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Lord, press into the hearts of our nation's Senators to vote no to this bill. Keep the lines of communication free and open for prayer.

IFA First Friday Prayer Conference Calls depend on Free Conferencing Calls. A bill in Congress wants you to have to pay to participate in our call! 

Nation Builders founder Mary Colbert says a new bill the Democratic-majority House recently passed threatens the survival of her nationwide prayer calls.

The Senate is set to vote on WC Docket No. 18-155 (“Updating the Intercarrier Compensation Regime to Eliminate Access Arbitrage”) this Thursday, Oct. 3. The bill will require participants to pay to enter conference calls instead of accessing them free.

The Rural Broadband Association (NTCA) believes the bill will eliminate abuses of intercarrier compensation and protect rural consumers. (Intercarrier compensation, according to the FCC, is the charges one carrier pays to another to “originate, transport and/or terminate telecommunications traffic.”)

But Colbert believes the Democratic Party’s real intentions are much more sinister: “[The bill] is trying to shut us down from having free calls for prayer, because we can get people from all over the world now coming on free to pray. I couldn’t believe it. The devil is that scared of our prayers?”

She addressed her fellow prayer warriors across the nation in a text alert:

“Attn: Intercessors and concerned patriots, it has been brought to our attention by CEO Dave Erickson, Free Conference Call founder, that the House has passed an egregious bill to shut down this much-needed phone line for ministries, nonprofits and small-business owners. … I am asking you to phone your two U.S. senators and tell them to vote against this horrible bill passed by the House. This is an evil plot to shut down ministries to have access to free conference line calling.”

Colbert started her conference prayer calls during the 2016 presidential election campaign in response to prophecies about Donald Trump that began to emerge. Colbert heard from a patient who had received a prophecy that Trump would become president.

Colbert told Charisma News in 2016 that she immediately knew that prophecy was a word from God. As the presidential election campaign progressed, she felt Trump needed to be covered in prayer. So with the help of her son, Colbert set up conference calls every morning at 9 a.m. so they could pray for Trump and other political leaders. One of those calls had as many as 100,000 people.

Those calls, which last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, have been free since Nation Builders’ inception.

“People were able to pray together and call together, and it was free because it didn’t cost you anything but your time,” Colbert tells Charisma News. “But with people having to pay, that’s a game-changer. People can’t budget $30, $40, $50 additional per month for a phone bill to be part of the prayer.”

Colbert is hopeful the bill won’t pass in the Senate because of its Republican majority, but she still encourages believers across the U.S. to speak out against the legislation.

“People need to call their senator’s office and say, ‘Vote no against this legislation to charge for free conference calls,'” Colbert says.

Contact information for your Senator is available HERE or just call the Capitol switchboard at (202)224-3121.

(Excerpt from Charisma News. Article by Jenny Rose Spaudo.)

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Rose Goetsch
October 6, 2019

The call that had 10,000 not 100,000 people on it was the 2016 election day according The Trump Prophecy book co-authored by Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert. The movie Trump Prophecy left that tidbit out and other key facts. They both have prayer calls going on across the United States and now other nations.

Nancy P.
October 4, 2019

Father-I hadn’t read this until today, Oct.4-a day late, but I feel the need to pray anyways I please undo the vote for whatever reason if they already voted it in! You can do the impossible and You love those who love You and there are countless ministries who depend on these conference calls to unite in prayer. I bind the evil works which come against these ministries and command them to loose their strongholds over those who preach the Word and the means by which they use to do it, in Jesus Name amen!

    Donna Moos
    October 4, 2019

    I didn’t read this either until today. I join you in your prayerful request. God Bless You

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