them before the council; and the high priest asked them, saying Did not we strictly command you that you should not teach in this name? And, behold, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us. Then Peter and the other apostles answered, and said, We ought to obey God and not men. Acts 5:27-29

Roger Hall
March 29, 2023

Lord, may your fires of revival fall on our nation as in the early times of our nation’s founding. Amen

Rich Swingle
March 25, 2023

My first feature-length play was about Mary Dyer. I took the title from one of her quotes: “I Come and Go at His Command.” May the Lord raise up people as brave as Dyer before we need to be that brave! I echo Professor Dunbar’s prayer: “…that the fires of revival may continue to burn brightly, bursting into flame in our nation and in the rest of the globe. May these fires of revival and the love of Jesus extinguish any fires of hatred and persecution that may currently exist in our government, our churches, our families, and even our own hearts.”

    March 25, 2023

    I guess it is best to keep prayers simple ..itseems to be more effective

Karen Secrest
March 25, 2023

It was a wakeup call this week for another media post. England is no we opted as a non Christian nation

Also being reminded of business owners and Trump who are being consistently placed in the courts causing health problems and financial despair. A ministry thi d month had all their bank accounts closed.
I wondered at the Lord reminding me of Korah and the 250. Also Soros whom th Lord has pursued for years
Bill Gated and Putin are on the radar for disease. May they come. Knowing the Fear of the Lord
If ever we were born for a time like this for constant prayer. Let it be

Nancy Bryda
March 25, 2023

Revival fire burn in our hearts. No King but Jesus and Holy Spirit guide our actions in accordance with the third heaven directives. The army of the Lord is in exponential increase. I decrease unity and one accord to the remnant of God for only His purposes and His purposes alone.

March 25, 2023

Before January 20, 2009, the day the great liar obama was sworn into the presidency, America was in peace! Political disagreements never were that heated or violent! No one much talked about crt. No one was trying to sexualize young students! I am a teacher and there were no porn books in school libraries! Antifa and blm were not on the scene terrorizing Americans of all colors and faiths! This age of demonic darkness and violence was ushered in with obama who was too cowardly to do the evil things biden now does or says! I witnessed a shift in the atmosphere toward darkness on the very night obama was elected. I told every intercessor I knew to pray to bind the darkness. For 8 years anyone daring to not support obama was threatened or beaten! It was the end of peaceful political disagreements! Then President Trump came along and we began to push back the darkness. L. G. Life was Good under Trump, in spite of all of the persecutions he edured! He fought for and is still fighting for Americans! Then came 2020 and a stolen election that most everyone knew was stolen, but because Trump had a few mean tweets, only a very few in congress fought for the truth and so let the most wicked and evil liar in American history remain in a stolen office! FATHER GOD please forgive us for not fighting with everything in us for the man YOU raised up to be President for such a time as this! For not fighting for truth and righteousness! Please forgive us for allowing such a son of perdition to remain in power wrecking havoc to all that doesn’t agree with him! Forgive us for allowing biden to usher America into the darkest place we have ever been in! Please forgive us for allowing this boldly demonized man to usurp our freedoms and peace! FATHER please deliver us from evil and show us how to combat the evil once and for all in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!

    Nancy Berkey
    March 25, 2023

    Father God, please convict hearts of all to see the Truth of You and truth of this evil going on in the country and world. Preserve the United States of America. Remove this corrupt people from our government especially this evil president. Please live President Trump his rightful place as our President. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen🙏

Mary W
March 25, 2023

Great article! We are so wayward, and need to be reminded to PRAY to the God of all mercy to rescue us and the land we love. Also for this young generation being touched through Gods Spirit of worship; to study scripture and influence their peers toward righteous living in Christ. God is greater than all the opposition we see around us. So we pray!!!

    March 25, 2023

    Yes I agree, the Young Generation needs to be influenced to study scripture and influence their peers for Christ.. and Dr Dunbar is so prolific in her praying and speaking. I’m so grateful for those who so eloquently describe what we are up against.. let us remember however that it is more than merely Wayward christians, or bad government.. that we are dealing with.. let us remember this plan has been implemented from almost the beginning of our country.. globalists are not new.. and the same demons that are tormenting us now were alive when Jesus walked the Earth.

    Lord thank you for this wonderful article-, and the information it presents, in our continuing challenge in the spiritual war that we are in-, that started 150 to 200 years ago..or even longer ago-, &, let us remember that everything that we are experiencing-, God is not surprised by, and we should not be surprised,by this either.. except that as we live this life being only human.. as we are doing the very thing that humans do.. which is living this life-, we tend to be caught up in living this life. Let us also remember that globalist tyrannical despots have been oppressing less sophisticated republics and free peoples since King Herod lived in Judea , – or was in Palestine-,( I confess my history is not that good )However,. as we become more spiritually minded ..hopefully we have a more far-reaching visual perspective of where this all leads.. but I am also grateful for good Christian leaders that have great insight ..and have put themselves on the line to teach us and guide us-, because your Word is such a big book- and really never ending in the depth of what it says- and how we are to live by it. Lord, my only other concern-, is that you open the eyes of the many many Christians who have yet to even realize they need to pay attention to this rapidly evolving or developing situation-, that many are not even still aware is happening.. and Lord-, I pray for a double and even triple portion of your spirit and courage in those believers who are aware-,Lord..that your word can manifest through them- with great influence-,as your favor would flow through them-, as a witness unto your glory, Lord, that the billion soul Harvest would come in.. and America would be saved in Jesus name, Amen

    I hope there is Grace for wordy prayers


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