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Father, we pray that Your revival fire would sweep across the nation. Bring America back to You, Lord.
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Analysis. The mid-terms have come and gone. We didn’t see the results that historically have taken place in our nation which is the Party in the majority will lose seats and usually lose the majority. Nor did we see the prophesied Red Wave—which we should have seen based on Biden’s incredibly low approval rating.

What does this election tell us? What is coming and what is essential—that prayer and repentance is the only thing that will save us and which has always been the big picture. Where we are mirrors America in 1857 and a prayer revival that shifted our nation. Will we accept that prayer challenge today?

For the past few years, Dutch Sheets has led our nation in the Give Him 15 prayer movement with a 15-minute inspirational devotion followed by a corporate prayer and decree to see America saved and hearts turned back to Him. Approximately 200,000 people join this corporate devotional and prayer, Monday through Friday.

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I want to challenge us to go a step further.

We know God hears our prayers. His remnant is praying and growing — and yet our nation remains in desperate need of revival. Our schools have become cesspools of liberalism, our young people’s hearts are turned far from Him, our churches have become irrelevant to many, and our government is corrupt. This nation cannot be transformed unless people’s hearts are transformed.

We need revival.

America in 1857 was not so different from what America is today. At that time, the United States was in spiritual, political, and economic decline. Recession was looming, and racial tensions were high — after the Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott decision that same year, a ruling that denied freedom and citizenship to those of African American descent. Civil war was imminent.

Moreover, people had become disillusioned with the Church after prophets and pastors had erroneously predicted the end of the world by the 1840s. Hopelessness and a lack of trust had set in.

Jeremiah Lanphier had, like many, grown disillusioned. He had been hired to meet with church members who had stopped attending services, in hopes that he could rekindle their desire to attend. Despite his best efforts, he was unsuccessful.


Discouragement began to set in. In order to keep going, Lanphier set aside an hour each day at noon to pray and encourage himself in the Lord before heading out for the second part of his day. He learned one thing during that challenging season: It was his noontime prayer that sustained him and gave him the strength to keep going.

Lanphier recognized that if prayer could so strengthen him that way, perhaps others would benefit as well. He decided to step out in faith and rent a room. He had 20,000 flyers printed to invite others to join him for prayer. On Sept. 23, 1857, in New York City, Lanphier showed up at noon for the prayer — but found himself alone. Undaunted, he knelt to pray. By 12:30 p.m., another man had joined him — and then, yet another. By 1 p.m., a total of six men had assembled at that first prayer meeting to pray for America and cry out for God’s mercy.

Word spread. Attendance grew to 16 after that first week, then to 40, and then to 100. The timing was providential, because approximately three weeks later, the Panic of 1857 hit, and the recession that had already begun turned into a full economic collapse. Banks failed, businesses closed, and bankruptcies skyrocketed. Seemingly overnight, that noontime meeting spread across the nation — with prayer meetings held in Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, and other cities. Even the YMCA opened its doors for prayer in its branches across the U.S.

The crisis brought America to its knees. Whereas Lanphier had initially been unable to get anyone to return to church, now people across the nation were flocking to the churches, which had begun opening their doors not only for noonday meetings, but for evening prayer as well.

The result was labeled America’s Third Great Awakening. Hearts were transformed as people began inquiring how they might be saved. It is said that as many as 1 million were converted or spiritually renewed in the revival that followed. Churches that had been dying were now refilled with worshipers. The revival spread around the world, primarily in regions occupied or influenced by the British Empire, but also on the European continent.

Could we see prayer launch such a revival again?

Now, 165 years later, we find our nation in a very similar situation. America is already in a recession and facing an ongoing economic decline, along with potential famine from the disastrous policies and actions of our present government. Trust in our leadership is at an all-time low, and many have yet to return to church after the COVID shutdowns. Do you wonder, as I do, what it will take to again bring us to our knees to cry out to God for mercy — for revival?

If revival prayer stirred and sustained our nation back then, can it do so again? Will you join me and set your alarm for noon each day? Can you give Him 15? Others could probably devote 30 minutes or even an hour daily at noon to pray.

America is in crisis. The world is in crisis. And there is only One who can truly save us from this spiritual, political and economic decline. Let’s give Him 15.

Our Prayer:

Father, You said, “If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.” We humble ourselves before You and call upon You now in our time of desperation and need. Please heal our hearts and heal our land. Transform our hearts and transform our nation. We cry out to You and repent of the moral depravity, corruption, and passivity that we have allowed into our hearts, churches, government, and nation. We kneel before You and repent. We ask that You would cleanse our hearts and cleanse our land. Draw us back to You, and pour out Your Spirit upon this nation and a world in desperate need of You. Save us, O Lord, as we cry out to You.

Our Decree:

Father, we decree that You are Lord over America. We were founded on godly principles but have strayed so far from our foundations. We declare that revival is coming and that hearts and voices are returning to You. We humble ourselves before You. We decree that as we have prayed, You are healing our land, our government, our schools, our churches. We declare that we will see revival once again sweep our nation, and that America will be saved.

Let us join together in crying out to heaven daily. Share your own prayers for mercy and revival below.

Karen Hardin is the director of the City-by-City.org prayer movement. Abraham negotiated with God, “if there are ten in the city, would You save it?” — and on that premise, she and her husband seek to raise up 10 people in every city across America to stand and pray for their city for revival. She is the author of several books, including God’s Justice After Injustice. For additional information, visit city-by-city.org or karenhardin.com. Photo Credit: Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash.

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November 11, 2022

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November 10, 2022

by Eva

G-D’s judgment begins with His people
Before He starts judging the world.
Materialism and compromise
Are the two sins in G-D’s House unfurled.

Today, many professing Christians
Are for the most part, running scared.
Compromise has been the pressing issue;
Doctrinal truth is no longer shared.

Holy reverence for the House of G-D
Has been forgotten or tossed aside.
Avarice, adultery, idolatry,
Even sodomy now there abides.

Rejecting the whole of G-D’s Holy Word,
Even downplaying the “virgin birth”
And denying the deity of Jesus Christ,
They’ve truly bastardized salvation’s worth.

What’s even worse, they’ve now joined hands
With all religions from every place.
Assuming that all roads lead to G-D,
They’ve literally slapped Him in the face.

Released this day is a brief word of warning:
Let all who have spiritual ears to hear
What G-D’s Spirit is saying to His people,
“Repent, cry aloud with all godly fear!

“How long will you halt between two opinions?
How long will you stand upon unholy sod?
Return, return, return O’ My people!
No more Canaanites in the House of G-D!”

“If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people; “IF My people which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” – II Chronicles 7:13-14 [emphasis in “all caps”].

L Tellier
November 10, 2022

The full quote:“If my people who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land (2Chron7:14 Amp classic) ***The church is woefully full of sin (profane music, self sufficiency, pagan worship [ie Halloween, Yoga, Marshall Arts…] greed) not led by the Holy Spirit (Jesus never takes us to sin!!!) God warns about the great falling away. 2Thess2:3-13. Churches REPENT!!!! Hurry!!!!

November 10, 2022

FATHER IN JESUS NAME with the authority and power you gave us in Luke 10:19 through the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Spirit we first hold you UP FATHER AS OUR JEHOVA NISSI… OUR BANNER AND VICTOR AND MORE! FATHER WE CELEBRATE, WORSHIP, REVERANCE ALL OF YOU! YOU HAVE CALLED US TO BE LIGHT ,,,, THANK YOU FATHER FOR SHOWING US THE WAY… AND THAT WE PRAISE, PRAY, DECREE AND ACT AS LED BY HOLY SPIRIT … WE USE THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH IN OUR TONGUES… Prov 18:21 and we speak DEATH TO EVERY WICKED stronghold, power principality in high low places in governments…. We crush, smash, abort all wicked schemes set against your REMNANT by the enemy in Jesus Name and we declare HAMAN MOMENTS…. AGAINST THE ENEMY…. WE ALIGHN OURSELVES WITH YOUR WORD FATHER…. JUST AS Moses, held up his staff, David with absolute trust and confidence in you through his stone… Esther entered the Kings quarters,,,, and Jesus Wielded whips against the enemy… WE USE OUR WEAPONS YOU GAVE US… YOUR WORD, WORSHIP, DIVINE DOWNLOADS IN HUMBLE HEARTS…. with the confidence in YOU Father WE OCCUPY FOR YOU… THROUGH YOU BECAUSE OF YOU…. LET EVERY wicked throne, crumble as we EXHORT YOUR NAME OVER OUR GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS FOR US AND OUR GLOBAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS…. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME

November 10, 2022

Meet in homes, on the phone, in coffee shops. restaurants, anywhere. Just pray! If the church building isn’t open, just pray SOMEWHERE!

November 10, 2022

Perhaps someone else has suggested this – in advance of the run-off election in Georgia in 2021, you produced a map with dots representing likely Conservative voters who might benefit from prayer encouragement. Will that be offered again for the 2023 run-off?

Mary J.
November 10, 2022

Our nation, our people need prayer NOW MORE THAN EVER. Especially
pray for those age 50 and under who have been indoctrinated in the schools and colleges to wrong thinking, a dislike for their country (but, they don’t leave it do they?) All who pray to and praise the Lord have a duty to encourage all others to do so AND pray to save our nation from those who have been planning for many years to ruin her. Those who have lived in Socialism know that it doesn’t work. Americans watch & pray!

    r m
    November 10, 2022

    Pray for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania… Heathens elected a brain dead senator and a liberal governor…

November 10, 2022

Lord, help us to persevere in our faith in your Will and discipline us to turn to you every day for every need we have. Help us take news that is discouraging and turn it into prayers of dedication to You petitioning for evil to be turned into good by You. Keep us on the path of looking upward with our hearts and prayers. Help us be bold in declaring and decreeing words that you have spoken to us through scripture. May you thwart the enemies at every turn they make, every thought they think, every intention that is not of You, and cause confusion and disarray in their camps. Help us be dedicated wholly to You and Your will and be disciplined in confessing our sins by asking for forgiveness. Give us refreshment and renewal in our spirits each day no matter the chaos or events going on in the world around us. You, O Father are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. Praise Your name and sanctify all those who call You Father! Amen

MaryJo Coleman
November 10, 2022

Thank you so much for this article! It blows wind back into our sails!

I have often said that revival and an awaking is the only catalyst to put America, and any country for that matter, on the righteous path!

Lord hear our plea! We surrender to Your awakening!

November 10, 2022

Precious Lord, there is nothing happening of which you are unaware not limited to but including this mid-term 2022 election. I pray Lord that you remind us all to look to you not to the government or certain leaders. May you bring about repentance from sin. May you move upon us all to honor you, to worship you in in spirit and truth, may we praise and lift your name for all to hear and see. May we not lose heart but remember that you are working out your perfect will, yes, in spite of the events taking place. Thank you Jesus! Blessed be your Holy name! In Jesus mighty name, amen.

Brian lynch
November 10, 2022

Great article, Karen. I agree. We so desperately need revival, a Great Awakening in this nation and world. It is our only hope in these End Times.

November 10, 2022

Wonderful inspirational message after the lackluster elections
We who are called by HIS name must prevail in dedicated prayer for our nation God so graciously gave us

Verl & Shirle Hochstedler
November 10, 2022

Amen, we get up at 5 in the morning, every morning, to pray and read his word. We pray the church wake up, we are the only
Ones who can partner with God to see this happen.

    Joan Diane Bartruff
    November 11, 2022

    Verle and Shirle, Your commitment inspires me. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

Nancy Buck
November 10, 2022

God told Habakkuk He was not bringing revival He was bringing the Babylonians. In other words He was bringing judgment! God is bringing judgment, the Tribulation, on the US and the world. Christians need to get on board with what God is doing. How can He not judge the sinful evil happening in the US and around the world?
We are living in the last days! The Rapture could be any moment.
Pray for souls to be saved and be ready, Jesus is coming!!!🙏

    November 10, 2022

    I tend to believe we did not have a big red wave in America as we had prayed for because of just what you said. We are likely extremely close to leaving Planet Earth and the evil here is just getting worse and will continue until our gracious Heavenly Father sends Jesus to rescue us. However, since we can’t really know when The Rapture will take place, I believe we must push back the darkness thru prayer and activism both political and spiritually

V Lundberg
November 10, 2022

As I finished reading this article, my phone notification chimed. I looked and saw a Bible app’s verse of the day:

Psalm 86:5,
For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, And abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon You. NASB

For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.

The verse and the timing seemed so perfect with this!


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