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Father God, thank You for these conservative women who have been elected to serve the people of America. No matter what the overall election results are, give us all a continued passion to pray for all our leaders.
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Conservative women made massive gains in political races all over the United States Tuesday night, but if the media reaction is anything like the usual treatment of women who dare to challenge the left’s line of thinking, their achievements will be easily overlooked.

At least 11 new Republican women, and possibly 11 more after close races are called, will take seats in the House, and 10 more GOP female incumbents will keep their seats.

Here are the newest House seats held by GOP women:

CO-03, Lauren Boebert

FL-03 Kat Cammack

FL-27, Maria Elvira Salazar

IL-15, Mary Miller

MI-10, Lisa McClain

MN-07, Michelle Fischbach

NM-02, Yvette Herrell

OK-05, Stephanie Bice

SC-01, Nancy Mace

TN-01, Diana Harshbarger

TX-24, Beth Van Duyne

In the Senate, Georgia’s Kelly Loeffler advances to a runoff. Despite much media hype suggesting otherwise, Sen. Joni Ernst will keep her seat in Iowa, while Cindy Hyde-Smith won in Mississippi, Shelley Moore Capito won in West Virginia, and Cynthia Lummis won in Wyoming. Sen. Susan Collins also officially held onto her seat in Maine for a 5th term, and will become the longest-serving Republican woman in the history of the Senate. . . . 

2020 is clearly the ‘Year of the Republican Woman’, yet their accomplishments will largely go ignored by anyone outside of their own party. The percentage of women among all Republican candidates jumped from 25 percent in the 2018 midterms to 39 percent this year, but only a few publications noticed or even mentioned the growth.

Even when outlets did choose to write about this historic moment for conservatives and women alike, these women’s hopes of becoming elected were discounted or overshadowed by what the repeatedly erroneous polls were indicating about President Donald J. Trump and his supposed impact on down-ballot races. . . .

Despite the media’s silence conservative women’s victories on Nov. 3, these races and the finances behind them indicate that the fight for more Republican women in office is not over.

SuperPACs such as the WFW Action Fund invested almost $3 million in many of the close races involving GOP women and continue to be solely committed to ensuring the funding of female Republican races in the future.

With strong financial backing and rising support, conservative women are on their way to gaining even more political ground within their party and around the nation.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Article by Jordan Davidson.)

Will you commit to pray for your elected officials?

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Ken Laurion
November 5, 2020

God is moving to overturn legalized abortion and He is commissioning women into the battle to do what men can not do. He is assembling an Army of women who can speak truth that men can not. While the role of men is not insignificant, the battle lines declare pro-life men to be sexist, misogynistic, and anti-women. But when Godly women join the fight and proclaim God’s truth the enemy is silenced. Praise God for strong women of faith who take up the sword.

trisha Maloney
November 5, 2020

note that Iowa’s 1st congressional district was won by Ashley Hinson who beat incumbant Abbey Finkenhour(sorry about the spelling).Ashely is a conservative Republican woman!!

ofelia claudio
November 5, 2020

Thank you, Father, for the election of these women with biblical values. I pray that MORE God-fearing men and women will be elected to the Senate and the House, and form the majority that the President needs to pass godly laws upholding You and Your Word! In Jesus’ Name!

November 5, 2020

I will also pray for these women. I praise God for their courage and determination. We need more bold, Christians running for office. Congratulations to them.

Karen Gibson
November 5, 2020

Indeed I will pray for these women. Praise God for them getting to where they are so far. Are they Esthers? Here for such a time as this?
I am praying God’s blessings and protection on them. Especially Mrs. Bobert in Colorado a state full of witchcraft and so very liberal!

Gladys Kamphuis
November 5, 2020

I thank God for the women who have already won the seats and continue to believe God for all those pending to win. Jesus Christ had women in His Ministry and we need more in authority in America.

    November 5, 2020

    I feel women are doing this because the men have not been in the church and I’ve been standing where they’re supposed to be as leaders in our spiritual lives.

      Gladys Kamphuis
      November 5, 2020

      God has given women a voice and you doing well as a voice. God bless you

Harry Hegarty
November 5, 2020

I am so encouraged by so many woman are winning seats in the Senate and House

It gives me hope for our nation. May God bless all of them

My love and prayers go with them all!

November 5, 2020

The election day is over and yet there is a tug of war. Come Lord Jesus and reign in the hearts of those who want to sit in the seat of power. Let your person rise to the top and bring us back to you. Cleanse your church- cleanse this nation- and forgive us for being silent when we should have spoken. Be merciful to us for we have sinned against you and you alone. Send revival and a cleansing flood to this nation before we go the way of Sodom and
Gomorrah. In the name of all purity and justic and love!

November 5, 2020

God, we pray every blessing of Proverbs 31 over these women of excellence that you have raised up for such a time as this! Anoint them with power, wisdom and strength to perform their duties, in Jesus’s Mighty Name!

November 5, 2020

Holy Father,

We thank you for these conservative, Republican women who have stepped up and won! We pray a hedge of protection around them and their families as they take on this position. We pray Father, that this new army of Republican women will stand against the Jezebels that have reared their evil in the House and other positions in our government. May these women stand strong in faith, stand for life and stand with integrity and never back down. God bless them and God bless America.

Kris Miller
November 5, 2020

Lord please guide these women as they serve in their elected districts. I’m thankful for them and look hopefully to what You will do through them in the future. Amen.

November 5, 2020

Thank you, Almighty God, as we pray for your grace to abound to these courageous women! Advance them and empower them for this season. In Jesus, Amen

Emory "Mac" Bare
November 5, 2020

Father, thank you for conservative and Christian women, either or both, who are the voices we need in the culture to help other women see and embrace Truth. You are Good, oh Lord!


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