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Lord, bless Monumental Prayers, so many readers will grow mightily in their intercessory callings and in the knowledge of the One who calls.
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IFA is pleased to offer a wonderful new devotional book celebrating the godly and prayerful foundation of our nation.

When Dave Kubal became president of IFA in 2009, he began telephoning every supporter of the ministry to offer our thanks for their gifts. Over the years, as IFA has grown, this effort has continued, with the calls now being made by a team of people, not just Dave.

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One of these team callers is Tom Sampley, who is also Dave’s father-in-law. As Tom proceeded through his supporter list one day, he wound up phoning Michelle Gallagher, of Plymouth, Massachusetts. “How can I pray for you?” Tom asked. Many IFA supporters are hesitant about disclosing personal needs, and Michelle is no exception. But that day, she had a pressing need related to a book she had written, so she decided to share her concern. Michelle was deeply touched and encouraged by Tom’s Spirit-led, heartfelt prayer for her book project.

Michelle; her husband, Dan; and her mother, Judith Powell, are all IFA intercessors who live in Plymouth. After visiting the Forefathers Monument frequently in her neighborhood, Michelle felt inspired to create a high-quality guidebook explaining the Christian basis of the monument to interested tourists. She had never written or designed a book before, but when God calls, He equips. The guidebook is impressive. In fact, Kirk Cameron, who starred in the 2012 documentary, Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure, has personally endorsed it.

Michelle was also inspired to explain and pray through the essential biblical principles celebrated in the Forefathers Monument. So, shortly after the Forefathers Monument Guidebook was released, she wrote another book, Monumental Prayers, a devotional. She sent copies of both books to Tom in gratitude for his prayers and interest.

Tom showed these books to Dave — who knew immediately that he had to find a way to get Monumental Prayers into the hands of IFA intercessors.

IFA has deep roots in Plymouth, and a strong connection to the history of the Pilgrims. Derek Prince was invited to speak at the 350th anniversary of the Mayflower landing. He had never really studied the Pilgrims as a student in British schools. He was amazed at their story, which he recounted in his book, Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting. This book, in turn, inspired his teaching at the conference that birthed IFA. The organization was incorporated in Plymouth, and for several years was headquartered there while John Talcott, a founder of the Plymouth Rock Foundation, was president of IFA.

As part of the celebration of IFA’s 50th anniversary, IFA partnered with Michelle and Proclamation House to offer an expanded, special edition of the Monumental Prayers devotional — inspired by the faith and godly legacy of the Pilgrims.

Order now and receive the book plus special bookmarks for the National Day of Prayer.

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Maria Amengual-Michaud
April 22, 2023

God bless IFA! And I have received calls asking how you could pray for me! That blew me away that someone would take the time to do that. I read and share your headlines daily as much as I can. I can’t wait to get onto the devotional. God blessed America, now America bless God!

April 22, 2023

I’m not even halfway through this devotional and i can’t say enough about how rich it is. It beautifully shares the legacy of this nation, and how the it began with covenant and praying people. This will bless the reader as you intercede for this nation. Lord, we thank you for Monumental Prayers. Lord give us monumental faith as well.

    April 22, 2023

    Gloria, thank you so much for your comments! This book was a labor of love to create, and it brings me to tears to hear how it is blessing you… all glory to God! – Michelle Gallagher


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IFA President
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