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Father, we pray for farmers around the globe. Protect their way of life, God, and protect us from the schemes and harmful policies of the globalists.

Sri Lanka’s economy collapsed and the Netherlands are filled with unrest. American farmers may be next on the climate change chopping block.

From CBN News. The most efficient system in history of growing food and getting it to consumers, modern farming, is under attack, blamed for causing climate change.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


Dutch Government to Farmers: Reduce Your Operations by Up to 95 Percent 

The world has watched as Dutch farmers fight for their economic survival against demands that they shrink their operations to suit the government’s climate change agenda. The Dutch government has told farmers to cut ammonia emissions by 50 percent, and those near protected areas must reduce their operations by as much as 95 percent, or they must sell their land to the government and face a lifetime ban from farming….

Jos Ubels, Vice President of the Farmer’s Defense Force in the Netherlands, says negotiations are not going anywhere and a bad situation is continuing to escalate.

“We are fighting for our right to produce and to live as a human being in our country,” Ubels said, “in a democracy where we have the right to go on the street to protest against legislation, and we have the right to produce, via our permits….”

Sir Lanka: A Warning to Politicians Who Want to Restrict Farming

Sri Lanka’s ban of chemical fertilizers in farming caused the struggling nation’s agricultural sector and economy to collapse. It ended with protestors frolicking in the presidential swimming pool after nation’s president fled the country….

Is the Biden Admin About to Launch a Similar War on American Farmers?

Washington Attorney Gary Baise, who helped start the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and now says it should be abolished, owns 11 farms in Illinois. He calls what the Dutch government is trying to do to its farming sector “madness,” and sees signs a similar movement is coming to the U.S….

Baise believes the era of cheap food at the grocery store is over, not just from inflation but because of growing environmental regulations on farming, and says Sri Lanka should be a warning to leaders who want to experiment with food production….

Nevertheless, the Biden Administration appears to be coming after farmers. Steve Milloy, editor of the website Junkscience.com, writes that a new study by the EPA claims that air emissions from farms, basically farm dust, kill 17,000 Americans per year, the same EPA standards that basically killed the coal industry….

How are you praying for farmers? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from CBN News. Photo Credit: Randy Fath on Unsplash)

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August 7, 2022

Our food supply
We pray that the American farmland would remain in the hands of local farmers—not in the hands of the very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence or companies with wicked motives and
Lord that you would protect crops across the world from fire, floods, and other hazards and to
defend the farmers from requirements that they switch to electric harvesting equipment which cannot be recharged on huge farms, THANK You for stationing angels around our food factories, farms, and grocery stores. protect our infrastructure, such as roadways, harbors, railroads, and other freight handling systems.
For farmers to be vocal about the challenges facing the fresh food supply, and for people to listen. Lord to put it on the hearts of the people’s representatives to create legislation that protects our food supply and blocks any enemy attempt to steal our nation’s food. to care for the poor; and that He would provide for every family to eat well, no matter their socioeconomic status. (Lord help us in this family to help those in need)
Give your people the ability to purchase seed and that it would be protected. We pray that the actual, physical LAND would be given into the hands of the people of God, so that we can live more simply and have the space and ability to grow our own food again, where desired.

Lord to protect our water supply. Expose and remediate any environmental contamination that makes people sick through food or water. Heal the waters of our wells, cisterns, and public drinking water sources. And we pray that any attacks against food factories would be exposed, hindered, and prevented. Put up a complete roadblock to those like Bill Gates and others across the world using their monies to purchase land in order to bring in the new world economic forum.

Nan Johnson
August 3, 2022

May we pray every day and speak out with God’s perfect strength and anointing against illegal voting that it may not take place again in our country. Also may we pray and speak out against the insane things being done and promoted by those who believe the lie of the Green New Deal!!There is no data or research to prove the validity of any proclaimed climate change. May we pray for and speak up for our economy, our farmers, our national boundaries, our schools,and our rights to be Christian and live and act out our faith and our own specific calling from God. All this will be corrected if Christians will have courage to speak and act as God leads us. 🙏⛪️👍❤️

Katy Zastrow
August 2, 2022

western Wisc, we need rain. Its bad too. My lawn is brown. I haven’t mowed in 6 wks!
I have a big veg garden & many flower beds that I tediously water daily. It’s rare to get
a downpour. Thankful what rain spirts we get. The dew on cooler mornings, helps.
We also have a ranch & farmland in SD that is rented out. Praying for rain in Wi, SD.

August 2, 2022

Listen to Paul Harvey’s “So God Made A Farmer”. Special people, the backbone of America and the life style that we have all enjoyed. To wipe out the tillers of the earth, is to wipe out our foundation of industry and faith in God’s operation. He created a special man to be the caretaker of the earth. God, bless the farmer and the people around the world who live close to the soil, who believe in God’s provision in the hard times and maintains a faith in the future to care for all of mankind.

Rebecca Kurtz
August 2, 2022

Lord God, You are the almighty who created the heavens and the earth and all its fullness therein.
You created man and gave him dominion over the earth. Such a gift has been defiled, used for selfish private gains or taken for granted throughout the history of mankind.

We ask Your forgiveness for sleeping as the current wave of evil dominance rises in our lifetimes.

We cry out to You now for guidance, wisdom, strategies and the provisions needed to fight the evil corruption and greed in the hearts of worldwide leaders who plot against Your creation and Your people who spend their lives and all their strength serving others to provide all we need from the land to survive and maintain our existence.
Please Lord save the farmers around your world for good! Save their lands and uphold all of them in strength and perseverance. They are the pillars of all societies, yet evil forces are working to steal and pillage all that farmers work for to only benefit the greed mongers whose only purpose is in gaining power over others.
Help us Father Please! Meet these farmers and all of us standing in great and dire need, that we may praise Your Holy name again!

Zoe Ella
August 2, 2022

What the Dutch are doing is disguised as climate efforts, and what it is in reality is government land theft. Farming is not really the issue there, it is the means for the government to confiscate land. In the United States, the culling of livestock conveniently comes at a time when entrepreneurs (corporations, etc) are developing and promoting lab grown meat and insect protein. Patented. Profitable for them. Coincidence only? Most likely not. In the agricultural community, at least until the present, it is the small farmers who do not pollute who have been suffering the most. Many of these farmers – often family farmers, God fearing people – have learned to grow without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and to manage their crops in such a way as to renew the soil which has been deadened by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, used in bulk on the large factory farms. Such things are needed for yield when the soil has already been deadened, and deaden the soil even more. We do not need factory farms (again, most run by corporations or other large endeavors) and we do not need lab grown meat. We need the farmers who have learned to grow food without damaging the Earth in which the food is grown. There IS a climate crisis, despite the denials of those who do not wish to change habits to live in harmony with God’s creation. It is caused, in macrocosm, by man’s attitudes of entitlement and arrogance (e.g., we can create better than God can). The current food shortages stem from that, as well as from the desire of a few elite to make humanity completely dependent on them for food. To cooperate with that is to deny that the true dependence is on God and the natural world He has created. We need to think more deeply before demanding more benefits for factory farms which DO deaden the soil and pollute the environment. We do not need them in order to be fed. We need God, and respect and reverence for the divine.

    August 2, 2022

    I believe you have the right answer to this whole food debauchle. We are eating food that has been tainted by the chemical companies and by GMO corporations. This may be God’s way of allowing people to go back to doing farmining God’s way. What is called organic farming should always be used. We need to get back to growing real food in each community to be sold to each other instead of depending on huge companies to ship food thousands of miles to people. I may be living in a fairyland of ideas, but we are so used to what we have that we need to start thinking outside the box.
    Lord help us by the Holy Spirit to receive your wisdom and be willing to change.

August 2, 2022

Why don’t they practice what hey preach
They cause a lot of problems flying in there jet’s every where and driving their large vehicles
Why should we change if they won’t

August 2, 2022

We must target the “stronghold “ of Global warming! 2 Co. 10.3-5. There is no Global warming. See Founder of Weather Channel John Coleman on Rumble.com.

    August 2, 2022

    Agreed, Monte.

    Another good source is scientist and theologian Dr. Hugh Ross’ book “Weathering Climate Change: A Fresh Approach” which debunks all the global warming hysteria and lies.

August 2, 2022

Canada farmers also have a problem. The farmers and ranchers are the best stewards for our environment. In the USA, most of the “fertilizer” emissions and run-offs are caused by our many golf courses and lawns…not from the farmland! We must have a balanced resolution that is favorable for everyone and our planet. Our USA farmers are the largest supplier of food products in the world and the Dutch are second in food exports behind the USA. If our farmers fail…….we will all suffer and many will go hungry. Farmers around the globe must endure the many hardships relating to the climate and weather patterns, intense labor, market changes, expensive equipment, maintenance and repairs, labor markets for growing and harvesting and more imposed restrictions from the federal governments. Yes, our farmers definitely need our prayers and support.

    August 2, 2022

    Thank you for the prayers. We are family farmers in South Texas and the situation is challenging now, but we know the Lord is in control and we have faith in Him. Our prayers are with the farmers all over the globe.

August 2, 2022

Father, You have said in Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”
So, I thank You for Your feeding the 5,000 who came to hear Your Son speak and for providing food to Joseph’s family and the land during a famine.
I now ask that You give wisdom to the farmers and make a way for them to produce their full crops. Bring Your plans of action to those in the position to act, giving them courage and wisdom of new ideas that no one has thought of. Thank You for Your kindness and mercy on us and continue to lead us in how to pray. In Jesus’ name, I love You and thank You for all that You are doing and will do for us! ❤️

August 2, 2022

Rise up Lord! May your enemies be scattered; may your foes flee before you. Numbers 10:35

VAL Strande
August 2, 2022

pray for rain also. Here in South Dakota, we need it!

August 2, 2022

Please dear God, come back and take the world’s control . Thanks

Allena Jordan
August 2, 2022

Father, have mercy on farmers in our nation and around the world. This smacks of “Roman government” iron rule. We know we live in the end of the end of days. Give us strength and courage. Help farmers everywhere to find new ways to farm and ranch Lord, may they bend their knees to You and receive a blessing upon their work because they acknowledge You as Lord of all they do. May they look to the hills from when comes their help. Bless all farmers and ranchers, the growers of our food. And, Lord, it used to be more regional and less corporate. Let it be so once again. Help them and protect them, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

raleigh b Robertson
August 2, 2022

wake up both believers and non believers, this is the work of the devil coming for us, stand strong with the armor of God around us and show your true selves in the upcoming elections to stop the devil


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