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Lord, give us courage to stand up against those who seek to remove free speech--and the freedoms you have given us.
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The woman, along with her husband, were recorded being harassed by anti-fascist (Antifa) activists while attempting to cross the street to attend an event featuring YouTube personality Dave Rubin and Canadian politician Maxime Bernierat at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada. The Antifa mob shouted, “Off our street, Nazi scum!” Here is a disturbing video of the violent event. WARNING: You may hear profane language by the Antifa mob. Be sure to watch the second video below to see her feisty response.

And her response?

(From Daily Caller.)

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October 5, 2019

Heartbreaking and sickening, the spirit of accusation, hatred and disrespect shown by Antifa, reminds me of a pack of rabid dogs growling, the way they are acting in this video. I agree with your Mom’s response and pray that free speech will never be denied. This person who put her foot out to block the wheel of the walker — is that not illegal?

Diana Hopkins
October 5, 2019

I’m so sorry this happened to you. Sending you a hug

October 4, 2019


I pray for these people in Antifa who are so full of hatred and violence. I pray that you would take the scales off of their leaders eyes so they may see the truth about who is being hateful. Help them to see that they are behaving like Nazi’s. Help them to now that there is true hope in you.
Thank you for this lady and her willingness to stand up for truth and free speech. Please protect her and help our nations to deal with the threat that these people are causing to non-violent assembly everywhere.

Alan K. Veasey
October 4, 2019

Political terror is just the warm up. The ultimate target is Christianity.

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