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Lord, we pray for the hearts in America. We pray that bitterness would be healed with your love. We pray that hearts would be healed of unforgiveness. We pray that people would encounter the one true living God and that this country would burn for you!

A former Trump official revealed in an interview this week that FBI Director Christopher Wray was missing in action during the run-up to the January 6 Capitol riot.

Kash Patel, the chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, told Epoch Times host Jan Jekielek that on Jan. 4, 5, and 6 he was on the phone with President Trump, then-Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows, Attorney General William Barr, and the Department of Homeland Security to discuss security around the Capitol, but Wray was noticeably absent from those phone calls even though his participation was requested, and it was in the FBI’s purview to help keep the Capitol safe.

Patel told Jekielek that the Department of Defense had offered to send thousands National Guard troops to D.C. to quell any potential violence, but Mayor Bowser had rejected the offer for what he believed were political reasons.

He explained that although it is the job of law enforcement to protect the nation’s Capitol, National Guard troops could have been deployed to assist their “law enforcement partners” through a request from the mayor, the governor, or Capitol Police.

“That’s what should have happened, and that’s what we told them they might want to consider,” Patel said. “But they flat-out rejected.” The former Trump official also pointed out that the FBI should have briefed Cabinet officials on whatever intelligence they had surrounding the Jan. 6 event, and could have stationed up to a thousand uniformed agents around the Capitol, but didn’t. Additionally, he argued, a  temporary fence could have been put up to protect the Capitol building during the protest, but it was not.

Patel told Jekielek that mistakes were made that were “intentional or otherwise,” and that’s what led to the January 6 fiasco.

“If you look at the videos from January 6—and they still won’t release all of it—an entire side of the Capitol, I believe it’s the South side—was totally unmanned. No police officers whatsoever. And that’s where the crowd first came in through, Patel said.  “You have to ask yourself —what happened on January 6?”

After the riot, Patel said, he had the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Secretary of the Army create a written timeline detailing actions that were taken in the days before, during and after the riot so that “the American people and Congress would have an actual tick-tock” signed off on by these three important leaders.

He stressed that President Trump authorized 10-20 thousand National Guard troops from around the country to be stationed at the Capitol, but that the DoD still needed a request from the local government to deploy them. . . .

Patel also pointed out that it was widely know that there was a potential for violence during the protest on January 6.

“It’s not like this was classified,” he said. “Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts were all closed. They were all boarded up on January 6. It’s not like they had better information than the Federal Bureau of Investigation who is responsible for domestic intelligence. People had an idea that something bad could happen.”

Patel argued that if there had been uniformed FBI, and DHS agents on the ground, and they had built a wall around the Capitol prior to January 6, “this event could have been avoided.”

“They totally failed, 100 percent,” he declared. “I think it was a total, total failure on law enforcement on that day.”

“I was on the phone calls on January 4th, 5th, and 6th with the president, the Chief-of-Staff, with the attorney general, with the Department of Homeland Security, and the only person missing from those phone calls was the director of the FBI. He was nowhere to be found.”

Patel reiterated that he was in constant communication with all of these top officials, but the one person who was “noticeably absent even upon request” was Wray.

What are your thoughts on Jan. 6 and the hidden agenda behind it? Let us know your thoughts and prayers for America in the comments below!

(Excerpt from American Greatness. Article written by Debra Heine. Photo by GettysImages)

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July 11, 2021

Mr. Wray was absent by “design and by instruction”. He was marching to deep state command and threats. How sad that was once the premier agency in the world has been consistently compromised by cowards, sellouts and backstabbers. There are still some very good people working in the FBI – unfortunately, they aren’t in charge.
The Jan. 6th disturbance was largely planned and orchestrated according to the corrupt politicians behind it (along with other outside players) to achieve instability and to place more false blame on the president and those supporting him.
Wray was absent because he has been told to play dumb.
We can and should constantly pray that God will intervene – that God will give courage and heart to those that know the truth and will come forward. It will cost them everything they have worked for to tell the truth. Pray for their protection because there are people who want the truth to be publicly known.

July 10, 2021

What disturbs me the most as a black American woman is no one in Congress is forming committees of legislation for the main domestic terrorist groups: blm & antifa!!! Not only did they destroy mostly all of democrat States but they have not stopped in Oregon, Wash state, New York, Calif,Chicago, IL…….Chicago had 100 shootings over 4th July weekend & Oakland ran out of ambulances!!!! Any other time, United States would declare war. Instead, Pelosi is pushing committee when she blocked law enforcement by turning all assistance down & gave half of Capitol Police the day off! Oh, Jehovah God Almighty will show up & show out, in The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we pray!!!🙏🇺🇸💓🇮🇱🙏

July 10, 2021

Praise The Lord, Saints! I pray we press in & raise the awareness on comments President Putin stated at G7 Summit. First, Over 400 Americans are being held in a jail in D.C. in conditions worst than a Chinese prison camp. Second, Why hasn’t anyone been charged for shooting an unarmed United States Air Force Veteran. Praise God for Patriots waking up & standing against to more of the devil’s ungodly & domestic attacks toward “We the People” of the United States.🙏🇺🇸🇮🇱💓😇🙏

July 10, 2021

This needs to come out during Pelosi’s Jan 6 investigation. More truth that President Trump was not behind the insurrection of the Capitol. In fact, shows he tried to prevent it. Is this evidence that the FBI was behind this?

July 9, 2021

William Barr resigned as Attorney General effective Dec 23, 2020, according to several articles. Would he have been on that phone call?

    July 10, 2021

    Good point! I believe his greatest accomplishment was reinstating “The Firing Squad” for treason and The Military Tribunal at GITMO. But Jan 6 incident is exposing Obama’s plan to form National Police Force as political ARMY. Stalin’s black shirts, Hitler’s brown shirts & Democrat’s KKK that present day Democrats agree trying to use to make everyone to hate White People with a new name “CRT. I am so proud of parents running for local offices to prevent CRT from being taught in schools. All these Marxism/communism/socialism/liberalism need to stay front and center to keep awareness up, esp. millinneals. Maybe the FBI Dir wants to play ignorant card about plain clothes FBI agents that were leading the visit protests on Jan 6th???🙏🙏🙏

July 9, 2021

What was “allowed” to happen on Jan.6, should have us all concerned, and I’m not talking about what the Democrats and some RINOS are talking about! Our National Security, on every front, has some leaders and workers in it that do not have America’s best interest! They have put our country in grave danger! Obama put a lot of these people in, but there have been those that have been in for a long time! The billionaires, corporations, Big tech, media, China and others, have way too many people working for them (in our government agencies) and not for America! It’s about greed, not loyalty to our country, and certainly not caring about God! They have no idea WHO they will ultimately give an account to for what they have done to harm Americans. Right now, they don’t care…….but one day they will!!
By now, I think most of us are aware of the hidden agenda behind Jan. 6. Clearly we know that the Capitol police and government agencies (like FBI, DHS, etc) did not do their jobs, I believe, on purpose! The old saying, ” you can fool part of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” Well, I don’t think, at least, half of America is fooled, I’m not too sure about the other half!
President Trump was obviously a huge threat to them! They had to stop him, at any cost, even if they destroyed America! That is hatred that is demonic!! These people don’t understand, God will raise up more people to do His work. They CAN NOT win against Almighty God!!!

Rose Rocha
July 9, 2021

Dear Lord help the officials see what is coming out of the inquiry to the nation Capitol Jan. 6, 2021 riot in the true light. That is was a plan of the enemy to discredit President Trump. The first question that raises suspicion was – why was Director of the FBI Christopher Wray absent from the meeting to handle the disruption?

Open the hearts of the people who been used to deceive the American people to tell the truth.

I pray in Jesus name.


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